Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Traxx

To Cas

  1. Ramble On
  2. Traveling Riverside Blues 
  3. What Is And Should Never Be
  4. When the Levee Breaks 
  5. Houses Of The Holy
  6. Kashmir 
  7. Since I’ve Been Loving You
  8. Whole Lotta Love
  9. Good Times Bad Times
  10. Heartbreaker 
  11. Bring It On Home
  12. I Can’t Quit You Baby
  13. You Shook Me

From Dean

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I just imagine them on a double date and an akuma appears making the gang have to leave, leaving nino all alone. RIP NINO.

insp from @thelastpilot and @illustraice snapchat thingies [here]


anonymous asked:

Sorry time....When I was a little girl, my grandfather used to tell me stories about how our family was descendants of selkies. The story he'd tell me was about an ancestor that fell in love with a selkie woman who lost her seal coat and was forced to stay human. Granddad always said that the sea would always call to our blood, pulling is back home. The first time I saw the ocean I was seven and I clearly remember the strong, almost disorienting feeling of wanting to leap into the water (1/?)

I remember my granddad having to hold me back and sit my on the sand and explain how dangerous the ocean was. My mom used to argue with him and tell him not to fill my head with nonsense. But he was from Scotland originally and he believed the story his mother hand told him. I swear back to the ocean at 18 and I felt the same pull but I kept myself on the sand. My granddad said the pull would always be there. He believed that until he died. (2/?)

I’m 27 now and yesterday I took my 5 year old daughter to see the ocean. She stood still for the longest time just staring at it before she took off running to the waves. I grabbed her and sat her down and told her it was dangerous. She looked up and me and said, “Momma, why do I feel like this?” She asked and pointed to her chest then to the water. I also thought my granddad’s stories were just that, stories. I’m going to write a story about this one day, for my grandfather and daughter. (3/3)

When you write that story, I want to read it. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this <3