IEJI ~ Happy Birthday to MUCC~

2017/05/04 (Thu) at the Ibaraki Prefectural Citizen Culture Center Hall
(Coming of Age Ceremony and Concert)


For goods sales before the show, the line was crazy. I lined up an hour before sales were to start and the place in front of the venue was pretty much full with people queuing already, 500-800 before me and in the end at least 400 behind me, easily more. Some of the goods were limited to two items per person (towel and shirt), towels and one size of the shirt still sold out before I got to the goods table (T_T). Shirts were all sold out by the end.

Next to the door they had a board and bamboo decoration for a coming of age ceremony (as I am sure is conducted for Mito kids in that very venue when they turn 20). About the mistake in the printed year (heisei 27 instead of 29), it says this was Yukke’s mistake.

They started a bit late, I think partly due to the goods craze and partly due to ticket double checking. I was in the second last row, and saw half the last row being asked outside again, to be questioned about their tickets. Apparently someone had bought a ticket for that area online so they were trying to figure out which seat so they can get the seller.
Re-sale was always prohibited but they are finally cracking down on re-sales where the price was increased / that happened on ticket-resale sites (where people often increase the price).


First, Satochi, Yukke and Tatsurou came on stage in traditional clothes, but no Miya. Miya came in from a side door for the audience, walking through the seats to the stage in his flashy red clothes.
Once he had joined the others on stage, Mito-chan (the mascot) appeared and gave them a package of nattou. Tatsurou opened it for a sniff, then had Yukke smell who all but JUMPED back at the strong smell. Mukku (the red one) came out and gave a little speech about MUCC and told each of the members something. Miya sat down in the middle of him speaking (“But it’s your Coming Of Age ceremony! Keep it together just for a little bit longer!”), used his folding fan, dropped that to the ground and just was a flashy brat all around.
Mukku to Tatsurou: 20 years ago you had close-cropped hair and “god” written on your face, and you still managed to grow up so cool.
Mukku to Miya: Good job getting anything done with these three idiots.
Yukke would have been next in line, but Mukku turned to Satochi first.
Mukku to Satochi: Please study a bit harder for kanji and math…
Mukku to Yukke: You are only at 18 years and therefore not of age yet. In two years, please celebrate your coming of age at home alone.


01. Aka
02. Fuzz
03. Zettai Zetsumei
04. Worlds End
05. Kyousoukyoku
07. Mukashi Kodomo datta Hitotachi he
08. rhythm session leading into Himitsu
09. 1979
10. Wasurenagusa
11. Suna no Shiro
12. Ieji
13. Heide
14. Nirvana
15. Orugooru
16. Namonaki Yume

18. part-changed Sekai no Owari
19. part-changed Ranchuu

Double Encore
20. ESCAPE (Moonchild cover)
21. Dejavu (Luna Sea cover)
22. NO?!
23. 1997
24. Daikirai
25. Ranchuu
26. Myakuhaku


For Aka, the first song, the guys didn’t seem to move around as much as normal so everyone was all “huh? something’s off”, but most of the audience didn’t realize that there were entirely different people on stage that were only wearing MUCC’s costumes – until the real members popped up behind them and the body doubles disappeared from the stage.
In one of the MCs they talked about this. Like, about who the body doubles were:
Yukke: Mine was SCREW’s Rui.
Tatsurou: Mine was Girugamesh’s Shu, GirugameShu.
Miya: We didn’t find anyone for me until yesterday, but one of the kouhai I drink with when home kind of looks similar to me, and he’s in a band now too and had time to come, so him.

That guy is a bassist so all of the three in front were bassists XD
Tatsurou: What about you Satochi?
Satochi: Mine was Takayasu-san.
Tatsurou: Yourself?
Satochi: (small voice) yes.

Tatsurou: I feel like we shouldn’t talk about stupid things during the MC for the 20th anniversary, but MUCC came this far while talking about nothing but useless stuff during the MCs so I also want to stay true to that.
Yukke: Oh, I have something stupid to talk about! It’s something I can’t say normally, but… is it ok to talk about shit for a bit? (everyone: ???)
Yukke: Shit drills have been really popular lately, you know, study sheets where the answers to all questions will spell out shit!
Satochi: (nods in happy understanding)
Yukke: Satochi, you received some of those right? Presents from fans? I don’t know why they are so popular, maybe they are more fun to do than normal drills?
Satochi: Yes, they are fun! So much fun! (sounding like an excited elementary school kid)

Satochi was reading 実話ナックルズ in a store (… if you don’t know the magazine, please do a picture search for the name, such a yankee mag omg). Which lead Miya to remember…
Back when Miya had a part time job in Kabukichou, at some after party a kouhai got utterly wasted so Miya helped stuffing him into a taxi and someone must have taken a picture of that because it appeared in 実話ナックルズ with something like “A True Account Of Kidnapping! The Dark Side Of Kabukichou!” (MUCC cracking up)
Tatsurou: So you really appeared in the magazine?!
At the time apparently Miya mentioned it during an MC too and Satochi went to a convenience store right after the live to check it out and yes, the article in question was there XD

