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“Is that your excuse to hug me, Anthracite?” Kaaras asked with a chuckle. Perhaps there was a blush, perhaps there was not, it was dark, and so she would not know. There was a fire, yes, but even then, it was cold out here in the snow. And the camp was very small this time around, just a few scouts and Kaaras’ party. Anthracite wasn’t the first to complain of the cold, but Kaaras was used to it–and he generated more body heat than the non-qunari.

“If so, you only need to ask.” He was being silly, but Anthracite brought out the more playful side of the Inquisitor. That in itself was a good sign, considering he was a particularly guarded individual.

They were the only ones up, though, and that was because Kaaras was on watch for the rest of the night, so he couldn’t return to the warmth of his tent yet. Anthracite, he supposed, just wasn’t ready for bed.


A little snow? She could handle that. A little blizzard, a bit of a few frozen nights–sure–no problem. Dwarva constitution and fine crafts and all that, yes. Her body temperature ran a little warmer than humans, and so she was usually the one humming a cheerful tune even when teets up in a snowbank trying to wade through (and often the one stuck in the back because of how much shorter she was. Little legs. Big snow drift. It was effort.) Meanwhile, the humans would be shivering and bemoaning damp boots and damp gloves. 

Tonight though, the wind was positively unforgiving. It moaned through the air as vengeful as any spirit that sent her teeth on edge. Any time Anthracite had tried to get comfortable within her tent, a gust of wind so freezing cold would rattle it, or whistle between the lashed shut flap, or wind its way under the blankets she’d pulled up under her nose that it would startle her wide awake. Not to mention the sound of the wind. 

She’d given up after what seemed like several hours of twisting, turning, sighing, flopping and flinging, and went in search of something to do or someone to talk to. Or anything that wasn’t cold. 

Though the scouts had set several fires throughout the camp to keep those who stood watch warm, the wind made it impossible to really catch most of the heat–beating the flames near sideways. Anthracite had tried to get warm near one fire and only ended up getting smoke in her eyes. Besides that, standing too close to the fire made you blind to what might come at you in the night–

–Not that that mattered, because it was snowing freaking SIDEWAYS on top of everything else. 

Meandering past the fires or tents could mean getting lost and frozen. Thankfully, Kaaras, highlighted in a singular tall iron brazier (what could they say, the Inquisition loved him. Someone had drug that along just to keep him warm) was at least a visual spark to draw her near. She huddled up to his left side without a single coquettish flutter of lash, inappropriate comment, or smarmy saying. She must be cold. 

“If I wa-wa-wanted an ‘scuse t’ huh-huh-hug ya I’d jus’ fu-fu-fu-fu-fu–cuss!–an’ wh-whooosh! There ye’d be sq-squeezin’ me ribs t’ fla-flatness.” 

She spread her hands over the flames in the brazier in between rubbing them together and clenching them to keep them warm. 

She managed to somehow side-eye him while looking all the way up at him, as if disgusted by how easily he seemed fine with the weather. 

“Huh-how is it ye-ye-yer no freezin’ yer gibblies off?!” 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, don’t f#!ck up this scouting mission.

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It was a simple act that could be shared between them. Plus, with their size difference, it allowed an easy position as Anthracite was between his legs and in his lap as they were crossed in a very familiar position (one that may have had the Inquisitor blushing). But he’d asked considering she was getting ready for a scouting trip. No need to have long hair in the way when you were in dangerous situations.

It was an odd feeling. Not Anthracite in his lap, but the feeling of her going on a scouting mission and him not being there. He would be here, in Skyhold, tending to Inquisitor business and war meetings. Usually, he’d send his scouts off with Harding, wish them well and that would be it. Now he had this strange… feeling inside his chest.

He’d miss her.

Maker’s breath, how stupid and silly and boyish of him, but he would miss her. Her antics. There was also something else he felt that he generally didn’t consider much (not that he was heartless), but he worried. Worried that she may get injured on her trip or something alike. It would not do a leader well if they constantly worried for everyone under their banner. Kaaras couldn’t afford such a thing. It did not mean he was a bad person, he just had to have priorities. He still very much cared for every one of his men, and he did take their losses personally. Probably more than he led on.

Her hair was soft in his fingers as he braided it carefully, finishing up and tying it off.

