The signs as species of penguins

Aries: Rockhopper penguin

Taurus: Emperor penguin

Gemini: Humboldt penguin

Cancer: Fiordland penguin

Leo: Little penguin

Virgo: King penguin

Libra: Macaroni penguin

Scorpio: African penguin

Sagittarius: Royal penguin

Capricorn: Galapagos penguin

Aquarius: Chinstrap penguin

Pisces: Erect-crested penguin

When I was 11 years old, a woman from an Egyptian history museum came to speak at our school and to show us artifacts from her museum.

She spotted me in the audience, told me to come to the front, and she put this stuff on me.

She said, “you have the face of a king.”

I’ve tried my best to live to that ever since, and I always will.