For the encore, they changed positions:
Tatsurou → bass (not one reduced to two strings this time, a normal fully stringed bass)
Miya → drum (behind his own little drum set, not Satochi’s)
Yukke → guitar
Satochi → vocal (with little angel wings on his back)
During Sekai no Owari, for all the 俺はまっすぐ歩けない lines (“can’t walk straight”), Satochi was penguin walking around the stage avoiding two steps in the same direction XD
And all of the growls sounded like Satochi was throwing up… XD;

Satochi thought they were doing only Sekai no Owari with changed parts, but no, also Ranchuu. In between the two, Satochi admired Tatsurou because
Satochi: Damn, doing vocals is EXHAUSTING how do you do it, moving all the time is so hard you’re amazing!

During Ranchuu, there was even more Satochi throwing up (“growling”… but he even stood in ways that suggested throwing up, like bending over and such) and moving in adorably cute patterns around the stage, like damn, I have never laughed so hard during Ranchuu that my stomach hurt afterwards but this time, oh wow XD SO CUTE. SO FUNNY.
So, a big percentage of the crowd was laughing waaay to hard to do any headbanging, but we enjoyed it to no end XD

For the double encore, they returned to their normal positions. And started with two song covers, for ESCAPE they had live piano on stage again, played by Yoshida-san who has worked with them during recordings before (he played the piano for Shinsou on Zekuu and ever since worked with them whenever they needed a pianist).
Apparently they first hired him for only one song (Suna no Shiro) for this live, and then with “can we add one more song?” “sure” “ok and one more then” they ended up with him on stage for three songs XD

The second time of Ranchuu, this time with everyone on their normal position, was amazing especially with the contrast to Satochi’s supercute version. Now everyone could (and did) go crazy enough for both times XD

Tatsurou: That you all have gathered here today, that means that MUCC are a part of your life! We are family!! Please continue like that for many years to come!!!! Ah… I said that, but… zen’in shikei!!! (what he always calls during Ranchuu, “You’re all under death penalty”ish, so everyone cracked up at that XD )

When they left the stage after the last song, Satochi started to throw Yukke’s bass into the audience, but of course stopped before it left the stage, shocking Miya next to him for a second XD

  • Announcements via a text video projected onto the backdrop

- Re-release of Tsuuzetsu and Homura Uta
- Tour in the summer in tiny tiny venues

Miya on Twitter on the Re-Releases:
“We could finally announce about the New Tsuuzetsu and the New Homura Uta. I think there are good parts to MUCC from long ago as well as good parts to the MUCC of today, so with this release we can directly compare their music which should be fun. We don’t want to just reproduce what we did back then. Right now, there are things we cannot do the way we did them back then. But also, there are things we can do now that we could not do back then. And so I think we managed to make something we could only make as the MUCC of today.”


Alright we are almost at the end of @daisugaweek2017 so I decided to write another long one. I really had no idea what to do with Day 6: Old/ New, so I decided to vague the hell out of the theme and just write whatever the crap I wanted. Ayyyyooo. Deal with it.

Warning: fun language

Also, sorry it’s so long. The “read under the cut” thing is still not working for me for some lame reason. (CURSE YOU TUMBLR.) I promise I’ll stop spamming everyone eventually.

“Fine! I’ll just find a new job!” Daichi stumbled down the uncharacteristically empty street of Kabukichou, cradling a bottle of whiskey in one arm. “I didn’t need that shitty job anyway,” he slurred to himself, lifting the bottle to his lips. “I’ll find a better job. A job with parties and sex and… and liquor! Yeah, that’s it… I’ll be a bartender!” he thrust the whiskey into the air, turning his face to the soft night rain. For a moment he staggered blindly, closing his eyes against the cool pattering of the rain. He welcomed the cleanse of what felt like more than just his face and hair.

After the scene he had caused back at his office following the news that he was being demoted, Daichi needed a good cleanse. He needed to cleanse his body and soul- but mostly his memory- of the image of him hurling his phone at his boss, calling him a corrupt, ass licking, nut sucking pig, and pushing the desk over before storming out of the building in an expletive flinging huff.

I don’t fuckin’ need them anyway.

His toe caught on a raised piece of street and he lurched forward, eyes popping open once more. His gaze fell on the crumpled form huddled on the far side of the sidewalk, in between a trash can and the wall of a love hotel. He knew what it was the instant it caught his attention.

“Oh fuck. A dead body.”

Daichi glanced down the street. He could keep walking. He could pretend he saw nothing, go home, drink some water, fall asleep, and forget all about this tomorrow morning. After all, none of the scarce late night roamers seemed to have noticed Daichi or the body. He could just ignore it.

