KW in I Want You


KW: I want to thank all you loving and supportive artfulFriends for being there through the years of fun and amazing times. Please look back on the blogs and remember artfulImpersonator as we were and not as we are.
You all brought me so much hope for a better cosplay world. You all have turned into a loving community of your own and I am happy to see you all so happy and supportive of one another. Please continue to stay strong and remember that anyone can enjoy cosplay.
I can no longer go on like this. Many important people are fully lost to me and my heart can no longer bare the pain of loving and missing them every day. Please know that no one is to blame. I am just not as strong as I pretend to be.
I have come to find, all promises will be broken and I can not promise to stay strong anymore. I was easy to love and throw away. Years of love and friendship are so easily torn apart as if they were worthless memories. I still treasure the shredded remains, but can not keep grieving any longer. I do not wish to start anew. These past few years were my anew. I don’t have another one in me. I am sorry.
You all are stronger than myself, even if you don’t always feel it. Together, you all can keep one another smiling. This channel may come back if anyone else from the group wants to add more to it. For now, it will be kept as it is. I know the videos have helped many to smile during difficult times and I do not want to take that away from anyone.
Thank you all. I truly am sorry. I believe in you.