She will save KPOP.

JYP: My mum called me the other day and scolded me for my comments on KPOP STAR. She said I should not be so mean to the future of Korean Music.

You Hee Yeol: My mum also called me but she praised. She said I was the best looking out of the three.

YG: I didn’t get a call. I called my mum, asking if she watched. She said she doesn’t care.

—  KPOP STAR 3. Nice to know they took on their mums’ personalities XD

Akdong Musician reported to have donated all prize money received from KPOPSTAR!

A YG Entertainment rep spoke with Newsen on May 13 and said, “Akdong Musician donated all 300 million won ($290,000+) of its prize money from SBS’s K-Pop Star 2.”

The rep added, “It was a decision made after Akdong Musician spoke with their parents. It has been said that their father has donated the money to a number of places.”

Source & Translated by: MWAVE