this is the reason why I hate niggers and blacks so much .. all of them should be bourned … it makes me angry to see this and breakes my heart. 

Auschwitz ist Perfect for all blacks.

Stop white genocide, start black genocide. All black have to be slaves again they will love it… They pick up our cotton with their whole family.

and I have the perfect song for the work.

  • Black Person: *Does exactly what policeman tells him to*
  • Cop: *Murders him*
  • White People: I totally believe that was justified coz he was in fear for his safety.
  • KKK, nazis and alt-righters: *Straight up go around saying they want to kill Jewish people, POC, LGBT people and liberals. And do it too*
  • Antifa: *Punches one of them*
  • White People: Now hold on just a gosh darned second. Don't fight hate with hate. They're just words. I guess we see who the real violent ones are.

I’m not fucking kidding about ableism today - or any other day, for that matter.

If your response to Nazis marching in Charlottesville is to say ugly, bigoted things about disabled people, then you are just as bad as those white supremacists. You also need a fucking history lesson about how the Nazis treated disabled people because you are more alike than you think.

The Nazis, Klansmen, and assorted white supremacist fuckwits in Charlottesville are not “mentally unstable”

They are not “mentally ill”

They are entitled. 

They are not suffering from a diminished responsibility for their actions - their actions are made with intent and a clear mind.

They are not heedless of the consequences of their actions. They are acting the way they are because they think - correctly - that there will be no consequences.

They are not confused or disorganized in their thinking. They know exactly what they are doing and who they are hurting.

A South Carolina fifth-grade teacher has been placed on administrative leave after she gave students an assignment that asked them to justify the actions of the KKK in the Reconstruction-era South.

Bad enough this teacher is a racist asshole, but using Comic Sans as the font is just the icing on the cake…

KKK are evil. It is wrong to assign a child to construct a defense of evil. I swear y'all. This stuff has got to stop. It’s like thinking its ok, asking 5 graders to justify Osama Bin Laden terror attack on 9/11.


Daryl Davis is a blues musician, but he also has what some might call an interesting hobby. For the past 30 years, Davis, a black man, has spent time befriending members of the Ku Klux Klan.

He says once the friendship blossoms, the Klansmen realize that their hate may be misguided. Since Davis started talking with these members, he says 200 Klansmen have given up their robes. When that happens, Davis collects the robes and keeps them in his home as a reminder of the dent he has made in racism by simply sitting down and having dinner with people.

How One Man Convinced 200 Ku Klux Klan Members To Give Up Their Robes

Photo: Courtesy of Daryl Davis

Today Would Have Been Emmett Till’s 76th Birthday if a White Woman Didn’t Lie on Him

Emmett Till would have turned 76 today, July 25, had a white woman not lied on him. Roy Bryant’s wife, now known as Carolyn Bryant Donham after having divorced and married a few times (something not afforded to Emmett, by the way), broke her silence and admitted that she made up the most damning part of her testimony.

The 82-year-old confessed about 10 years ago to author Timothy Tyson, a Duke University senior research scholar, who was working on the book The Blood of Emmett Till.

That part’s not true,” Donham reportedly told Tyson about her claim that Emmett made verbal and physical advances toward her.

Conveniently, Donham claimed that she didn’t remember exactly what happened in the store.

But Emmett’s family and much of the world were well aware of what happened to Emmett after she accused him of inappropriate advances. The terrified 14-year-old was kidnapped from the home of relatives by Donham’s then-husband and Milam. Emmett was beaten, mutilated and shot to death before the half brothers sank his body in a local river by tying a 75-pound gin fan around his neck.

Meanwhile, more than 60 years later, Emmett’s family is still seeking justice on behalf of their loved one, with his surviving relatives asking for the case to be reinvestigated after Donham admitted to lying on the teen.

One thing that’s always bothered me was that stories and events like this were never really shown or discussed in public schools. When I was going to school it was always: MLK, the Civil Rights movement, sit-ins, the boycotts etc. Schools never really showed the truly horrific stories that came with in this time of American history: the Emmet Till Murder, the Medgar Evers murder, The 16th St. Baptist Church bombing, Nat Turner’s uprising and many more. There are soo many stories like this to be told, yet are never discussed.