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“I will have you without armour, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.”

I kinda hate that scene? Don’t get me wrong, I love Inej, and I love the fact that she takes a stand for what she believes in and didn’t tolerate Kaz’s shitty actions.
But she does not stop to question why he is fully clothed, why he wears gloves, why their lips can’t touch. She 100% discredits his PTSD. She knows something is wrong. She had always known as much. She literally was the only one who could possibly know just how bad it is. The only one who knows he passed out during a heist because of claustrophobia as a result of said PTSD. So her complete disregard for what she had already somewhat pieced together, her ultimatum she presented knowing full well couldn’t solve anything, was just generally kind of suckish? Saying he wanted her, admitting he wanted another person, was a HUGE step for Kaz. And sure, it may not be enough for her, and it probably wouldn’t be enough for me either, but knowing what she knows, and making the demands she made - I dunno, feels to me like she WANTED him to fail. Or suffer as he tried not to. And that to me is kind of heartbreaking. And kind of shitty. Thoughts?

EXO’s Reaction to you being as sassy as Sehun

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*Confused as to where and how you got that attitude*

“You’ve either been hanging out with Chen or Sehun too much..”

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*Not even surprised that you’re turning into Sehun*

“I once took care of 10 children. I can handle you just fine.”

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*Surprised that you, someone he thought would be shy, would say something that Sehun would say*

“Wow…that took a turn..”


*Makes up bullshit in attempt to get you to drop the sass*

“No, you cannot do or say that. Why? Because I heard that if you act like that and don’t stop, you’d be trampled by a herd of buffaloes. Consequences.”


*Sasses you right back. Soon, him, Sehun and you became the Holy Trinity of sass.*

“Oh? You think you’re sassier than me? That’s a very interesting theory but keep dreaming.”


*Whenever you try to sass him, he brings out his height for defense. Sometimes, he goes on his tippy toes for extra effect*

“Say that again to my chest.”

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*Not having any of it.*

“Sehun can’t sass me, what makes you think you can?”


*Doesn’t know whether he’d be able to handle three sasses in the group and asks you why you would take after Sehun.*

“There are 8 other guys in this group…why did you choose to act like Sehun?”


*Proud yet offended*

“As much as I love your wonderful, fantastic, sassy attitude, it needs to stop. There is no way you’re surpassing me at sassing. You can surpass Chen but not me.”


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Little Bit Of Truth

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» jongdae x reader
» 3.8k
» Luhan kisses me and Chen doesn’t understand why he feels jealous… [pm]

“Dae, are you okay?” Minseok asks from across the table.

“Fine,” is all that Jongdae says, shifting in his seat when he realises his hyung is observing him. He waits for a moment and then finally talks, sighing as he does so, “what’s so appealing about Luhan that there isn’t about me?”

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YESS it open😁! GOM+kagami relationship headcanons,

(I wanted to take the time to say that I co-wrote this with a potential co-admin, Marls. I think there might just be two admin’s in this blog’s future ;P )


  • He’s actually rather cool and collected around you at first. Kuroko sports a mad pokerface, only occasionally showing the lightest of smiles. But, as time goes on and the two of you grow closer, he lets you see more and more of his emotions. Whether he’s happy or upset, you get to see it. He lets you see his happiest smiles and even his tears, which is something he doesn’t share with most people.

  • He’s not too physical with you at all. Kissing is nice, but it’s not his favorite. Being near you is enough so sitting together with your sides pressed against each other is a pretty nice study date for him.

  • Claiming you in public won’t be easy for him, especially when it’s hard for him to get noticed as it is. Then again, that’s not really his style anyway. Rest assured you’ll know you’re his when he gets you alone. You were the first person to see him without him having to make the first move. He’s going to make sure it was worth it.


  • The average date consists of Kagami trying to show off somehow. Usually, because he prefers one on one time with you, he’ll either take you to his apartment and cook for you or he’ll take you down to a basketball court and actually play you one on one.

  • Although he’s a giant dork and gets flustered whenever he accidentally brushes up against you, as soon as you take his hand or kiss his cheek, he’s 100% ready to be physical. He’ll wrap you in his arms and carry you to a more private area (aka his bedroom) and just kiss you until you tell him enough. Basically, he loves intimate and physical contact as long as he knows you’re into it too—meaning you’re gonna have to make the first move every time.

