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Do you have a Tumblr?
  • Person:Do you have a Facebook?
  • Me:Yeah, it's ___.
  • Person:Do you have an Instagram?
  • Me:Yeah, it's ___.
  • Person:Do you have a Twitter?
  • Me:Yeah, it's ___.
  • Person:Do you have a Tumblr?
  • Me:Tumblr...? Uhh...*thinks about all the Korean men and embarrassing, spazz-filled tags on my blog* n-no..........

NEWS: GDragon and KIKO spotted dating.

Normal fans: “Oppa why?” , “We knew it”, “I ship Daragon”, “What happened to Skydragon”?, “Atleast admit it” etc etc

Me: “I wonder which language they use to communicate with each other.”

—  A VIP since 2006