My favorite Two on the Vine moment
  • KY:...someone pointed out that it was a real game and I looked it up and sure enough, there's Frozen Anna Give Birth a Baby, where you sit there and you use surgical tools mixed with magic wands to give her a C-section. I'm not even kidding.
  • Vinny:I'm playing it right now. I'd just like to let you guys know: he's not kidding. I'm giving Anna from Frozen a C-section.
  • KY:Totally unbelievable. I...I was just shocked that this existed. So I cheated a little. Not on Greenlight, but so ridiculous that I had to include it.
  • Vinny:Oh my sweet Jesus, I'm putting...I'm...I'm cutting her open.
  • KY:(laughs)
  • Vinny:Oh no. KY help me. Why is this real?
  • KY:You gotta use your magic wand to-
  • Vinny:OH!
  • KY:Did you see her purple blood?
  • Vinny:Yeah, purple blood.
  • KY:Yeah?
  • Vinny:Oh, the baby's here! I gave a baby. Oh wait, now I gotta cut the umbilical cord. This is the most fuckin' bizarre thing I've ever played. Maybe not, you know, if you've seen me stream, you know that's not true, but I...I...what the fuck?!
  • KY:Yup.
  • Vinny:Oh, I used the magic wand to seal her back up. Okay, I've had enough internet for one day.

baking my way into your heart- Erica/Kira reality tv show au for halemura

Coming this fall to HGTV, Cupcake Champion, America’s first ever in-house competitve baking challenge! Best described as Chopped meets Big Brother, watch as six chefs, Derek Hale, Erica Reyes, Kira Yukimura, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, and Scott McCall, take turns teaming up for weekly baking challenges, all doing their very best not to lose the challenge and be the cook kicked out of the cupcake cabin. Tensions will rise as these cooks live together as they compete together, as relationships are made and broken, and as the challenges get tougher and tastier. Because only one of these six housemates can be the Cupcake Champion and walk away with the grand prize: a position as Food Network star Bobby Flay’s personal pastry chef, and the chance to open a Los Angeles bakery with Flay himself. (premiering, Monday June 29 at 9:00 est)

Happy birthday, Katie!