  • He’s kind of a clingy goof so he likes to have you around as much as possible. He’ll normally have an excuse like, he needs you to come over to help him study for a test (which is a legit excuse 99% of the time) or that he wants to make sure you’re safe walking home. He’ll normally just stand awkwardly yet fiercely by your side, but hey, to each one’s own.


  • Because he’s actually a little desperate for something more than just a superficial relationship, Kise is pretty toned down around you at first. He doesn’t bring up his career or his income. He just wants to get to know you and let you get to know him. It takes about a month before his true colors start to show—not that they’re bad colors.

  • Despite what he makes, dates couldn’t really get any simpler. Whether its a trip to the movies, or enjoying one on the couch. He may be used to flaunting himself in public but that doesn’t he wants to do the same with you. You’ll always be that one article the reporters can’t get their hands on.

  • One thing you can be assured of is that he knows what he’s doing. He’ll be honest with you and tell you that you’re not his first relationship, but he’ll also tell you that he’s been picking up all the necessary skills to make him your best. Basketball isn’t the only thing he knows how to really focus on. Every reaction to every touch and kiss won’t go unnoticed and it’ll be his goal to make each one better than the last.


  • Unfortunately, when it comes this guy, you’re going to have to make the first moves for quite a while. It’s rather obvious that he likes you. He gets flustered if you even talk to him, but he doesn’t even have the guts to ask you out. Takao is surprisingly the best wingman a guy could ask for though and he picks up on Midorima’s romantic slack until he feels comfortable to take on the burden himself. And yes, he sees romance as a burden.

  • At least with him, you won’t have to subscribe to your favorite horoscope magazine. Though you might have to remind him to try and not to explain all the reasons why you’re having a bad day.

  • You’ll have to ease into things with him but also be vocal about what you want—but still be respectful about his boundaries. Comfort is key with him. Even if that means nothing but hand holding and an occasional kiss on the cheek for the first few weeks. It will just make the first real kiss sweeter.


  • He’s a hands on kind of guy. He’ll grab you when he wants and kiss you on the spot just because he can. You’ll have to be the one to lead the communication side of your relationship, and don’t be surprised if you get some talk back.

  • He’s the absolute worst at planning dates. Like, seriously. And he tries really hard when you put things in his hands—which makes things all the more pitiful. For your birthday, he’ll try to throw a surprise party but he’ll leave the invitations and decoration lying around for you to find and he’ll let Momoi bake the cake.

  • For the longest it’s just been him, basketball, his magazines…and a nagging Momoi. It’s not to say he’s against change, but you’ll still have to give him time to adjust. He might be kind of a suckish boyfriend at first, barely putting any effort into the relationship at all, but when he realizes how much he loves you, he’ll do anything to prove that he’s the only man worth your time.


  • He’s the most chivalrous of them all. Like, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have someone courting you in the Victorian Era, this is the guy to date. But that’s only in public. He’ll always be highly polite to you and treat you properly.

  • When the two of you are alone, he understands that he doesn’t have an image to keep up, he doesn’t need to prove anything to you, and that’s why he lets himself loosen up around you a little bit. He let’s you sass him to some extent and he always tries to make jokes—but fails miserably every time. He just wants to make sure you’re comfortable when you two have alone time.

  • On occasion, his other side will come out and frighten you, but he always apologizes and tries to make sure you’ll stay with him no matter how damaged his psyche is.


  • Dating Murachin can sometimes be like dating the man of your dreams and at other times it can be like you’re actually just raising a child. He’s lazy and he whines a lot, but usually it’s just for your attention. After you’ve been dating a while, he won’t whine so much when you tease him by taking his sweets, but he always whines when you pay more attention to someone else more than him—especially if it’s a guy—ESPECIALLY IF IT’S HIMURO.

  • Subtlety is never a good thing with him. If you want something, tell him. If you need something, tell him. And if it’s urgent, you might want to start honing on your frosting skills. Because the only way he’s going to get the message is if its edible.

  • Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if you’re average or tall for your age, Murachin will always be the tallest. Fortunately for you, that means nothing is out of reach. Just make sure you always have a treat on hand to thank him for his efforts, or else he won’t be as generous in the future.

Everyone whose Prom is coming up I hope you have an awesome time and if you’re going stag I am now your date and shall praise you from behind a computer screen. I want you all to have a good time because you’re worth it and also so I can live vicariously through you since i’ve already had my prom and shall have no more ;)

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I can’t rhyme,

but have a Prom that’s a fun time