THE FIRST MEETING

I imagined him differently” Jiyong said in korean to the Marshal, thinking Seunghyun wouldn’t understand. He was wrong.
“Ehi! Better or worse?” Seunghyun, in fact, asked back in a perfect korean without any trace of american accent, taking Jiyong aback.

Another part for my Pacific Rim!AU

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BIGBANG | Their s/o Is A Ballerina

Anonymous said:

I remember a long time ago GD once said that he thought ballerinas were pretty so, how about big bang reacting to their crush (or s/o if you want!) being a ballerina? :-)

G Dragon/Jiyong: 
He’d find you and your dancing beautiful and when he watched you practiced or went to a show, his squishy side would show while wondering how he got so lucky.

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He’s a lover of art, and watching you dance…to him, that is the artwork he could sit and look at all day.

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He’d probably try and see if he could write a song just for you to dance to…not for anyone else…just for you.

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50/50 chance he would try and learn some of your dance moves, but would run for the hills as soon as he saw you go up on the tips of your toes.

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Literally your number one fan when it comes to any of your performances. You’d have to remind him to have at least some chill…

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