Allison Weiss recently went in and did some sessions on KXLU by way of the A Fistful of Vinyl show. Check out the sessions here now!

Also just a reminder, Allison Weiss will be playing the Remember When release show tonight at El Cid in Los Angeles with special guests Chris Farren of Fake Problems and Tiny Stills.


Everybody In: Episode Ten // TWIN PEAKS via Monster Children

Why Radio?

I’ve been asked “Why radio?” a lot in the past few weeks, I think because when we think of radio, we often imagine the major commercial stations that feature the same 5 songs on repeat and endless commercials sandwiched between the voices of “crazy fart-joke guy” and “moody voice dude,” who are not actually in the studio but have pre-recorded the show the night before so they could sleep in while you are commuting to work.

Answering this question is both easy and impossible.  I love/study/listen to radio because it’s a medium that’s available to everyone - a radio costs close to nothing, unlike a satellite radio or the plethora of (really great) web radio stations - it’s based in a community with which it can and should interact and it’s in some ways a companion while you are washing the dishes, driving, working, etc (unlike the TV).  There is no glamor in it - it doesn’t matter what the hosts look like, it only matters what they say and how they relate to the audience, unlike film or tv in which the appearance of a person is almost more important than the message.  There is an anonymity about it that can foster honest creativity (or honest confessions - those who grew up on Dr. Drew know what I’m talking about).  And last, but not least, it can offer new discoveries that other mediums rarely do - be it music, literature, news, personalities, history…

Unfortunately, the vast majority of radio stations contain none of the above qualities, except that they’re overly-available often to the point of intrusive.  Luckily they don’t all suck, and here are some of my favorite Cali stations, please feel free to add yours in the comments:


Mutiny Radio






For more info on these types of stations, check out Spinning Indie.  Jennifer does a great job with her radio station field trips, giving a more intimate look into the behind the scenes workings of independent radio.


Corners – “My Baby" 

Playlist: December 29, 2011
External image
Featuring guests from Cab 20 & Backseat Bingo
Set I:
Flying Lotus - kill your co-workers
Dali’s Rose - dramamine dream / the devi’s coordinates
Catwalk - night stravation
Dream Panther - street science
Emily Reo - on the beach
Gangi - outside ones
Set II
Hot Rats - the lovecats
The Spades - you’re gonna miss me
The Chocolate Watchband - I ain’t no miracle worker
The Byrds - don’t doubt yourself babe
Allah Las - Catamaran
Real Estate - younger than yesterday
The Growlers - sea lion goth blues
Thee Rain Cats - bells
Dante V. Zombies - branded by nuns
Set IV
Backseat Bingo - i just mind // night life, just right // party favor, yes yes
The Terrorists - shoot it up
Sea Lions - i should be sleeping
Set V
Extra Classic - congo rebel
Still Corners - dont fall in love
Bell Gardens - through the rain
Black Flamingo - all that she wants
Spirit Vine - pluto why
Set VI
Cab 20 - gravedigger
Cosmonauts - psychic denim
TRMRS - hello self
The Black Belles - honky tonk horror
The Strange Boys - me and you
Final Set (by band’s request)
The Talking Heads - Artist only
Grinderman - heathen child
Menomena - evil bee



Check out this video of Wooden Shjips performing “Home” off their latest album, West [Thrill Jockey] for KXLU 88.9FM last month.

(@2:35; damn, Ripley.)