Tony Goldwyn -  KLG&Hoda

So we’ve heard that Kerry Washington harasses you and plays practial jokes with you on set? She likes to tease me, She mocks me i mean ..you know uhm i can’t even think.

One of the funny ones uhm *laughs* this is kinda embarrassing

In the first one that i directed in season two, it was very challenging because i had to direct a love scene between me and Kerry, it was this time when Fitz and Olivia reunited and we had this AMAZING love scene and its very PASSIONATE but i had to direct a sex scene with the two of us and so it came down to earth like..What kind of underwear does Fitz wear? Because i’ve never been seen in that way, i was like i think he wears boxers but what do you wear? Boxerbriefs or Boxers

 And Kerry goes Tony you dont want to wear Boxerbriefs,

Some men of certain age shouldn’t be wearing boxerbriefs.