ok so i’m still thinking about venom but HEAR ME OUT: eddie brock is so emotionally open in a way that i am so unused to seeing superhero/villains being, especially the dudes. his feelings! are right there! he says them! he admits when he’s sad! when he’s scared! when he’s lonely! and it makes this campy, violent little film into something that’s all about heart? his heart? his heart poisoning a poor alien with feelings? a poor alien that just came down for a snack? 


This scene is even funnier when you realize that in the process of freaking out and falling on his face, Yuuri still remembers to kick off his shoes before he reenters the onsen.

Just look at that shoe-removal athleticism.

This is a man who clearly knows what his mother will do to him if he walks on her clean floors wearing sneakers. Not even a naked Victor Nikiforov is a good enough excuse to forget.