🔮“A theory exists that this Pokemon was a young boy who couldn’t control his psychic powers and ended up transformed into this Pokemon” 🔮

All finished! ✨ Precious Mob and a Kadabra~ This is an art trade for my friend @professorbeesart !! Hope you like it! 💞

Lol I kinda want to make this a print! Who’s interested??

How The Flash: 3x18 Should Have Ended:

Abra Kadabra: I know what Savitar’s real name is, and I’m not telling unless you let me go.

Barry: *Looks at Cisco* You thinking what I’m thinking?

Cisco: If what you’re thinking is going on Supergirl’s earth and asking to borrow Martian Manhunter for his mind-reading ability, then, yeah, I’m thinking what you’re thinking.

Barry: Awesome; let’s go.


*Julian rips the necklace off of Caitlin’s neck*

Julian: She’s healing!

*Julian immediately puts the necklace back on the moment she’s completely healed*

Cisco: Phew! That was close!

Julian: I know, right? I mean, can you IMAGINE if I just stared in awe and forgot to put it back on?

Cisco: I know, right? That would have been a HUGE disaster!

Julian: *Laughs* Yeah. We’re never going to to tell Caitlin about the fact I nearly did just that, are we?

Cisco: Dude, this is a CW show; if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s keeping secrets from each other; so I won’t tell if you won’t.