This week’s Sumerian Sunday is kug, (to be) pure.

It’s a word often used to describe the goddess Inanna (known to the Akkadians as Ishtar), which I think is rather interesting, as it shows a very different attitude regarding purity and sexuality.

In Western culture, when we use the word “pure” to describe a person (especially a woman), we’re probably saying that the person is innocent, naive and virginal. Inanna, a goddess of desire/fertility and war, was none of these things. What this suggests to me is that the Sumerians didn’t see sex as dirty, the way Judeo-Christian religions often do.

An interesting grammatical note: when kug is used with Inanna, it goes in front of her name: kug Inanna. Usually, adjectives or complements go after a noun in Sumerian. I wonder if it’s the equivalent of saying “Inanna the Pure” instead of just plain ‘ol “pure Inanna”.

As always, cuneiform comes courtesy of the Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary.

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Hey guys, I need some help here…

I’m looking to host a specialty show next quarter for my school’s radio station, KUGS, and need to think of a show name.

I want to do a rock/alt electro/chill type of show, and I would play stuff like Arctic Monkeys, Flume, Gorillaz, Chvrches, Black Keys, Sleigh Bells, Disclosure, Alt-J, etc. 

Any ideas for a show name that would incorporate and portray these genres effectively?