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zingdev asked:

i will still root for you on your whole run of kamen rider from start to finish! and actually i've more or less gave the story some thought. played around with some of the ideas homestuck has, and how they can work in just a toku show in general. and also i've kinda drawn some suit designs myself, at least for John and Dave.

Thanks. I’m getting through V3 pretty slowly though Ta'bana really is helping. FUCKING MOST AWESOME NON RIDER CHARACTER EVER.

I’d love to see them some time, the designs! I bet they look pretty cool.

The story would need work now that you’d say it to turn it into a Toku but it’d probably work? I just hope it doesn’t turn into some Decade mess or something.


yes! KSS registration opened this morning - got all the sessions i wanted

Legally Blonde, <3

Okay, amaaazing play at KRHS. I would seriously go see it like over and over again! The ending was so amazing. The lead girl got asked to prom by her boyfriend who serenaded her and brought her flowers, then this other girl got asked to prom by a guy who also serenaded her and brought her flowers. Prom asking + Legally Blonde = NIGHT MADE.

zingdev asked:

nah man, i was more thinking about an original kamen rider au based/using characters from homestuck. also john is kinda more like OOOs imo, you'll see it when you get there ;D


I wasn’t actually going characters by personality, I was just saying by their position. Dad and Mom technically make up John, ya know that logic. Not character personality or anything.

But I don’t think I’m going to ever get to the H’ era riders honestly.

But yeah uhhh. That’d be interesting but tough. I’d not want to do the designing of the suits at least. I’m already working on a whole KR story with bad guys and shit [NOTHING TO DO WITH ANUBIS YOU PEOPLE WHO KNOW ABOUT HIM]

Yeah no, that’d be a bit easy to run together with how some things of HS work plus all the classes and stuff already have such defined abilities and powers it’d be pretty easy to come together with that I think.

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