Celebrity Style Watch: Kristen Stewart

By Rachael Lim

To describe Kristen Stewart, all I can say in short is, beautiful in no matter hairstyle or fashion style she choose to go for. If she were to create a makeup line of her own, we would definitely agree it should be called confidence. Just look at her working those outfits. So without further ado, here are 7 key fashion features from Kristen Stewart style. 

1. Overall Tomboy concept

Being famous as the female celebrity who personally does not have the common feminine style when it comes to fashion but instead of a tomboy, that is the first thing that you’ve got to know if you want to pull off any of her looks. 

2. Smart Casual

Smart casual for Kristen can be break down into the following styles: 

(1) Pants + Basic Tee + Outerwear (E.g. Leather Jacket, Denim Jacket, Blazer) 

(2) Pants + Collared Top

(3) Outerwear + Basic Tee + Statement pants 

Mixing the right pieces together to form the right outfit is definitely a skill but to master the quick and easy way out to dressing for a smart casual occasion, outerwear + pants + basic tee would just do the trick. 

3. Sneakers > Heels

A picture speaks a thousand words. Yes indeed Kristen have been seen wearing either sneakers, flats or anything that has no or little relation to those stilts most women love to wear. In fact, she wears her sneakers so often even with a dress! 

4. Casual

When we say casual, we mean clothes that she definitely enjoy wearing and looks absolutely comfortable in them. She might look unkempt to some but this is what we call celebrities who dresses however they want to feel comfortable, without caring if the media or the public’s opinion. 

After all, celebrities are also humans. Kristen wears outfits that we probably have worn at least once in our lifetime. But here is a summary of the outfits she created: 

(1) Basic/Graphic Tee + Jeans + Sneakers/Flats

(2)  Tank top + Jeans + Snapback + Snealers

(3) Basic Tee + Hoodie + Shades + Snapbacks + Jeans + Sneakers 

(4) Tee + Shorts 

(5) Denim outerwear/flannel + Basic Tee + Jeans

(6) Pullover + Jeans

(7) Muscle Tank + Shorts 

Basically, you can recreate those outfits with any similar pieces and still look fabulous on a lazy day! 

5. Shades & Snapbacks

Maybe it is just how celebrities love to hide their eyes from the flashlights that goes off the camera’s of the paparazzi or maybe it is just her style. But for all we know, Kristen Stewart definitely accessorise her outfits with mainly snapbacks and shades. 

6. Your hair can be your accessory if you want to style it. 

When it comes to styling your hair to make it an accessory to your outfit, there is no need for hair curlers or the need for the right length. Don’t have the time or the resources to style your hair differently as compared to yesterday, here’s a tip we see in Kristen’s outfits. Style your outfit to your hair style instead of the other way round. 

7. The flip side

If you are thinking she must have totally drop the feminine side of her, you’re wrong. Although she doesn’t incorporate the feminine touch to her everyday style, we know she still is capable to rock those dresses, frocks, skirts anytime. Be it having her long brown locks or short hair, she still looks gorgeous as ever. 

What do you think about her style? Did we miss out anything? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheOddsMagazine!