baekhyun stans:

  • laughing hysterically while posting about how amazing it was on twitter
  • “baekhyun’s voice sounds better when it cracks”
  • don’t bother fighting off antis because they’ll end up agreeing with them for completely different reasons
  • crOAKS
  • sets as wake up alarm
  • “i’m so proud of my boy”

chanyeol stans:

  • almost like baekhyun stans but instead of laughing they’re yelping
  • “he was so happy that it exploded out of his throat and sounded like a million fangirls just died oh wait that happened”
  • happier because they’re finally letting the world see the reason as to why they stan chanyeol
  • but half of them would be like “gosh stop hating on chanyeol”
  • and the other half would be like “gOSh stOp hATInG oN CHAnYEol”
  • but then there’s the group that’s all chill about it y’know

jongdae stans:

  • oh god
  • they wouldn’t just giggle at it
  • they’d turn it into a fucking religion
  • “worship jongdae’s voice crack because he did so well and we should appreciate the fact that he sang his hardest for us”
  • wouldn’t really poke too much fun at it because they’re probably too busy spamming the comments of the performance with love for this boy
  • but there’s that 13% that would be like “oKAY I’M HIGH OFF OF HIS VOICE CRACK SOMEONE HELp”

kyungsoo stans:

  • “did that just happen”
  • in shock
  • like they’ll be shook for days on end
  • but then they’ll return to their normal calm-ass selves because they’re mature and wouldn’t make a fuss out of it
  • defending kyungsoo’s talent because their precious baby is at risk of a flood of memes from the other stans
  • but deep inside they’re happy with it

jongin stans:

  • “it wasn’t a voice crack is was literal sex”
  • legit every single sound that jongin produces is the secret ingredient for endless orgasms for them
  • other stans won’t be able to make fun of jongin because jongin stans will be all up in their feed like “THIS IS WHAT SEX IS”
  • don’t even bother making fun of them
  • “jongin should just publish an album of entirely voice cracks”

kris stans:

  • completely lost
  • probably just shook at how beautiful that voice crack was and thankful that it happened
  • “see this is why i appreciate him”
  • but also completely pissed at the other stans who made fun of his
  • “it’s music to my ears”
  • licks lips

yixing stans:

  • 10000000% support mode activated
  • normally yixing stans are soft and precious and literal angels but don’t even try fucking with them this time
  • publishing cute lil messages of support on weibo and sending them to yixing and making sure he doesn’t overwork himself
  • like they care so much that it might make him cry
  • yixing !! don’t !! over !! work !! yourself !!
  • will support him to the ends of the earth

luhan stans:

  • “that’s my lu”
  • would probably turn it into a running meme
  • half of them wouldn’t even be able to tell that it was a voice crack because it was too subtle
  • they’re just so freakishly chill about it that it’s scary
  • but then there’s that 16% that will be like “i think i just died”
  • and then the 27% of people that are like “oh nice”

junmyeon stans:

  • “don’t give him all this stress he did amazing”
  • support junmyeon for the rest of their lives
  • even 139198319 years after it happened some futuristic citizens of earth or whatever planet we colonize will have his name in a textbook supporting him
  • “petition to appreciate junmyeon’s hard work”
  • “if you don’t like his voice cracks you hate him as a human being”

sehun stans:

  • “that was amazing”
  • won’t hesitate to bite anyone that dares to sass sehun for having that voice crack
  • “my baby is growing up”
  • half are like “woah sehun’s going through puberty”
  • the other half are like “wAKE UP YOU SNAKES SEE HE’S SO NERVOUS STOP BEING MEAN”
  • this is a beautiful fandom

tao stans:

  • “he probably did that cause he wanted to kill us”
  • but then they’ll also be like
  • “how tf do you get a voice crack in a rap”
  • rolling on the floor in nervous sweats because he can manipulate his voice so fucking well
  • “don’t say his voice is soft it’s beautiful”
  • a t t ac k an t i s

minseok stans:

