Darkest Pokedex entries for Sun/Moon.

Seriously, the Alola Pokedex is the darkest one by far. Every 5 entries, one involves getting hurt or death. These are the darkest ones I found. 

Kadabra: Kadabra’s presence infests televisions and monitors with creepy shadows that bring bad luck. (Creepypasta anyone?)

Hypno: It makes anyone it meets fall asleep and has a taste of their dreams. Anyone having a good dream, it carries off. 

Gengar: It wishes for a travelling companion. Since it was once human itself, it tries to create one by taking lives of others humans. 

Drifloon: If for some reason its body bursts, its soul spills out with a screaming sound. 

Mandibuzz: It circles in the sky, keeping a keen eye out for Pokemon in a weakened state. It’s choicest food is Cubone. (the fuck)

Oricorio (Sensu): It summons the dead with its dreamy dancing. From their malice, it draws power with which to curse its enemies. (It’s a fucking evil voodoo witch)

Toxapex: Those attacked by Toxapex’s poison will suffer intense pain for three days and three nights. Post-recovery, there will be some aftereffects. 

Alolan Marowak: It’s custom is to mourn its lost companions. Mounds of dirt by the side of the road mark the graves of the Marowak. (Why the Cubone line can never have nice things.)

Bewear: This Pokemon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug. (It killed people leaving broken spines)

Palossand: Buried beneath the castle are masses of dried-up bones from those whose vitality it has drained. (Imagine finding a Pikachu skull inside it) 

Shiinotic: It emits flickering spores that cause drowsiness. When its prey succumb to sleep, this Pokemon feeds on them by sucking their energy. 

Fletchling: When it’s excited, its temperature can double, spiking hormone production in its body. (LOL Pokemon can get boners. And the word “Hormone” in a children’s game lmao)

Frostlass: The soul of a woman lost on a snowy mountain possessed an icicle, becoming this Pokemon. The food it most relishes is the souls of men.

( This is supposed to be at least 10 but fuck too many. There are many more that involves getting hurt such as Raticate biting off someone’s hand.) 

🔮“A theory exists that this Pokemon was a young boy who couldn’t control his psychic powers and ended up transformed into this Pokemon” 🔮

All finished! ✨ Precious Mob and a Kadabra~ This is an art trade for my friend @professorbeesart !! Hope you like it! 💞

Lol I kinda want to make this a print! Who’s interested??


I finished @mythicfictionist‘s Abra commission tonight and I’m very pleased with the results. A year ago I couldn’t have sewn those lil feet and claws but now I can! I love the sitting position too he is perfect for sitting on one’s lap, car seat, or shelf. :D His head is a little small but I still love him. <3 <3 <3