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Exo reaction to you (girlfriend) being really close with another kpop guy group and they are all pretty affectionate around you? <3

Xiumin-He would keep quiet for awhile. He would bottle all his anger up because it wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, he couldn’t see the looks got7’s jackson as purely platonic. They were looks of love that xiumin himself gave you so after a few months of hin hiding his feelings he confessed to you that he didnt appreciate Jackson’s flirting.

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Suho- He would possessive claim you as his,leaving marks on your neck so Big Bang's Gdragon would know who you belong to.

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Lay-He wouldn’t notice for a little bit but when he did , got7's Junior saw his disapproving looks. As soon as Junior saw that Lay was extremely serious about your relationship , he carefully backed off and cut out the intense flirting.

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Baekhyun- He would judge got7’s Jaebum whever he would try and make a move on you. It was obvious that you were Baekhyuns and that the relationship was serious so he was baffled as to why he would think had a chance with you.

Chen- He would try his best to resolve the manner in the best way possible, calmly and rationally but when he saw that bts’ Yoongi contuined to want more from you, out the door went Mr.Nice Guy.

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Chanyeol- He was shocked when he saw bts’ Jimin flirting with you shyly. He would tell Jimin straight that he should back off or just be your friend because there’s no way he is letting you go any time soon.

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D.O- Deah glares. Obvious death glares whenever he saw monsta x’s Shonwu gazing at you lovingly. He would expect you to remove yourself from the situation or atleast tell Shonwu that you were D.O’s and wanted nothing romantic from him.

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Kai- He would be awkward about the whole situation. He just wanted to avoid it and hope it would resolve itself. But when the problem didn’t go away he made it his mission to make his feelings clear. He would confront NCT’s Taeyong after a comment he made pushed Kai over the edge. He wouldn’t be happy with the fact that you hadn’t noticed Taeyongs attempts at flirting with you either.

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Sehun- He would constantly give NCT’s Yuta sassy glares whenever he saw him romanticly staring at you. His arms would be crossed and would be patiently waiting until Yuta backed off and realized you were Sehun’s girlfriend. He would probably make faces behind Yuta’s back whenever he flirted with you.

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Lu Han as a boyfriend

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- A lot of skinship… When I mean alot… Be prepared to be basically trapped in his grip and you can’t get away from him… Okay I may be exaggerating but still

- Teasing him that he’s not “manly” and have him complain for hours that he is just to prove to you that he was

- He’d always try his best to make sure that you felt like a princess and would give you his all no matter what

- Him always getting very, very jealous when you’re around the other members and being close to them, he’d want to slice their throats if they tried anything on you. 

- Matching couples accessories and outfits. He’d always bring more after going away for tour and concerts

- Always wearing his clothes when he’s not there, even when he’s there because they’re bigger and comfy on you 

- Giving you ‘that look’ and subtly kissing your shoulders, rubbing your arms and gently squeezing the inside of your thigh when he’s horny. Other times he’d just pick you up and throw you onto the bed, biting your neck to let you in what he wants

- Having to put up his football, teasing him about supporting the other team and him whining to you, “But Manchester United are way better!” (I have a small confession… I’m a Manchester United how myself… oops, even before I got into kpop)

- Treating you to very expensive meals at fancy and cliche restaurants and taking you to the cinemas 

- Netflix, food, blankets (a lot of them) and each other while cuddling would be a must and you’d be doing it at least 3 times a week or more no doubt


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Exo Reaction to when your super ticklish

Omg I’m SUPER ticklish, it’s not even funny XDXD..
Are you ticklish?

*Shocked by how ticklish you are*

*likes tickling you and both of you end up having a tickle fight*

*likes tickling, but pouts and runs away when you do*

*wants to have cute tickle fights, but he’s too embarrassed*

*he’d always sneak up behind you and tickle you, which would lead to him chasing you around*

*don’t let him discover that your super ticklish, cuz he won’t stop tickling you*

*tickles you for eternity*
“awe.. look how cute you loook~~”

*he would tickle you and you’d blow his neck*

*was tickling you, but accidentally injured you. He felt bad and stayed completely still hoping you wouldn’t get angry*

*You initiated tickling him, but he was immune, so he just stared at you as you awkwardly backed away*

*finds you hot, when your squirming under him while he tickles you*

*at first it was simple tickling, then it was tickle wars, and now tickling leads to kissing.. which leads to more stuff*

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Imagine Kris thinking about taking some classes at the local community college. Hey, he could stand to learn some new skills, he thinks. No time like the present to better himself!

He continues thinking about it and never takes action.

Ok so now that EXO is triple million sellers

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SM: Okay so Kai is injured and we need you to step up and dance with Yixing in the MV. Can you do that?

Sehun: Well I wasn’t prepared. The only dance routine I know is the one I do when I see my face in the mirror every morning.

SM: hmm what does it look like?

Sehun: *body rolls out of his contract*