This is the first part of speculating what languages the characters would speak and what sort of accents they’d have. I will admit that I know the LOK characters better than the ATLA ones and this is just my interpretation anyway so I would love to hear your opinons too.

Korra – Her native language would be Southern Tribe Water-ese and due to her enclosed upbringing I imagine she wouldn’t have known much else at the start of the first season. The White Lotus probably gave her lessons in other languages but I can see Korra dismissing these and choosing to rely on the Avatar all-speak instead. However, while the all-speak allows her to always be understood, people can hear she’s speaking Southern Water-ese underneath it, similar to having a discord in her voice or an accent. So, through her adventures in Republic City, she makes an effort to learn UR Fire for Bolin, Mako, and Asami, and once she accepts her role as the proper Avatar she begins making the courtesy gestures in people’s native languages. She still finds learning languages difficult though.

Aang – His native language is Southern Temple Air-ese but he was fairly conversational in Southern Earth-ese (for Bumi) and Mainland Fire-ese (for Kuzon).  The problem is that you have a 12-year-old speaking like your great-grandparents so he has to readjust his knowledge of these languages through his journey. Knowing Southern Temple Air-ese also allowed him to pick up Southern Water-ese fairly quickly from Katara and Sokka. This becomes his most commonly-spoken language, especially after he marries Katara, but as he becomes the only speaker left of an Air-ese language he goes to great efforts to keep the language alive, teaching as many people as he can.

Remember how I tried doing the whole “Korra body 2k15”?

Well that went to shit and I’m actually bigger than I was when I started it. However…

I think I’m gonna retry it. I’ve failed so many times but I also won a few times. I actually lost around 20 pounds before I went on my binge (and completely obliterated my progress), so it shows me I can. I was NOWHERE near where I wanted to be (weight and physique wise) but I felt amazing. I want that feeling again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve actually come to accept my body, but I also want to make it better. I know I’ll feel a lot better about myself and more confident if I stick to this. Not because I’ll look good (does help though) but because I’ll have accomplished what I wanted to ever since I was young.

Yes, I’m gonna try it once more. Hopefully this time I’ll actually stick to it. Y'all are probably tired of seeing my posts about fitness but oh well haha.

Korra Body 2k18 anyone? Ha!