Kadono Takuzo


“I was not aware of it but it is really scattered everywhere. Everyone’s sad stories.

“For everyone’s sad stories… We can’t do anything about it because we are not god. Human can protect only up to 3 meter radius. Among us, and the office of the company, those who reach out when something happens… Even those who want to help are unable to do anything.”


Hatano: Miyoshi’s smile is totally stuck on his face lol

Fukumoto: We would get killed if we told him that we recorded this.

Jitsui: We would definitely go straight to our coffins.

Amari: Is Fukumoto going to be hung again???

Sakuma: What happened to don’t die and don’t kill?


TV (Miyoshi’s voice):  I’m not Kadono Takuzo ya know!!!

Okay, so here is the context for this.

Miyoshi’s voice actor, Shimono Hiro, was invited as a guest in “ヒルナンデス!” (Hirunandesu!). Remember in the drama CD, the show Amari was watching, “Gogonandesu”? Yes, it was a parody of Hirunandesu. ww

So, they introduced Shimono Hiro as Miyoshi’s voice actor and made him to do live afureko. As in they made him say various (funny) stuff in his Miyoshi voice. Live.

Shimono is the one to the right of the dude with the cat on his vest.

So in Shirow’s tweet, they were actually talking about how they were gonna get killed by Miyoshi if they said that they’ve recorded that episode of Hirunandesu. ww

In the second image, Yuuki and Sakuma hiding their laughter, because the hosts of the show made Shimono voice this lady:

So yeah, the explosion from the Japanese Joker Game fans on twitter was hilarious.


Endless List of Random ドラマ Moments
└ ラッキーセブン Episode 10

Shuntaro: What will be the next case? I wonder…
Asuka: What are you expecting?
Junpei: Then, should I request something? Shall I invite you all to my wedding ceremony?
Asuka: Is it with Yuki-chan? When did it become like that?
Junpei: Are you surprised? The other day, she said that she would listen to me for 3 minutes.
Shuntaro: What’s 3 minutes?
Junpei: Until recently, I only had 3 seconds. It’s an amazing progress, right?