But Daichi had always been a bit of a boy scout.

And his pride as a good man prevented him from just turning the other direction and feigning ignorance.

He let out a low groan and stumbled towards the body.

“Hey,” he called. “You ‘live?” As he moved closer and closer and the body came more into focus, Daichi realized that it was too small to be the adult he had thought it to be. 

Daichi might’ve thrown up at the horror of finding the dead body of a child on the filthy streets of Tokyo’s least savory neighborhood, but rather than vomit leaving his lips, a breath of relief passed them by at the sight of a set of unfeeling, brown eyes staring directly up at him.

Oh thank god, he’s alive.

Daichi froze and stared down at the young boy that couldn’t be any older than four or five years old. He wore a ragged pair of jeans and a torn and filthy t-shirt, both drenched from the rain. He was barefoot, shivering as he hugged his knees to his chest. Atop his head was a flat mop of unruly grey hair, and nestled in the corner of one of the bags hanging below his dead eyes was a small beauty mark.

He was thin and filthy and holy shit Daichi just found a random kid on the streets, what should he do?

Daichi looked left and right frantically.

“H-hello?” he called. “You left your kid here… uhm… hello? Is someone missing a kid?”

But the street around him was empty, save for a small group of laughing drunks standing out in front of a club boasting nude girls inside.

As far as good, trustworthy adults went, Daichi was the only one in sight.

“Fuck,” he muttered and then clapped a hand over his mouth. “Uhh… uhh… I mean heck!” he rubbed his temples stressfully, nearly pouring whiskey down the front of his jacket. “Fuck— ah, heck,” he quickly screwed the lid back onto the bottle and set it aside. He shook his jacket off of his arms and stepped close to the young boy.

“Hey,” he said in a voice he hoped sounded soothing. “Hi. Don’t be afraid. My name is Daichi. Err… Sawamura-san. Are you lost?”

The boy eyed him dully for a long second, gaze drifting slowly across his appearance.

“Can you understand me?” he asked again. “Do… do you understand Japanese? Uhm… how about, English?” He spoke in disjointed English, “Hello, do you— need help?” and then winced at how stupid he sounded. He should have paid better attention during English lessons back in school.

The child didn’t react to either language, merely staring lifelessly up at Daichi, blinking lethargically.

“Where’s your Mommy and Daddy?” Daichi asked in a slow voice.

But he still didn’t reply. He sat quietly, getting drenched by the rain, shivering against the cold.

“Ah fu-heck,” Daichi glanced around again. “Okay… let’s get you to the police station,” he held his jacket out and settled it down around the boy’s shoulders. He then scooped him up into his arms and straightened. The boy placed hands on his shoulders and leaned back, holding him in his emotionless stare.

Daichi turned in a slow circle, “Okay uhm… where’s the police station…” He wracked his mind but couldn’t seem to recall the directions to anything other than the bar he had been previously drinking at and his apartment. “Okay, no problem,” he held the boy with one arm and thrust the other hand into the pocket of his suit pants. “I’ll just call the police…” he pulled his hand out, empty. “That’s weird…” he switched arms around the boy and checked his other pocket, just to come back with the same result.

“Where’s my…” he paused. “Oh… that’s right.” He pursed his lips. He had thrown his cell phone at his corrupt pig of a boss.

Ex Boss. 

He looked to the boy, who continued to stare at him stiffly, hands pressed against his shoulders.

And really, what else could he do?

He smiled warmly at the child and put his other arm around him, holding him securely against his chest.

“It’s okay,” he said. “You can stay with me for the night. We’ll find your mommy and daddy in the morning when I can think straight.”

Daichi knew it was a bad idea.

A random drunk taking a small, unknown child home with him?

He probably looked like some kind of child predator.

But it was the only solution his drunk mind could think of at such short notice. Besides, it was still steadily raining and the kid would die if he didn’t get him out of the cold and into some dry clothes. And he couldn’t rely on someone else finding and taking care of him. Not in this neighborhood.

So regardless of whether he looked like a creepy pedophile or not, there was no way Daichi was leaving him out on the street.

“It’s okay,” Daichi spoke- rather rambled- soothingly the entire walk home while the boy continued to stare wordlessly at him. When he made it back to his tiny apartment, he thought once more about how this was the worst terrible decision he had ever made in his life and tomorrow morning the police were going to barge into his room and arrest him, branding him a child predator for the rest of his sorry, stupid life.

But at least if he was in prison, he wouldn’t have to worry about looking for a new job. And at least the kid would be safe, warm, and fed.

That’s all that really mattered, right?

“Here we are,” Daichi closed the door behind him as he carried the boy into his apartment. “Home sweet home!”

The boy finally dragged his eyes from Daichi’s face and glanced around the entrance of the apartment. Daichi kicked his shoes off and then set the child down on his bare feet, removing the suit jacket from his shoulders.

