EXO Reacts to Being Teased Sexually in Public

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XIUMIN: Xiumin had told you that he was going to call you after rehearsal. He was going to be very busy tonight and he didn’t want you to be bothering him. You could see how stressed and tired he looked when he returned to the dorm. So that night, you kept sending him dirty messages and inappropriate pictures of your body. One of the members noticed the constant chiming of Xiumin’s phone and awkwardly informed him. Xiumin snatched that phone so quickly out of their hands, took a peek at all the messages, then swore to himself that you were going to punished when he returned.

LUHAN: While taking you on a date, Luhan runs into an old friend. You had promised yourself you were going to make this night special. And by special, you meant “SPECIAL”. At first, you had tried to pretend his friend’s presence wasn’t bothering you. But the longer you waited for the two to part ways, you realized that this was taking time away from alone time with your boyfriend. You had wrapped your arms around Luhan and kissed his neck. He jumped in surprise and confusion, not realizing what you were trying to hint at. He eventually ended the conversation and was dragged all the way home.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

KRIS: You had worn an outfit that was a little revealing one night while the two of you went out with a couple of friends. The skimpy clothes were meant to make Kris entertained. What you didn’t know was that few of the other guys were enjoying it too. For the rest of the night, he was very upset with his friends that he didn’t have time to appreciate you. By the way, there WAS sex, just the angry and annoyed kind.

SUHO: Suho had taken you to a party and his entire family and a couple of his family friends were there. You were talking with his mother and some of his aunts when one of them pointed out how amazing Junmyeon was with kids. You saw him chasing around his baby cousins, making sure all the kids weren’t excluded and happy, he even cared for the if they got hurt. The fatherly side of Suho was turning you on so much. You waited for the two of you to be alone until you gave him a deep kiss while groping his package. You questioned if it was worth the ear-aching lecture.

“Do we need to talk about personal space again?”

LAY: The two of you were on a plane back from China after meeting and staying with his family for a few weeks. They loved you so much that they respected you and you didn’t want to mess things up. So you guys hadn’t done “it” in what felt like so long that you were extra horny at the moment. You had slipped into the airplane bathroom and removed your panties from under your mini skirt. Walking out of the bathroom and approaching your seat, you whispered into his ear telling him what you had just done while giving them to him. He honestly had no ideas about what your intentions were towards him, you had to make it clearer for him which made him rock solid.

“But won’t this be uncomfortable for you?”

BAEKHYUN: He noticed you would touch him so innocently in personal places. He caught on to you quickly once the teasing touching became more frequent. He would simply fight back by touching you inappropriately as well. Grabbing your ass and grazing his hand across your chest lightly. The two of you ended up in a battle to see who gets turn on the most.

CHEN: You dragged him out one day to go out to run some errands. One of your last stops was in a clothing store and Chen was already complaining. He quickly closed his mouth when he saw you walk out of the dressing room, trying on one of the bathing suits you were planning on buying for a trip the two of you were taking. You saw him staring at you intently so you walked over to him and whispered sweet nothings in his ear. Other girls passed the two of you noticing his lip biting and his boner. 

CHANYEOL: You guys were at a house party with some of your really close friends and at the moment you wanted to be all alone with Chanyeol. You kept whispering dirty things you wanted to do to him and things you wanted from him. He couldn’t stop smirking at your neediness but at the same time was trying to get you to stop because everyone was getting suspicious.

“I could spend hours between your legs.”

“You better stop before you spend hours on the couch.”

KYUNGSOO: You guys had gone out on a date to the movie theaters. The movie previews were taking forever to get through and the dark room and smell of his cologne were making you horny. Your hand reached over towards the front of his pants and massaged his clothed cock. He turned to you and questioned your actions, while not really wanting you to stop.

“Are you aware that that is my dick you’re touching.”

