how to swear in norwegian like a pro
  • faen i helvete - fucking hell
  • satan i helvete - fucking hell ( google translate: satan in hell )
  • jævla satans helvete - fucking hell ( google translate: fucking satans hell )
  • hva faen da? - wtf?
  • faen å - for fucks sake
  • hva i helvete? - wth?
  • drit i det - forget it ( google translate: shit in it )
  • kødder du? - are you kidding me?
  • faen! - shit or fuck, technically means devil
  • di jævla hestekug - you fucking horse cock
  • jævla hore - fucking hore
  • jævla kug - fucking cock
  • oi - oh shit but also ops!
  • øøøøøøøøøø - ew
  • bæ - the sound that sheep make
  • herregud - oh my god
  • helvete - hell
  • øøøø faen så jævlig ekkelt! - that’s fucking gross
  • faen da ! - fuck it or fucks sake 
  • fy faen - fuck or for fucks sake or damn ( directly translated :  bad fuck )

@ norske, add på flere hvis dere kommer på noen

This stupid game is the perfect illustration of those posts that talk about us being the Weird Aliens because of how easily we attach to things. Because it gives us a weird little pixelated horse thing that can only walk in a straight line from one side to another and which will die in minutes if its shit is not cleaned up, but nonetheless, how many of us are playing?

Like, here’s Goatoz, Son of Kug. He’s 101 days old and I’m honestly feeling a little heartstring tug about the fact that he’s going to die the next time I need to leave my computer.

Imagine explaining this to aliens, you guys.

The King and the God

In Indo-European Studies, there’s a very famous super-short story written by linguists in Proto-Indo-European in order to illustrate the language, called “The King and the God”. The English text is:

Once there was a king. He was childless.

The king wanted a son. He asked his priest: “May a son be born to me!”

The priest said to the king: “Pray to the god Werunos.”

The king approached the god Werunos to pray now to the god. “Hear me, father Werunos!”

The god Werunos came down from heaven. “What do you want?”

“I want a son.”

“Let this be so,” said the bright god Werunos. The king’s lady bore a son.

As a practice, I translated it into Sumerian (a non-Indo-European language). Here’s my text below, and some commentary below the cut.

Uria lugalmunutukum.

Lugal dumu nash. “Dumungu hetud!” ennir endug.

En “Dingir Uerunus henniren” lugalra endug.

Lugal Uerunusra ineesh shitash te. “Uerunus adda, ngeshtug hemasummun!”

Uerunus anta ngen. “Ana ibashen?”

“Dumu nashen.”

Kug Uerunus “Heam” endug. Ninlugala dumu entud.

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Alam mo, minsan kasi kahit anong gawin mong effort, di mangyayari yung gusto mong mangyari eh. Minsan kasi nilalamon tayo ng ideals natin na kahit realistic naman, may mga tao o bagay na pipigil sa desisyon o ginagawa natin. Yun siguro yung isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit minsan fail yung mga plano natin, mga desisyon natin, mga relationship natin sa ibang tao. Shit happens. But it happens for a reason. Wala lang.

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A Gift Horse (oneshot - 17801 words) by To Be or Not to- Oh forget it (Mikki) - Voltron needs a red paladin; Keith, a Galra slave, is ‘gifted’ to the paladins for saving a planet.

The Empty Spaces Between the Stars (oneshot - 5329 words) by slivered - Five times Coran takes care of the paladins.

Accepting Amelioration (oneshot - 4887 words) by XILVerify - Shiro learns that he can trust the team with his daemon.

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Let The Spectrum In (multichapter series;incomplete - 139443+ words) by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) - 5+1 gen Voltron fics; somewhat centered around Shiro.

Voltron: Duality (multichapter series;incomplete - 425950+ words) by squirenonny -  AU featuring Keith as a Galra soldier, Shiro as a double-agent attempting to bring down the Galra empire, Matt as the red paladin, and Allura as the black paladin. (Also includes Matt/Shiro, Hunk/Shay, and Keith/Lance)

Blood Brothers (multichapter series;incomplete - 56100+ words) by ptw30 - Focuses on Keith’s and Shiro’s brotherly relationship.

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I Was Born A Lion (multichapter;incomplete) by spectralPhobia - Comic/Art; Keith discovers that he’s Galra and decides to join them as a double agent while working out his relationship with his father. (Also includes minor Keith/Lance and Shiro/Allura)

He Sleeps in the Sky of Ice (multichapter;incomplete) by jadencross - The team tries to find Lance after he vanishes.

Make Up Everything And Wake Up Breathing (multichapter;complete - 27657 words) by killingmonsterswritingthings - After the wormhole incident, Shiro and Pidge find themselves on Earth without a way to contact the others.

See What We’ve Become (multichapter;complete - 13776 words) by Reign_of_Rayne - When a Galra team inflitrates the Castle of Lions, Shiro and Pidge have to work together to save everyone.

Routine Maintenance (multichapter;complete - 50777 words) by VelkynKarma  - Five times Shiro’s Galra arm caused him trouble and a team member helped him out, and one time that his arm is the reason they all survive.

Lean On Me (multichapter;complete - 11196 words) by Glass Soldiers (subtract) - Five times Shiro let someone lean on him, and one time someone let him lean on them.

Trembling Lips (multichapter;complete - 17877 words) by nonna - Five times Lance stopped himself from crying in front of the team, and one time he didn’t.

An Ocean of Stars (multichapter;complete - 7690 words) by AriWrote - Canon-compliant; Lance is a selkie who loses his pelt. (includes minor Keith/Lance)

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“The Chinese word “Kung Fu” translates more or less as “A person hard at work over a long time”. If you want to unlock the full power of Kung Fu, it is not going to be easy: you are going to have to work, you are going to have to sacrifice and you are going to have to suffer - over a long time.”

        - Erin Hunter, Into the Wild