“It’s not much,” Daichi continued, hanging the jacket on the hook next to the door. “But it’s warm. And it’s cozy. And it’s home.” He reached out and took his hand, “C’mon, I’ll run you a warm bath and make you some food.” He led him down the hall to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water.

“Wait here,” he said, turning for the door. “I’ll get you something to wear.” Daichi left the bathroom and let out a deep breath.

He was so fucked. If Asahi saw him now…

“What else am I supposed to do?” Daichi let out a low whine and stomped childishly to his bedroom. “Just let him freeze to death or be the prey of an actual child predator?” he went to his closet and sifted through the clothes, searching for something the boy wouldn’t be absolutely drowning in. “He’s such a cute kid! There’s no way he could survive out there! There was nothing else I could do. I did the right thing,” he nodded stubbornly and grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of exercise shorts.

He went back to the bathroom to find that the kid had already climbed into the tub, his filthy clothes crumpled on the floor beside it. He moved his hand slowly through the water, staring at it with wide eyes.

“How’s the temperature?” Daichi asked, setting the fresh clothes on the sink counter. “Is it too hot? Too cold?”

The boy glanced at him but then looked back to his hands, running them reverently through the liquid, as if he had never seen such a thing before in his life.

“There’s soap and shampoo you can use,” Daichi pointed at the bottles sitting on the edge of the tub. The boy looked at them, turned to Daichi, and then faced the bottles once more.

Daichi watched him for a moment as he hesitantly reached out to the shampoo and poked it. He poked the soap next and looked to Daichi.

“Do you not know how to wash?” Daichi lifted an eyebrow. “How old are you?” he walked up and knelt beside the tub. “Okay. See this bottle?” he lifted the soap. “Soap. You use it to wash your body,” he popped the cap and took the boy’s hand, holding it out. He poured a small amount into his palm and set the bottle aside. “Just rub it all over,” he feigned washing his chest.

The boy looked at the soap warily, suspicious eyes flicking back up into his face.

“Listen, Kid. I’m already on the fast track to being deemed a child molester. I’m not washing your body for you.”

He cocked his head to the side questioningly.

Daichi sighed, “Okay, forget the soap then,” he rinsed the soap from his hand and then grabbed the shampoo bottle. “I’ll wash your hair for you.” He squirted a dollop of the shampoo into his hand and then gestured at him, “Turn around.”

The boy did as he asked, leaning his back against the side of the tub. Daichi scowled and lathered the shampoo in his unruly grey hair.

“When we find your mom tomorrow, I’m gonna give her a good lecture about teaching you not to trust people so easily. You’re lucky I’m a good guy, but what if some creep had found you before I did?” He let out a huff and massaged his fingers over the boy’s scalp gently. “Really, it’s bad enough that she lost you. And in such a fuckin’— ah, heckin’ bad neighborhood. Just what the fuck— shit, no I mean heck, ah god damn it, fuck. No.” He paused, pressing his forearm to his eyes momentarily. “When we find your parents, please don’t repeat any of this shit— junk that I’m saying.” He continued scrubbing his hair, “I already look like a pedophile. I don’t also need to add general bad influence to my record.”

He finished washing and then rinsed the boy’s hair.

“Alright, let’s dry you off and get you something to eat,” Daichi stood and grabbed a fluffy grey towel. The boy stood and climbed out of the tub and Daichi wrapped the towel around him. “Dry, dry, dry,” he sang as he rubbed his hair and shoulders. He released him, allowing him to dry the rest of his body as he turned to the clothes.

He lifted the shorts, “Alright, here you go. They’re gonna be like hakama on you, but it’ll have to do,” he knelt and held the shorts out. The boy stepped into them and Daichi pulled the drawstrings as tight as they would go and tied them off.

“And your shirt,” he lifted the t-shirt, “It’s going to be like a dress on you. But it’ll have to do.”

The boy dropped the towel to the side and held his arms out. Daichi’s eyes fell on a large, black bruise covering his left ribs. His mouth went dry and he swallowed, looking back into the boy’s face. He stared at him, emotionless, waiting patiently for him to pull the shirt over his head.

Daichi inhaled deeply and slid the shirt over his head and shoulders, pulling his arms through the sleeves.

“Alright,” he stood and turned away. “Let’s get you some food,” he dragged his fingers through his hair stressfully as he led the way down the hall to the kitchen.

Fuck. Fuck.

What’s that?

Where did he get that?

Did his parents do that?

Is he a runaway?

Daichi stressed quietly as he gathered ingredients for a meal from the cupboards and refrigerator. What was he supposed to do? He couldn’t hand a kid that was obviously abused back over to the parents that might have been the ones to do it. What’s more, they’d probably just pin the blame on Daichi anyway.

