EXO Reaction to their Girlfriend (YOU) being a Ghoul //Tokyo Ghoul!AU???

hNG *silent screeching* let’s go home
i really really like tokyo ghoul help me

i should probably do a quick run down of ghouls in the anime because then this post won’t make sense. 
SO in the anime, Tokyo Ghoul, the number citizens (humans) are rapidly dropping because of these ghouls. ghouls are human eating monsters who cannot eat any human food, for they will just puke it back up. they can for some reason drink coffee though which is very weird i guess??? oh and they have these things called kagune’s which come from four parts of your back (shoulder, shoulder blade, waist and coccyx), this all depends on the kind.
so yeah…i hope that gives you enough information to understand this post!!

hope you enjoy it fellow fan~~~



Xiumin: “That explains why you always drink coffee.” *Just thought that you loved coffee more than him*


Luhan: “Don’t kill me and eat me! I’m too pretty to die!!” 


Kris: “I would like to remind you that I love you very, very much and I hope that you don’t eat me when you get hungry.”


Suho: “So….What does human flesh taste like?” *awkwardsuhoisawkward*


Lay: “A what?”


Baekhyun: *Probably shits his pants right at the moment you tell him but will try to act serious and funny* “If I stay cute, will you not eat me?”


Chen: “You’re lying. Tell me the truth.” *Starts to laugh at your serious face, still thinking that your trying to prank him* “No one can troll the troll.”


Chanyeol: “I don’t really care to be honest, I still love you…Just don’t kill me and eat my corpse…” 


Kyungsoo: *Is currently re-thinking life because he thought that ghouls were fiction* hesecretlywatchedtokyoghoul


Tao: “Look…I’m too cute to be eaten, right?”


Kai: *Completely shocked when you tell him and explain what you are and what you eat, he slowly looses his appetite* “So that’s why you always refused to eat chicken with me.” 




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I love this.

we must save it for history

best exo stage outfits are important

legendary hawai squad s trying to act casual

Is it bad kiss’ cosplay or smth? anyway. look at xiumin: he regrets his life choice. feat owlsoo

sorry. i. just. can’t

and don’t forget about this one

*whispering in spanish* hola kyungsoo

i miss mama era so much. dark lords of my heart and mind

2015 came

and now we have ‘cool grandpas’ concept

god bless exo stylists