TAO: He was stuck in an office meeting when he got a call from his girlfriend. He excused himself from the room and stood out in the hallway. You knew he was staying late but you were missing him so much. A couple of wine glasses later you found yourself trying to have phone sex with your busy husband. He listened to your voice become soft and breathy. He panicked a little right after he heard your soft moaning and immediately started looking around to see if anyone was around to hear it. Afterward, he was so hot and bothered he asked to leave early.

“I’m sorry there’s an emergency a home.”

KAI: You guys were stuck in an elevator with some other people for awhile and you started to become bored. You playfully grab his butt when he wasn’t expecting it and he jumped in surprise. When the elevator stopped he hurried out the door because he was too embarrassed to even stand next to you.

“Fucking hell. Stay away, weirdo.”

SEHUN: The both of you have been stuck in a traffic jam for a while and the two of you were frustrated. You guys were on your way home to screw anyways so all you could think about was Sehun and his body. Even with cars surrounding the two of you, your hand slipped inside his pants. He jumped in his seat in surprise as you held his cock within your fingers and palm. You couldn’t wait anymore and unbuckled your seatbelt, leaning over so your face hovered over his pants. He obviously liked this and didn’t want you to stop, but he had wished people in other cars weren’t noticing his facial expressions and squirming.

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EXO’s reaction to their 4′11-5′0 girlfriend

For anyone that’s interested in the reaction anon is talking about here it is. Enjoy!

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Xiumin: Pleasantly surprised, I don’t think Minseok would bring up his girlfriend’s height. He would keep his playful comments to himself, until further along in their relationship. Like the gentleman he is, Minseok would treat his girlfriend to a pleasant lunch, as well as a shopping spree, maybe even showing her to his favorite coffee shop. “I’m glad you made it jagi.” 

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Luhan: I think he’d really like this of all the members. Luhan would have that benign smile of his, once he recognizes his girlfriend by her face. “It’s so nice to see…all of you baobei,” he comment, scrutinizing over his girlfriend wholly. “You look great baobei!” Luhan would take her out, always keeping an arm around her, or a hand over her own, just to let the world proudly know that she’s his, and vice versa. 

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Kris: Kris would be all smiles with this. I can see him playfully teasing her since he would nearly tower her in height. “Aish baobei, you make me look like some giant when you stand near me. But it’s pretty cute,” he would comment lightheartedly, while stroking her filaments into place. Like Luhan, I can see Yifan developing a little penchant for his girlfriend’s height, however I think Kris’s would manifest over time whereas Luhan’s would have been established prior. 

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Suho: “Aw, there’s my jagi,” he would blithely call to his girlfriend, upon first seeing her wholly. Like Xiumin, I don’t think Suho would be too fazed or even perplexed with his girlfriend’s appearance, simply because I don’t think it’s in his nature. Nonetheless, he’d still make a remarkable first impression, with how much of a gentleman he is. I can see Suho already have a gift for her for when they meet. 

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Lay: Pretty much exactly like my previous scenario, I don’t think Lay would even register his girlfriend’s height initially. Just like normal, he’d greet her amiably, take her out with her hand held securely within his, etc. In this case however, I think Yixing would suddenly take notice in his girlfriend’s height much later than with the 5′11/6′0 girlfriend. And just out of spontaneity, he’d bring it up with her. “Baobei, have you always been this tall? I feel like I hadn’t even noticed…” 

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Baekhyun: After finding his girlfriend amongst a throng of people, Baekhyun would nearly laugh to himself over how cute his girlfriend looks, and in a different way than he had pictured. “Look at you. Being all adorable just for me~ You look different babe. But it’s not in a bad way! I promise! In a cute way! Well, a cuter way,” he’d explain himself hastily, much to his girlfriend’s amusement. Like Kris, Baek would find it cute to lightheartedly tease his girlfriend occasionally. 

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Chen: “Aw, cute~” Jongdae would murmur half to himself when greeting his girlfriend for the first time in person. “You’re just as cute as I expected.” Embracing her benignly, in this instance, like I’ve said before, I think Chen would be pretty cool at playing off any shock when seeing his girlfriend for the first time. I don’t think in this particular scenario Jongdae would be as surprised or astounded, he would mostly find his girlfriend’s height to be a cute add-on to her overall allurement. 