He was a drunk, twenty-five year old man who had spent the past several hours of the night slumming it in the raunchiest neighborhood in the city.

Just who were the police going to believe?

He was so fucked.

“Tomorrow’s Daichi will figure it out,” he mumbled as he cooked. “Sober Daichi is much smarter than drunk Daichi. He’ll know what to do.”

He put together a simple meal and then sat on the other side of the table and watched the boy eat it. His eyes were wide as he hungrily scooped spoonful after spoonful of the food into his mouth, barely sparing the time to chew and swallow before stuffing another bite in.

“Slow down,” Daichi said. “You’re going to choke.”

The boy ignored him, sucking down a long gulp from his water.

“Jeez,” he muttered, leaning his chin in the palm of his hand. “It’s like you’ve never eaten before in your life.”

Physical abuse and neglect?



When the boy finished, Daichi set his dishes in the sink and led him to the bedroom.

“Alright, you take the futon,” he said, fluffing the pillows and blankets. “I’ll sleep right here on the floor so when the police barge into my apartment tomorrow, I’ll look less like a pedophile. Ah, maybe I should sleep in the kitchen… nah, it gets cold in there.”

He patted the futon and looked up at the boy, “Here you go. Get in.”

The boy followed his instruction and Daichi tucked him in gently, pulling the blanket up to his chin and patting his stomach.

“There you go,” he said with a warm smile. “If you get cold, just steal my blanket, okay?”

The boy blinked up at him wordlessly.

Daichi stretched out on the floor next to the futon, letting out a tired groan. The exhaustion was finally taking hold of his already foggy, intoxicated mind.

He let out a loud yawn and stared up at the ceiling, “It’s okay,” he murmured. “Tomorrow, we’ll figure it all out.” His mind drifted to the bruise covering the boy’s side and dread filled his stomach. “It’s okay,” he said again. “Sober Daichi will know what to do.” He let out a laugh, “Who knows, maybe I’ll just have to be your new Daddy.” His eyes slid closed and he hummed, “I guess that means I’ll need to find a new job…”

His brain was shutting down, going to sleep for the night, when he heard soft rustling from the futon. And then Daichi’s blanket lifted and a small, warm body slid close and snuggled against his side. The boy rested his head on Daichi’s shoulder, thin arm wrapping tightly around his stomach.

Daichi’s heart twisted painfully and he put an arm around him.

“It’s okay,” he mumbled. “I’ll protect you.”

Is what he thought. And he sincerely believed those words as he fell asleep, swearing that in the morning he’d know exactly what to do.

To protect this child.

To keep him safe from whatever it was that haunted him.

However, reality just wasn’t as simple as Daichi’s drunken daydreams.

He had been so positive that he’d know exactly what to do the instant he opened his eyes that morning. But any confidence he may have had the night before was blown completely away the instant he awoke to find a grown ass adult man cuddled into his side, one hand tucked underneath Daichi’s shirt, fingers spread over his abdomen.

For long seconds Daichi stared down at the head of unruly grey hair resting on his chest. 

That head was much larger than the one Daichi had shampooed just a few hours prior.




Daichi let out a cry and sat up hurriedly, spilling the man to the floor beside him.

“What the fuck?” Daichi scampered backwards and pressed his back to the wall of his bedroom. The man groaned and rubbed his head. He rolled over and leveled Daichi with a brown-eyed stare. The eyes were the same as the ones that had drilled holes into Daichi’s soul last night, but rather than that dull, lifeless look, they were warm, curious.

“Wh-who are you?” Daichi demanded. His head pounded with a dull ache and his stomach twisted nauseously at his sudden movement. “Wh-why are you in my apartment?”

The man sat up and looked around the room, smiling affectionately.

“It’s not much,” he said in a light voice. His eyes slid over a bookshelf in the corner, “But it’s warm. And it’s cozy. And it’s home.”

Daichi blinked at him in surprise.

“Home sweet home,” he chuckled softly and faced Daichi, corners of his eyes crinkled tenderly.

He crawled on all fours in Daichi’s direction and Daichi noted that he was wearing his t-shirt and shorts, still too large, but no longer a dress and hakama.

“Wh-who are you?” Daichi repeated.

“Suga,” he answered simply.

Daichi leaned away as he drew nearer.

“What… what are you…”

The man put his hands on Daichi’s knees and pushed them down to the floor. He climbed onto his lap and straddled his hips, placing his arms around his shoulders.

“Why do you look so shocked?” he asked softly. “Didn’t you say you’d be my new Daddy?” his fingers curled in the hair at the back of Daichi’s neck.


He hummed and slid a finger along the line of Daichi’s jaw, “That’s what you said last night, wasn’t it?”

Daichi gulped, eyes falling on the beauty mark in the corner of his left eye.


No fucking way.

“What are you?” he whispered.

The man smiled, eyes glittering with amusement, “Your new job.”

Daichi’s eyes widened.