  • what do you mean “voice crack”
  • that wasn’t a voice crack that was the sound of minseok giving birth to a million new fangirls in one second
  • praise !! him !!
  • they’re usually soft but if you attack them this time they’ll convert you into a minseok stan by their religion
  • “there’s no such thing as a voice crack”
  • so supportive it hurts
  • wanting exo to make a comeback every two weeks
  • meeting another kpop fan and praying they don’t have the same bias as you
  • screaming internally and externally when your bias shows off those abs
  • screaming internally when your bias wrecker shows off those abs
  • wondering if you still stan your bias
  • wondering what you’ve done to deserve this
  • wanting to buy kpop merch but finding like 1 store in your city
  • crashing and deciding to order online
  • but the shipping fee costs more than what you’re ordering
  • wanting to go to a concert but not having the time/money/permission/whatever other reason to go
  • listening to other groups but still thinking to yourself that you will always stan exo
  • starting to stan a member of another group 
  • questioning why kpop exists
  • is it to kill my fangirl heart
  • is it to make all these flower boys popular
  • is it some subliminal message from the government brainwashing our youth into some weird cult-like structure
  • but then you’ll think to yourself
  • no its because they’re talented
  • wanting to read more smut but finding no good smut
  • finding a good smut except it’s part of a series that is discontinued
  • finally finding a good one shot but wanting it to become a series
  • deciding you’re going to be an innocent exo-l and read a normal fanfic for once
  • but then you’re like “i wish it was more romantic”
  • reading a fanfic about your bias wrecker and being like “whY DID YOU MAKE ME THIS WAY”
  • reading fanfic until 1 am
  • your friend finally crashing and asking you why you like kpop and then you’re all like
  • “it’s really an art”
  • “let me show you”
  • “i hope you didn’t eat anything recently”
  • then being satisfied by seeing the traumatized look on their face
  • “are you okay”
  • and you’ll be all like
  • shouldn’t we all be concerned for each other
  • lets just hold each other in our arms
  • that feeling when there’s a dating rumor surrounding your bias
  • you’re saying “aw that’s nice”
  • but inside you’re all like
  • “this can’t be happening why why why i will find you”
  • this is why some of us feel bad for girl groups
  • that feeling when you feel like exo has ruined your life
  • so you want to stan another group
  • but then exo’s all like
  • “i’m disappointed”
  • “so unfaithful”
  • “oppa’s angry at you”
  • and you feel bad
  • because of that
  • then you eventually crash and go to tumblr
  • where you meet all these people who have sunken into this alternate reality with you
  • and you don’t feel as bad about yourself
  • but then you have to adjust to the new reality of having a new smut being posted every 0.71 seconds and it being one of the best smuts you’ll ever read
  • you’ll be all like
  • “thank god for tumblr”
  • and then you’ll also be like
  • “what do you mean i’m selfish????>??>?/”
  • “i have to share my bias with 1094819784134018491381939 other thirsty fangirls on tumblr and you’re calling me selfish”
  • “like most of them like smut”
  • that feeling when you rewind to MAMA era
  • oh the ot12 feels
  • when you see luhan, kris and tao
  • then caress their cheek
  • what
  • oh right
  • watching old interviews of ot12
  • seeing how much everyone has growth
  • “i wonder what luhan/kris/tao are doing right now”
  • “blow it like a flute”
  • “luhan still looks like a girl”
  • “what tao’s w/ jackie chan”
  • “kris is… oh juice”
  • but you’ll always love exo
  • cause they won’t let you stop

Genre: Drabble/Angst(?)

Summary: You and your boyfriend argue because he’s so jealous

Word Count: 327

Pairing: Kris Wu x M Reader

“What was that y/n?!” The angry shouts of your pissed off boyfriend rang through the previously silent apartment. You rolled your eyes and shoved your coat and shoes into the closet as he continued to scream.

“Why were your hands all over him? Huh?! Because you want him and not me?” He began accusing you, but you just ignored it until he punched a wall beside him. “Fucking answer me!” You rolled your eyes again and pushed him into the bathroom. You sat on the stool in front of him and began tending to his bloody hand. 

“Yif you have to stop.,” you mumbled sadly and continued bandaging. “That was my brother in law.” You blinked away the tears that were threatening to spill. He became tense under your touch, knowing what you were about to say. “I-i don’t think I c-can do this anymore.” You stood up and went to your shared bedroom and began packing your stuff. You had almost finished packing your first bag when you felt the arms around your waist and the soft lips brushing against your ear. “Babe I’m sorry,” he pulled you closer against him. “I’m sorry I'm always so jealous, I promise to get help.”

