((for TI Week Day 5, AU/Crossover. Animorphs!!!))

None of them could believe it. An alien ship, a strange centaur-like creature with a bladed tail, speech that only formed in their thoughts, a story about an invasion. Markus’ gaze flicked over to Thog. “What do we do?” he asked.

Thog looked at all of them, and realized they were waiting for his decision. Even Inien, who always had something contrary to say. “Let’s hear him out,” he said, quietly. “These- Zeth, you said? Why are they here? What do they want?”

<Life,> the alien answered. He tried to stand, faltered. Ashe rushed forward to help support him, so he at least didn’t have to look up at all of them. <Thank you.>

Ashe nodded, also oddly silent. Thog thought she might be confused, at first, but her eyes were narrowed in concentration. “It’s nothing,” she said, her voice gentle. “Please, tell us what’s happening.”

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Hey so guess what I finally finished. I am so totally editing this to this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOgTHkz5IGo ificanfindtheactualsongsomewhere