He leaned forward until their noses touched, “You’ll do it, right? You’ll protect me?”

Daichi’s stomach dropped.

Well… on the bright side, he wasn’t going to be hauled off to prison and convicted as a child predator.

The man trailed his fingers reverently through Daichi’s hair, scrutinizing his face closely with wide, feeling eyes.

A shudder passed through Daichi’s body and he slumped back against the wall, breathing out a soft,

What the fuck.

The man straightened, eyes lighting up.

“I think you mean heck.”

He threw his head back and laughed, the sound echoing through the apartment like the peals of Daichi’s funeral bells.

And he was so hecked.


FIRST, I’d like to address that the purpose of this article is not to question nor to complain about KonTae ship nor I’m an anti-Kondo (I like Kondo). I’m writing this because I’ve encountered KonTae fans that forced their ship to people, saying it is canon. Either they are misled, or their eyes are still closed, or haven’t advance read the manga or worse they’re beyond help. 


Although, I can be wrong, too, but we’ll see in the future when the manga ends. 

I’m perfectly aware of what happened in Farewell Shinsengumi Arc and I’d say Kondo and Otae’s scene is beautiful. This cause fans to think that they are finally canon. As a GinTae and HijiTae fan, I was alarmed when I read that part, and was about to raise white flags to surrender, but then, I realized something. 

Setting aside the fact that the series is ending, and the author needs to be more serious and put closure to things, Farewell Shinsengumi’s essence is to show the deep bond that was formed throughout the course of the manga between Yorozuya and Shinsengumi, hence it is emotional, shippy, sappy, and beautiful. We can see the blooming relationship of the groups since the Cherry Blossoms Viewing chapter/episode:

1. Gintoki- Hijikata
2. Kagura- Okita
3. Shinpachi/Tae- Kondo  (more like because Shinpachi is the part of the main Yorozuya and is Otae’s brother. Shinpachi has more moments with Hijikata and Yamazaki than with Kondo). 

During that part, it is clear that each member of the troops has their own respective counterpart, and Sorachi didn’t forget the development of those particular relationships, e.g Okita and Kagura in Rokkaku Arc, Gintoki and Hijikata in Baragaki Arc, Otae and Kondo in Love Is a Roach Motel episode, Yamazaki and Shinpachi in Popularity Arc, Hijikata and Shinpachi in Timeskip Arc etc, etc.  

Basically, what happened is Shinsengumi saying goodbye (and promise that they’ll be back home) to the Yorozuya folks whom they think they’re most attached to. Hijikata to Gintoki because these two had been through a lot of shit; Okita to Kagura because Kagura’s been supporting Okita in the series, not only physically, but she lifted his spirit for several times; Kondo to Shinpachi/Tae because as the narration said, “to say goodbye to the ones we care about”. 

I’d say Kondo and Otae’s relationship is indispensable because it’s one of the reasons why the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi are constantly tied. Without it, things would never be the same. Kondo cares for Otae and Shinpachi because, aside from the fact that he’s in love with her and he considers Pachi as his bro-in-law, he cares for them as simpy as how they are as a person/friend/part of the Edo that they protect. Although, Otae constantly beats the hell out of Kondo, he knows that Tae has a good heart and respects him despite of his stalker persona. I commend Sorachi for writing this subtle yet overflowing feels scene. It’s misleading, yes, but if people look past their shipping filters, it’s more gorgeous than they can ever imagine. Just simply as people that started off as enemies/despise each other but look how far they have become.    





Maybe, Otae really has feelings for Kondo. Maybe when the Shinsegumi returns to the city, Tae will end up with him and she’ll accept his love at last since their scene in Farewell Shinsengumi is all that emotional, and beautiful, and deep.

When I read this part, I was bawling my eyes out out of defeat, and once again, was about to raise the white flags, until I flipped through the next page: 

However, this didn’t satisfy me. I thought Sorachi was really up for KonTae and that he was just hiding behind comedy, but another flipped pages, I finally understood what Sorachi was trying to say.  

Through OKITA and HIJIKATA, Sorachi has finally delivered the score between Kondo and Otae, and to think that Hijikata even confirmed that nothing has changed about their relationship, despite of the emotional farewell in FS Arc (since we all know that Hijikata mentioned chapters ago that Tae has feelings for Kondo), is really something else. This is not vague nor a joke. This is a confirmation from the narrative and the author himself through the characters perspective. 

Kondo Isao’s unrequited love, as expected of Sorachi, is not as painfully toxic as the other portrayals of unrequited love in the anime (unless the fans themselves are the toxic ones). Sorachi mentioned something about emotions and tears that aren’t active. He mentioned before that he likes to write emotions/tears that are active, the ones that keep going even though it’s painful, that ones that are motivated and don’t cling/pine to one thing hopelessly, instead, it’s served as motivation. To me, the portrayal/journey of Kondo’s unrequited love is beautiful (except for the stalking part, but I don’t take it seriously because it’s for comedy and if he didn’t stalk her, Yorozuya and Shinsegumi won’t be the same) because even though he has invested great effort and time to Tae, as Okita said: 

I admire Kondo’s passion and spirit. No wonder why the Shinsengumi members are drawn to him. He may not be the perfect general, but he’s perfect for them. 