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Chanyeol: Somewhat similar to my previous reaction, all his thoughts would race at a frenzied pace upon catching glimpse of his girlfriend for the first time, full-bodied. ‘What? That’s her! Wow, she’s tiny compared to me! I wouldn’t have known..’ He’d still be just as flustered, when actually speaking to her, unable to conceal the highly evident surprise. “No really jagi! I’m fine! But..I didn’t know you were this small! I mean, look at us! It’s not bad it’s just unexpected. Wow jagi.” Chanyeol would definitely grow a palpable penchant for this in the future after receding from the initial shock. 

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D.O: Of all the members, Kyungsoo would be the least fazed. Perhaps a twinge of surprise would register with him, but that would be it. His girlfriend wouldn’t be able to detect any perplexity from him, merely carrying on with their meet up like normal. Kyungsoo wouldn’t even bring it up with her, since he would be more so focused on the date itself rather than her initial appearance. “It’s so nice to finally see you jagi.” 

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Tao: “My baobei is so small!” Tao would immediately chime once seeing his girlfriend fully for the first time. After an amiable exchange, that’s when Tao would continue to stare at his girlfriend with a mixture of jubilation and disbelief. “So small baobei. I would have never guessed!” His girlfriend would then ask if it’s a good thing that her height is on the shorter spectrum to which Tao would nod fervidly. “It’s great! We make a good-looking couple anyways!” 

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Kai: Chuckling in a baffled manner, Jongin would carefully scrutinize over his girlfriend, just to ensure he isn’t seeing things. He’d merely be in a reverie of bewilderment thinking back to the times he pictured his girlfriend fully and how she’s turned out opposite to those thoughts. Nonetheless, Jongin would be one of the more visibly enthralled members upon registering his girlfriend’s height. “It’s not much jagi. You look amazing though.”  

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Sehun: Like in my previous, Sehun would be able to mask his surprise, proficiently, behind a cool, aloof front. His girlfriend wouldn’t discern anything awry in him throughout the date. And Sehun would do his part in keeping to himself on the matter. Eventually, the shock will subside. In general, his girlfriend’s height wouldn’t completely impact him, even when looking back at those events leading up to him meeting her for the first time. 

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Forever I'll wait

A week had passed. It felt like forever
“How’s it going babe? Is the weather nice? Is everyone treating you alright? I miss you…”

“I miss you too..” I heard from the other line. “i don’t know how I’m going to survive without my galaxy. Who’s going to make me laugh?” I noticed the sadness in her voice.

“Babe… I’ll always be here. You’ll be okay, I believe in you”

Two months had passed. I was going insane “Do you think she thinks of me when she goes to bed?” I asked Suho, who had been my only support since my girl went back to her country to finish college.

“Yes I do. You two are meant to be… yet I don’t understand why she hasn’t called. Maybe she’s busy… but as far as I knew, she could hardly be away from you for one day.” I had been thinking the same but I didn’t want to admit it. I hadn’t had any news from her and I might sound ridiculous but she’s my girlfriend… we’ve been unbreakable since the day we met.

Even when I try ti call her, she barely answers. She doesn’t say I love you anymore. And i can’t stop thinking that maybe distance is really breaking is apart. Maybe we weren’t so meant to be like we thought.

Eight months. One broken heart. One missing piece I’ve imagined her excuses in my head so many times that I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if she actually said one of them. I might not be fair, and just want things to be the way they were before she went back but I missed her, and I barely talked to her nowadays.

Sometimes people tell me ‘Kris! You are young, talented and handsome! Why not trying to forget her and move on!’ But none of them gets it, none of them understands that I love the girl that’s thousands of miles away from me. I knew it was going to be hard, I knew college would take her away from me, but I didn’t mind. I told her I would wait, no matter what. I would wait forever. And I am. Because I promised

Graduation. One way ticket. One dress, one suit. Two hearts, meant to be together. Two dreamers, two fighters. Two lives, one love.

