Are You A Koreaboo?

I have a lot of thoughts on this subject.

So, yes- Koreaboos are a thing. They exist, and they can be annoying, but whatever. Do your thing. Hopefully they grow out of it though. This post will not be about all of the annoying things that Koreaboos tend to do. Instead, this post will be about how to differentiate between someone who is a Koreaboo, and someone who is not. Because apparently, there is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic. 

Some things commonly used to identify Koreaboos are-

  1. They listen to K-Pop
  2. They watch K-Dramas
  3. They write fanfiction (about people associated with the previous two)
  4. Learning Korean

None of those things indicate a Koreaboo. Someone liking K-Pop just means they like music, regardless of the language. Someone liking K-Dramas just means they like a TV show that they need subtitles for. Writing fanfiction is something a lot of people do if they like a certain celebrity, and why would that change just because the person is of a different race? Also, it’s a good way to improve a person’s writing skills in a way they can enjoy. Learning Korean is probably the worst reason to label someone as a Koreaboo, because it’s a language. People are typically required to learn a foreign language in high school, and for a lot of schools, the options are limited to Spanish or French. So, it’s totally understandable as to why you might want to learn something other than those two. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself to learn a new language, and it looks good on applications, especially since it’s less common for people to know Korean as a second, (third, fourth, etc), language than it would be for Spanish or French. In short, having an interest in something that happens to be Korean does not make you a Koreaboo.

So what does make someone a Koreaboo?

The short and general answer would be OBESSION. However, fangirling does not qualify, because it’s likely that someone would fangirl over any celebrity they like, not just Korean ones. Let’s just jump right into this and list a few things that make a person a Koreaboo-

  • They act like they know everything about Korea
  • They try to look Korean
  • They try to ‘act’ Korean
  • They get overly excited about everything remotely related to Korea 
  • Only listen to Korean music (+ brag about it)
  • Are only attracted to Asians
  • If they find someone attractive only because they are Asian (not even necessarily Korean, because they don’t care about the difference)
  • Only eat Korean foods and get upset if they can’t
  • If they lie and say they are Korean or that they lived in Korea
  • Only use common Korean phrases, and use them often (ex. 안녕하세요, 진짜, 누나, 오빠, 언니, etc), usually with horrible pronunciation, and use romanization when writing/typing them (this one is more of just an annoying habit people may have, because no one has a problem with the random use of Spanish words like hola or adios)

There are plenty of other things a lot of Koreaboos do, and not all of them do ALL of these things. I’ve just listed some common indicators. Now, this post is already rather lengthy, (I could go on and on), so I’ll state the main difference in bold text.

The difference between someone who is a Koreaboo and someone who isn’t is:

Having an interest in something that happens to be Korean vs. Having an interest in something because it is Korean.

This post is not meant to shame anyone, and PLEASE feel free to explore your interests without fear of judgement, because you have that right. And if something makes you happy, just tell that annoying ranting girl on Tumblr to fuck off, and go be yourself. Just maybe take it down a few notches, because you low key seem a little crazy sometimes. Also, if you are interested in something that happens to be Korean and you want to try something else from there (like kimchi or  비빔밥) GO AHEAD. I only made this post, because so many people accuse others of being Koreaboos with literally zero backup for their claim. So, think before you label, or just keep your judgey mouth shut, thanks. 


Recently the sky in Korea is pretty beautiful. and the view from my house is good… All the pictures were taken by me.

Drawing on photo is fun I like it

Do not use without my permission!
List of adjectives in ~스럽다

These are the most common I’ve found on Twitter. This list is by no means exhaustive.

사랑스럽다 : lovely
자랑스럽다 : proud
자연스럽다 : natural
실망스럽다 : disappointing
만족스럽다 satisfactory
송구스럽다 : sorry, apologectic
급작스럽다 : abrupt, sudden
존스럽다 : to be out of style
수다스럽다 : talkative
뻔뻔스럽다 : shameless
바보스럽다 : foolish, stupid
변덕스럽다 : unpredictable, fickle, temperamental
부담스럽다 : burdensome
혼란스럽다 : confusing
탐스럽다 : desirable, attractive
유감스럽다 : unfortunate
퉁명스럽다 : abrupt, brusque
조심스럽디 : careful, cautious
안쓰럽다 : to feel sorry (for)
당황스럽다 : embarrassed, disconcerted
겸연스럽다 : embarrassed, sheepish
혐오스럽다 : disgusting, detestable
후회스럽다 : regretful, remorseful
여성스럽다 : feminine, girly
남성스럽다 : masculine
무지스럽다 : ignorant, dull
의심스럽다 : doubtful, suspicious
쑥스럽다 : shy, bashful
어른스럽다 : mature, adult-like
믿음직스럽다 : reliable, worthy
존경스럽다 : admirable
감동스럽다 : touching, moving
먹음직스럽다 : appetizing
개탄스럽다 : deplorable, lamentable
감격스럽다 : impressed, touched
망령스럽다 : childish, foolish
수치스럽다 : shameful, disgraceful
공포스럽다 : frightening, scary
별스럽다 : odd
죄스럽다 : feeling guilty