In return, Otae respects him for who he is despite of his stalker image. She also considers him as the part of Edo family and a friend. I really love Otae’s character and clean soul. Although, she can be manipulative, violent, and tricky at times, it doesn’t make her any less kind. The term “clean soul” in Gintama isn’t necessarily possessed by people who are overly-kind, sinless, flawless, and naive. It’s beyond that. I bet we’ll all agree that most of the Gintama characters aren’t just superficially, nicely written.  

anonymous asked:

Your headcanons are so amazing, can you gave 10 for Otose? And another for her and Gintoki? I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ♡ Thank you so much♥

OH ABSOLUTELY!! Thank you so much, I’m happy you like them!!


  1. She never once questioned her choice to marry Tatsugorou.
  2. She knows that Tatsugorou would’ve loved Gintoki like a son, too, if they’d been able to meet. 
  3. For many years, she was lonely, but she was content with that because she felt she’d lived a good, lucky life. 
  4. Pre-Gintoki, everything was quiet with the exception of a rowdy customer and she enjoyed the peace and routine that offered.
  5. She didn’t start smoking until after Tatsugorou died – she’s a strong woman, but after he died, she hit a low and took up smoking because it reminded her of him and still does ((it helps her miss him less, even if it’s just a little)). 
  6. She’s very, very organized and tidy; the bar may look grungy, but it’s easily one of the cleanest ones in Kabukichou.
  7. She secretly thinks of Gintoki as a blessing to her from Tatsugorou because her life had been so stagnant pre-Gintoki – not boring, just something was missing.
  8. She has always, always worked hard and held her own, she was never just someone’s wife.
  9. She knew after Tatsugorou that she’d never marry again.
  10. After the time Tatsugorou died, she could smile and enjoy life, but it wasn’t until Gintoki came into her life that her life really felt bright again and smiling/happiness comes a lot easier to her now.

Otose and Gintoki

  1. It took a long time for Gintoki to acclimate to living with Otose.
  2. He pretended like it was an easy transition, but after what happened with Shouyou, being tortured, and being truly separated from his friends who used to be a constant, he really struggled settling into Kabukichou and though he did his best to hide it, Otose still knew.
  3. In the early days, Otose would wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and find Gintoki sitting outside her door with his back to the wall dozing uncomfortably.
  4. It was just the two of them for quite awhile and it didn’t take Otose long to figure Gintoki out and learn that he hides his pain/feelings/discomfort behind a myriad of façades. 
  5. She has to pester him for rent or any money related thing, but with most other things, Otose doesn’t to ask Gintoki at all, he just does things – for example, she goes to get groceries and he carries all the bags for her or reach over her to get her what she’s reaching for or dispose of anyone from the shop that’s giving her a hard time.
  6. Even after Otose let Gintoki use the apartment, he still sleeps downstairs every once in awhile just because – he rarely uses a futon when he does this and he’s awake a majority of the nights he chooses to stay down there, he just likes to listen, doze, and assure himself that Otose’s fine and everything’s all right.
  7. After the Four Devas incident, things went back to normal, but every time Gintoki made a special trip into the shop for various reasons – all excuses – Otose could tell how much the whole thing had upset him.
  8. Otose knows that Gintoki’s wounds and old scars act up from time to time and if it gets bad, if it affects Gintoki too much by her standards, she’ll confront him about it and offer him relief. 
  9. Even though Otose has chosen Gintoki to be her successor, she has a hard time letting him go or sending him into any dangerous situations – not because she doesn’t think he can handle himself, she just can’t stand the idea of anything irreparable happening to him. 
  10. They take time for each other every so often and will meet up in the Snack Shop alone just to talk like they used to do before the additions of Kagura, Shinpachi, Catherine, and Tama; Gintoki will also accompany Otose to Tatsugorou’s grave sometimes.

And we are at Day 3: Shy/ Bold of @daisugaweek2017! This one is kind of a short, lazy one for me. Sorry guys. I went into it with absolute no idea what I was writing so…

Moving on. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Happy day three.

“Has there ever been something you’ve wanted to do but just… couldn’t?”

Sugawara lowered his beer from his lips, “Triple back flip.”

“No… not like that,” Asahi sighed. He glanced to Shimizu where she sat to his left. “You know what I’m talking about, right?”


“No!” Asahi let out a sigh. “I don’t mean like… physically. I mean… was there ever something you wanted to do… but felt like you couldn’t because… because you were too scared or because society would frown on it?”