“There, now no long hair in your eyes on your travels,” he said from behind her with a soft smile. “I really don’t know how you do it… Anyone with long hair for that matter.” He idly brushed his fingers through his mohawk. So much easier to tend to and never getting in the way of anything!


Some women, well, they didn’t like being dandled on knees or seated upon laps. That’s just fine, for Anthracite. A woman had the right to choose what she did or did not like or want. Anthy, however, was of the firm opinion that cats have had this lap business figured out for eons, just because of how wonderful they truly were. 

When you could fit into someone’s lap, having the wall of their chest press against spine, feel the light thundering of a heart beating near your skin, be encircled by arms (any size would do, but get you a Qunari with tree trunks for arms, even better) and she felt safe. Safe was not a word that had ever been part of her vocabulary for a long, long time. Safe was a mystical four letter word to an almost brothel whore turned trained crime syndicate’s assassin. So now, Anthracite understood the secrets of why cats and dogs preferred laps. And how safe it made them, and her, feel. 

There is something magical about hands that could cup you, could crush you, could lift you if they so pleased without a single sneeze of effort–running through her hair with the most gentle of touches. A scrap of thumb behind an ear here, a tug on her hair (no moaning. No moaning. Save that for a surprise for later..) and the gooseflesh that arose on her skin in response to how amazing it felt when someone elses hands were in her hair. It had relaxed her so much that he’d had to poke her gently to remind her to stop slouching against his chest, her eyes heavy lidded and body loose. 

When he finished, she made such a pitiful, teeeensy, tiny whine slash moan, then shuddered right down to her toes, exhaling a long, long breath. 

“MMm,” she said, agreeing with what he said. Currently so lackadaisical as to make one think she’d turned into a pile of goo. 
“Mmm,” again, about his statement. “Me mum always begged me t’keep me hair long. Said it was the prettiest thing; and that for some women, their hair is their pride. I know her’s was. When she left, I kept these words in mind. I trim it, iffin I need to, but never cut. And she taught me enough dwarven braids to keep it up and outta the way with minimal clasps; but it uses a lot of pins. Which is good–’cause if I ever lose me lock pickin’ tools, I got a head fulla them.” 

She didn’t ask how he did or bother to check. The Inquisitor was as meticulous and careful as well as studious in anything he considered important. She thought he probably did better than she. She leaned back, spine to his chest, tipping her chin up after perfectly fitting head under his chin, looking up at the bottom of his jaw. Her arms, long enough to do so, reached up and circled about his neck. 

“Thank ya,” quietly, and meaningful. “There anything out there y’want me t’ bring back? Other than the hides, furs, rocks, food supplies, n’ saving a few stranded here an’ there?” 



He shifted the tray in his hands, looking over the toast and the fresh fruit and the pot of tea, and then slowly let himself into the chamber, quiet in case Kaaras was not yet awake. It was still so very early. But he had wanted to do something special, so he had made sure to be up as early as he could, and then snuck down to the inn kitchen to fetch something as a small surprise. The innkeeper, a friendly young woman, had been excited to help him put together the tray, and he had bought a yellow tulip from a vendor in the market the day before which he had saved to put atop the tray alongside all the food. 

It should be nice, something to share. Kaaras liked those sorts of things. And it was something quiet and easy and simple. They had not had the chance before to settle in and spend a lazy morning together, but they did now, even if just a breakfast. He was determined. 

He shifted the tray again to close the door quietly and glanced over to the bed they had been sharing, checking to see if Kaaras was awake yet or not.

Red Lights


It was his first time in Val Royeaux. It was gorgeous and fascinating with so many people to watch and intrigue was all around him, from masked whispering faces to gowns that likely cost more coin than he had ever laid eyes upon . As soon as he stepped inside of that city he wondered why he had never been there before and then glanced at a servant looking painfully grim and withered, with that he easily recalled why he hadn’t delighted in it’s false magnificence before.

It was captivating though and so strange. The looks he got did nothing to quell his fascination, and the whispers towards him that named him ‘savage’ and ‘rabbit’ didn’t escape his notice but didn’t really bother him either unless the names were pointed at other people.

They had some time to kill after the Inquisitor began his meeting at some duchess’ villa and Tavis wanted to explore and hide and discover the little pieces of that ornate world he was so unfamiliar with, so he did.