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EXO at Hogwarts (OT9)

I have only done OT9 since it is based off this gif set by daisiesonyourhair that I found a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be perfect for the Halloween season.


House – Gryffindor

Blood Status – Full Blood

Rank and Titles – Keeper and Captain of the Quiddich team


House - Ravenclaw

Blood Status – Full Blood

Rank and Titles – Captain of the Quiddich team and Chaser


House - Hufflepuff

Blood Status – Half-blood

Rank and Titles – Chaser


House – Slytherin

Blood Status – Muggle Born

Rank and Titles – Prefect and Beater


House – Hufflepuff

Blood Status – Half-blood

Rank and Titles – Prefect


House – Gryfindor

Blood Status – Half-blood

Rank and Titles – Seeker and Prefect


House – Ravenclaw

Blood Status – Muggle born

Rank and Titles – Prefect and Keeper


House – Gryffindor

Blood Status – Half-Blood

Rank and Titles – Seeker


House – Slytherin

Blood Status – Full Blood

Rank and Titles – Seeker and Captain of the Quiddich team.

I love EXO X Hogwarts/Harry Potter AU’s so when I saw someone make these edits, I screamed with joy.



Exo reaction to finding out their S/O is pregnant but you don’t tell them

So their S/O doesn’t tell them , they find out another way.

We hope you like it :)


You were out buying groceries as you best friend decided she was gonna have dinner at yours and your boyfriend Xiumins house and she decided to bring up the pregnancy thinking you had already told him, 

You know, I can’t want to be an auntie” 

Aww is your sister pregnant?” 

No? Y/N is right?” 


I thought she told you” 

No…she didn’t

You soon got home to find them sitting on the sofa waiting for your return 

When were you gonna tell me you were pregnant Y/N?” 


I promise I was gonna tell you I just didn’t know how considering you’re so busy lately with everything”  you started crying and your best friend escorted herself to the kitchen 

Listen, I know I’m busy but I want nothing more in this world than to start a family with you, it’s a bit sudden but we’ll make it work.” 

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Luhan had to buy you something as your birthday was just under a week away, he grabbed the nearest laptop in sight without checking whose it was and opened it up to find it was yours, he quickly purchased your presented went to delete the history of the website he was just on when he noticed something strange in your history, things about pregnancy symptoms and children and babies, he thought maybe he was just overthinking the situation but decided to wait until you got home to have a proper discussion about it. 

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Him and his mum where hanging out for the day when he decided to tell her that he thought he was ready to take the next step in his and yours relationship, 

“So I was thinking, I kind of want to start a family with Y/N, I love her a lot and I think we’re both ready.”

“Have you spoken to her about it?” His mum asked with a hint of a smirk 

“No, I needed to run it by someone first to see if it was a good idea or not”

His mum chuckled “Listen, you didn’t hear it from me but I think Y/N has something to tell you” 

He got confused 

“Like what?”

“I didn’t want to tell you this but she’s pregnant!” 

He was so caught up in the moment that all he could say was,

“Why did she tell you first and not me? I mean, I helped her get pregnant after all” 

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You were on the phone talking to your sister about ways to tell Suho you’re pregnant, not realising he was eavesdropping on the conversation, 

How do you think I should tell him then?” 

I don’t know maybe like tell him when he’s just gotten home from work so he’s reallllly tired and doesn’t have time to process it properly, he can’t get annoyed then

But, Y/S/N I kind of want him to process it considering umm it’s his baby” 

Just as you said that he made his presence clear

Really Y/N you were asking your sister how to tell me?” 

