Now is the time. The Government of Ontario recently announced plans to essentially end orca captivity in Ontario forever. There was no mention of what was to happen to Kiska, the last captive orca remaining in Canada.
Kiska resides at Marineland Canada, in a small, bland tank. She has suffered the loss of all 5 of her calves, as well as her tankmates, and now she lives entirely alone.
The Government must address Kiska’s social isolation, and allow her to be moved to a facility that can better care for her. If Kiska absolutely cannot be moved (due to health for example) then Marineland must provide her with a companion (a dolphin) and upgrade her environment to suit her needs, as well as develop an in-depth enrichment program.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SIGN AND SHARE NOW. Even people who are pro-captivity. THIS is the best way to help Kiska, and you know it. Do not continue to sit by and be complicit in her suffering.

No matter which orca you look at, Keto, Morgan, Kiska (in Marineland, Canada), Lolita (in Miami Seaquarium, Florida), Tilikum himself or any of the 53 orca currently in captivity, they all have extremely tragic stories to be told. If the facilities who currently hold them truly do care, as they continually claim, we can only hope that they will do the right thing and remove these orca from concrete tanks, stop breeding them, act like responsible custodians and allow them to live out the rest of their lives in dignity and with a better quality of life.
—  Dr. Ingrid N. Visser 


The Government of Ontario has put forward Bill 80, Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Act 2015, a bill that will prohibit the breeding, acquisition and possession of orcas (killer whales). Unfortunately, Kiska, Canada’s last captive orca, isn’t going to be included in the ban. This means Kiska could spend the rest of her life in social isolation. You can help make sure this doesn’t happen, but you have to act quickly.

In fact, you can give help to other whales and dolphins at the same time. After all, it doesn’t make sense to ban orcas, but not the other whales and dolphins who share many of the same biological, behavioural and social attributes as orcas. They should be also be included in the ban.

This is the last chance for Kiska and other whales and dolphins. Bill 80 will be discussed on Monday May 25th and that’s the final chance for Bill 80 to be amended. Please call or email Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario this week and tell her:

1)That you appreciate the Government of Ontario moving in the right direction by prohibiting the breeding, acquisition and possession of orcas (killer whales),

2)That you believe Kiska should be included in the orca ban as she shares the attributes (such as her large size and her wide-ranging, deep diving, highly social lifestyle) as her wild counterparts. If she is not included in the orca whale prohibition ban, it will ensure she spends the rest of her life in social isolation.

3)That Ontario should prohibit all whales and dolphins in captivity for the same reason,

4)That tens of thousands of Ontarians and millions of animal lovers around the world will see the Government of Ontario as compassionate and progressive if Bill 80 is amended to include Kiska and other whales and dolphins.

Please contact Premier Kathleen Wynne at;

PHONE - 416-325-1941 (as to speak to her assistant)

Message Kathleen Wynne-


Contact her consituencey office and ask they forward your email to her Queen’s Park address at;

Contact Kathleen Wynne

Send your ideas, questions, or concerns to the Premier of Ontario.HTTPS://CORRESPONDENCE.PREMIER.GOV.ON.CA

I know I’ve pushed this petition before, but OCAW is working on getting a meeting with Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynn to discuss Kiska. Please sigh and reblogged the crap out of this.

The goal is to find Kiska a better facility for companionship and better medical care. She is not a contender for release. But we need her out of Marineland


22. Kiska

She is known in the media as the “World’s Loneliest Orca.” Kiska swims in total isolation in a barren fiberglass tank in Canada. Keeping a killer whale in solitary isolation is  illegal in the United States. A former Marineland trainer who worked primarily with Kiska reported to the Toronto Star that the lonely orca is suffering from medical conditions and has an untreated injury that causes her to bleed intermittently from her tail fluke.  Since Kiska has lost all her calves and closest companion, she is often seen logging listlessly at the surface of the water but continues vocalizing. On May 31, animal activists lined the road to Marineland silently protesting Kiska’s devastating living conditions.