“Kill a man,” Sugawara said in a low voice.

“Forget it,” Asahi grumbled and lifted his beer to his lips. “Forget I asked.”

Sugawara smiled and leaned his chin in the palm of his hand. His eyes drifted across the bar to where Daichi stood, ordering another round for the table. He leaned his elbows on the counter and chatted cheerfully with the bartender, who laughed at something he said as she filled a pitcher with beer.

He was by no means dressed for flirting, wearing his wrinkled university track suit, hair tousled in messy rows on his head from dragging his fingers through it when it was still slick with sweat.

He was a complete bedraggled mess. 

But he was talking. And he was smiling.

And the bartender was definitely falling for his easy charm.

Who wouldn’t?

Sugawara wrapped his hand around his beer and tapped the glass silently.

“How did your exams go?” Shimizu drew his attention. “You were worried about chemistry, weren’t you?”

He straightened and flashed her a bright smile, “Piece of cake! Totally aced it.”

“Ehh…” Asahi pursed his lips. “I heard the chemistry program at your university is really hard.”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” Sugawara smirked.

“Says the guy that called me up every night for the past two weeks to cry about how I’m totally gonna fail it this time, Daichi. I’ll have to drop out and be a prostitute, selling my ass on the streets of Kabukichou!” Daichi set the pitcher of beer down on the table and took his chair next to Sugawara’s.

Sugawara pouted and punched him on the arm, “Traitor!”

Daichi laughed and filled Sugawara’s glass to the brim, “It all worked out in the end anyway, right?”

“No thanks to you,” Sugawara grumbled.

“What was I supposed to do, run to your dorm and help you study?” Daichi rolled his eyes. “This isn’t high school anymore, Suga.”

I know.

Sugawara stared down into his beer.

Oh. I know.

Sugawara was all too aware that they were no longer in high school. In high school, he saw these faces every single day. At practice, in class, passing by in the halls, sitting across from him at the cafeteria…

Now he was lucky if he saw them a few times a month for their weekly drinking night. 

He was fortunate to have these few hours each week to catch-up with his best friends. Most classmates split up and never saw each other again after high school.

Sugawara was really fortunate.


“How’s the store, Asahi?” Daichi asked, leaning back in his chair. “Did you resolve that robbery business from the other day?”

“What? A robbery?” Shimizu’s eyebrows lifted. “You didn’t tell me about this.”

“Ah… it’s not a big deal,” Asahi scratched the back of his head. “Turns out it was a misunderstanding…”

Sugawara leaned his cheek in the palm of his hand. He really was fortunate. Because even though their schedules were different now, and they lived further away, and they went to different schools and had different friends and responsibilities… Sugawara was still able to see these people that had once been the entirety of his small world.

He was really fortunate. Even if things weren’t the same. They didn’t study together anymore. They didn’t play volleyball on the same team anymore. They weren’t the same setter, spiker, and receiver trio anymore. Asahi wasn’t the ace and Shimizu wasn’t the manager. Daichi wasn’t the captain and Sugawara wasn’t his vice.

Daichi and Sugawara didn’t walk home from school together anymore.

They didn’t buy each other treats at Sakanoshita and claim it was for “future favors” that they never ended up cashing in.

They didn’t catch each other staring at one another in class and then tease endlessly about it later that day, both too embarrassed to really address why… just why their eyes were so magnetic.

They didn’t do a lot of the things that Sugawara had once looked forward to every single morning.

But they were still friends.

They were still here together, laughing and drinking and existing in one another’s lives.

Even if it wasn’t the same.

Has there ever been something you’ve wanted to do but just… couldn’t?

Sugawara wanted to go back to high school.

He wanted to go back in time.

He wanted to play volleyball for Karasuno one more time.

His gaze drifted sideways and met Daichi’s, already staring. Daichi’s Adam’s apple bobbed and he looked away.

Was there ever something you wanted to do, but felt like you couldn’t because you were too scared?

Sugawara wanted to take back what he once had.

No… he wanted to create something new.

Something that he had been too scared to create back in high school.

He wanted to be bold.

Sugawara reached out with one hand and grabbed the back of Daichi’s neck. He pulled him forward and pressed his lips softly to his, eyes closed. He kissed him for a long second and then leaned away. Daichi stared at him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks, lips slightly parted.

Sugawara slid his hand off of his neck and then faced Asahi. He wrapped his hands around his beer and smiled.

“Is that the kind of thing you were talking about?”

Asahi’s mouth flapped, “Ahh… ahhh… uhm… Y-yeah. I suppose.”

Shimizu snorted into her fist.

Sugawara smirked and glanced to Daichi, who was still gaping at him. He chuckled and lifted his beer to his lips.

They weren’t in high school anymore. Things weren’t the same. But maybe Sugawara didn’t want things to be the same anyway.

He wanted to make a change.

He wanted to be bold.

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