I know but like I was hoping she’d come up with a cool idea on how to tell you” 

You hung up on your sister 

You don’t need an elaborate plan on how to tell me, I would be happy any way you told me” 

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You asked Yixing to get you your phone from your bag forgetting about the prescription from your doctor for vitamins to help with your pregnancy, as he was looking through your back he stumbled upon the prescription, he looked closely at it realising what it all meant, he got a giddy feeling inside but still didn’t bring it up until you decided to tell him, which was later that night after he can’t keep his thoughts to himself and finally decided to ask you about it 

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Your best friend turned up at your house before you had arrived home from work to find Baekhyun there by himself 

So have you thought of any names?

No, why would I?Is Y/N getting me a dog for our anniversary?? I hope so!!” 

No silly! For your guys’ baby!” 

Baby? What baby?” 

Ya know the one Y/N is pregnant with” 

Just then your friend realised he wasn’t joking and you hadn’t told him yet

I’m gonna be a dad?” 

Yeah you are” You chimed in after hearing the last few sentences of their conversation

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As soon as your mum heard the news that you were pregnant she rushed over to your guys’ shared house to congratulate you, unfortunately you weren’t there but you husband Jongdae was 

Ahhhh Jongdae!! Congratulations on the pregnancy!!” 

He thought he had heard her wrong 

The what??” 

Just then the sound of your mothers text tone went off with a text from you saying ‘Remember to not tell Jongdae! He doesn’t know yet.’ 

Haha oops” your mother grimaced 

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He had just woken up from a quick nap to find hundreds of notifications from friends and family on his phone, he got confused so he called Sehun to see what was going on 

Hey, so why am I getting loads of messages saying congratulations? Has something happened that I don’t know of?” 

Sehun just chuckled saying “Well by the sounds of it yeah, ask Y/N

This made him even more confused but before he could respond Sehun hung up on him ‘that little brat’ he thought to himself. Following Sehuns request he asked you, 

Y/N, why am I getting loads of messages saying ‘congratulations’?” 

Oh well um, I’m um…” 

Just then Sehun called him back 

Bro I’m guessing she’s told you now so just to let you know I’m gonna be God Father” 


yeah to your baby” 

Chanyeol hung up on him 

Y/N you’re pregnant?” 

Yeah I was trying to tell you until you rudely cut me off by answering your phone” 

Wait so how does everyone but me know?” 

I don’t know I only told Sehun” 

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Kyungsoo was throwing something into the bin from the sofa but after he missed he went to pick it up and put his rubbish into the bin manually when he saw something wrapped in tissue which he thought was strange so he plucked up the courage to put his hand in then and get it out. He unwrapped the tissue to find a used pregnancy test with 2 lines on it, he quickly washed his hands and went to his laptop to google what it meant and found out you were pregnant so he threw back into the bin and confronted you when you got home.

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Your sister was staying with you for a while, while she was getting her house renovated and you told her about your pregnancy but she knew not to mention it around him, one day you and tao were having an argument and you ended up getting so frustrated that you started crying, he didn’t know what to do so be turned to you sister and she said “Must be pregnancy hormones” she didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out and as soon as she said it she put her hands to her mouth in shock. He heard what she said and quickly ran after you to hug you and apologise for being and idiot and telling you he knew you’re pregnant. 

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He was showing your mother and his and your’s new house and while they were walking around she asked which room would be the nursery, 

“I don’t think we have to think about that just yet, maybe in a couple of years haha” 

Couple of years? More like months!” 


“Y/N’s pregnant!! Didn’t she tell you??” 

Well, no, should I talk to her about it?” 

No! Don’t do that otherwise she’ll kill me for telling you! Just let her tell you when she’s ready.” 

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You had been acting strange lately, well at least in his eyes you were so when you weren’t around a notification popped up on your phone he jumped at the chance to find put what was going on, it was a text from your best friend along with a picture so he guessed your password which was the easiest thing in the world, he looked at the picture to see it was a photo of a baby onesie with the text saying ‘I’m buying this for my niece, when is the baby shower again?’ He thought nothing of it, thinking it was a joke, he finally took notice of your phone background and it was an ultrasound picture, “Yehet will be the first word they say no doubt” 

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