You tried to pull away from his touch but stopped when his lips dipped to your neck. “Baby I promise~” His hand snaked their way to your pants, palming you gently. “It’ll be ok~” You tried to resist but instantly crumbled when he began sucking on your sweet spot. A small whimper left your lips and you felt him smirk against your neck. “O-ok hyung..” He pulled away from your neck and spun you around, pressing a delicate kiss to your lips. You eventually pulled away, a sweet smile on both your faces. 

You reached a palm up to his cheek and caressed it gently, a soft gaze in your eyes as he leaned into your touch. “I love you hyung, and only you~”



  • + you are blessed with “khaebsong” each and every day
  • + the beagle will always be a soft puppy and you will “aw” at him
  • + his cute smile will always make you smile (it’s like a disease)
  • - but chanbaek makes you tempted to stan chanyeol 


  • + happy virus = happy stan = better world
  • + those ears 
  • + fucking sexy ass deep voice is both cute and literal sex
  • - him with black hair will get you pregnant through your fucking eyes


  • + the way he smiles is just
  • + those vocals are also no joke okay
  • + will immediately make you believe in world peace
  • - there aren’t enough jongdae stans that you can obsess with


  • + literal squishy makes your heart go “yaY”
  • + those lips of his make you wet just by thinking about them
  • + automatically makes you a better chef
  • - won’t let you leave the cult that is exo


  • + you’ll finally be able to drink that standard 8 cups of water bc thirsty
  • + you’ll be in better shape bc he motivates you to get off your ass
  • + immediately makes you want to procreate
  • - spent too much money for merch on chicken


  • + you don’t care about how your hair looks anymore bc fuck that
  • + you aren’t scared of small shit anymore bc fuck that
  • + people want your style
  • - constantly pissed


  • + makes you want to learn mandarin
  • + makes you appreciate exo more than ever because he does too
  • + makes you overall a better person because he’s your bias
  • - he’s too pure for this world


  • + there’s no such thing as too busy in this world anymore
  • + “i do what i want and what i want is what i do”
  • + embraces people’s personalities and loves for who they are
  • - won’t let you stan anyone else


  • + you stan someone that’s a genuinely good person
  • + ability to make you embarrassed but makes you in love even more
  • + you now find unfunny jokes funny which means you’re funny
  • - constant need to laugh even if situation isn’t funny but you think it is


  • + that ass
  • + learn how to deal with people’s shit in a creative way
  • + also learn how to tolerate stupid people
  • - you want to be vivi


  • + fell in love with his face but then fell in love with his voice
  • + bathing in holy water
  • + suddenly don’t care about useless shit
  • - makes you want to cry


  • + you either like that cute baozi
  • + or you’re kinky ass shit thirsting for that xiudaddy
  • + either way those high notes are just
  • - but you find his attractiveness inappropriate and illegal



baekhyun stans:

  • his goofy smile
  • loud screaming that never ends

chanyeol stans:

  • the deep voiced laugh that sounds like a mix of sketchy and cute
  • the “aaaaaaaa” he says in a deep voice in the microphone

jongdae stans:

  • “wAEEEEEEEEEE???>><.<!<!?>>?”
  • his mouth that always goes up at the ends that forms a grin

kyungsoo stans:

  • tHOSE eYES
  • soft but don’t fuck with them

jongin stans:

  • that really attractive tanned skin that we love
  • the ability to sport any hairstyle with confidence

kris stans:

  • eyebROWS
  • that cool guy vibe until it transforms into a different vibe

yixing stans:

  • the angelic smile we don’t deserve
  • i nn o cen t no matter what they think

luhan stans:

  • “i look like a hot piece of fuck”
  • the secret thirst for someone to loveee

junmyeon stans:

  • motherly love for something that they love
  • those hot eyes that are too soft

sehun stans:

  • resting bitch face
  • but can brighten the world by showing off teeth

tao stans:

  • always seems to be confused for something that they aren’t
  • face of a killer but voice of a 12 year old girl

minseok stans:

  • treats best friend life spouse
  • unnecessarily good at shit that it’s illegal