He heard a whisper in the nearby courtyard filled with blooming-well tended roses, nobles fanning themselves and gossiping with extravagant-glittering garments. They whispered something about a shop that sold devices… devices specifically made for sexual pleasure. He had to quell his laugh at the blushes that touched the noblewoman’s cheek as she quietly spoke of it to her friend.

“Down by the corner, the pier.” The noble woman giggled. “I’m certain your husband will be most pleased with the results. It is the talk of Val Royeaux and the size alone…” The other woman clasped her mouth shut and they bursted into giggles

Well, I know what Kaaras and I are doing this evening….

Tavis took his leave, giving a little sly smirk as he approached the companions. Varric, Dorian and Cassandra seemed to be discussing something as he approached and he couldn’t wipe that grin from his face even if he tried, it was too amusing. They noticed, of course, just as the Inquisitor just walked out of the villa and leveled him with a knowing look in unison.

“Caught some of the finer hidden pleasures of Orlais, Tavis? I hope you didn’t catch anything else.” Dorian grinned.

“I caught nothing too contagious.”

Cassandra groaned and rubbed her forehead. “I would be surprised if you hadn’t caught something already.” She said flatly, Tavis laughed.

He glanced towards Kaaras as the man approached them, then walked towards him and gave him a little nudge.

“I have a surprise.” Tavis said with a pretty little smile up towards him.

“That’s not good.” Varric laughed.

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The Lift hug @Kaaras <3

[Platonic Hug/Kiss Meme]

Even if it hadn’t been overly long since Ezra had seen Kaaras–less than a week for Ezra to take a quick trek down to the base camp for an inspection of their healing facilities–it still felt like too long. Being without the comforting warmth of his lover beside him at night, and the comforting knowledge that they were both safe within the walls of the keep was uncomfortable after only just recently getting over their time apart.

Now, as he returned to the keep, there was exactly one thing on Ezra’s mind and that was squeezing the life out of Kaaras in the biggest hug he could manage.

Not that he had to go particularly far, as he spotted the Inquisitor and met his eye across the courtyard. Moving forward, a brilliant grin on his face, Ezra wrapped Kaaras up in a big hug, enough to lift him off his feet for just a moment and held him close, laughing as he went.

“I missed you, Kadan.”

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“If these people weren’t here, I would be on my knees with your prick in my mouth.” @Kaaras

It was bad enough that Bull was required to go to this stupid gathering.  Even worse that he had to wear that stuffy uniform.  All to maintain the image for the Inquisition, it was bullshit.  The Inquisition wasn’t built from stuffy nobles trying to line their pockets, pretending to be civilized while playing their sinister game under the tables.

Shit, even nobles were scum when they were given the chance, now that he thought about it.

But the Inquisition was made from outcasts, rogues and mercs, and even apostate mages looking to make the world a better place.  It dumbfounded Bull that they had to constantly be on their best damn behavior like this.  they were out there saving the world from a giant hole in the sky with the fade leaking out.  They more than earned the right to be rowdy if they wanted to.

But then Kaaras just had to walk over and whisper that into his ear.  Instantly it made those uncomfortable pants feel all the more restrictive.  Shit.

“That is entirely unfair, Kadan.”  He whispered back, wanting to wrap an arm around the other man’s shoulders.  But he remembered Josephine’s constant warnings.  Public displays of affection like that were not encouraged.  The Inquisitor had an image to maintain after all.  It was bullshit.

“You know I can do a damn thing in a place like this when you talk dirty to me.”  He actually almost sounded hurt, needy.  Those words made Bull instantly need Kaaras.  


It wasn’t easy tracking the Inquisitor down. The man and his companions traveled a fair amount these days, not that they could be blame. Running an Inquisition was busy work and even being just a scout and messenger, Harlequinn was already was out most days. It was exciting so he couldn’t complain. He loved the work he did. 

Right now he was one a job. It was pretty easy. Pass on information to Inquisitor Adaar. He was to be updated on one of the missions he had been working on before. Usually they could wait until Kaaras was back at Skyhold, but this one required more attention. Also Kaaras had been out for a while. 

The Exalted Plains weren’t too bad to travel though, but Harlequinn didn’t manage to find Kaaras until his second day there. He was resting at a camp, which was lucky for the elf. He approached the qunari man, bowing a little.

“Inquisitor Adaar. I bring word from Skyhold. Do you have a moment?”