Reasons to Love Suho

1. This guy worked for 7 fucking years at his dream, never giving up even when it seemed his dreams would never come into fruition. He has so much love for EXO, it’s practically his love-child.

2. He is so respectful of other cultures and you know this guy has a thirst for knowledge. Literally super respectful and well-mannered.

3. Despite being super fucking rich he has never once acted like he was better than anyone for it and will always put money down to take care of his other members WITHOUT THINKING TWICE ABOUT IT.

4. Took on the burden of accepting an award alone when the first member left so that the rest of the group wouldn’t have to face the cameras and could rest and deal with the loss on their own.




mlss-honey asked:

A couple blogs are spreading around that yixing is fake and it's clogging up the tag, and another is spreading around lies about suho that might hurt his image and I'm worried people might believe it

JFC what in the actual fuck??? 

Lay is fake that’s hilarious af when Lay was the first person to wish Luhan well after he left and continues to follow all the members, including the ones that left and when he always remembers to show love for EXO while he’s promoting in China okay, but Yixing is fake okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay

So what city am I about to burn down out of sheer rage because of this shitpost someone made about actual angel Zhang Yixing???

And whoever the fuck thinks they’re gonna come after Suho when he has put so much of the responsibility on taking care of EXO on his shoulders and has always been there for everyone and is the most inclusive person ever and probably the least problematic person in all of KPOP but okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay 

Koreaboo and Their EXO SLANDER

In the last 24 hours, Koreaboo has reported 3 EXO-related stories that were obviously biased and out for blood. I have always been rational and fair when stating my opinions in the comment threads, however it seems they have now banned me from their facebook page. EXO-L’s should be furious with them after the kind of slander they’ve been throwing around today and in general.

Today alone:

1. They reported that Tao left EXO because he was being bullied by the other members.Their “evidence” was a string of random gifs of the guys messing around on stage, them slapping Tao during the 007 game they played on Showtime etc etc. Gifs that were taken totally out of context.

2. They reported that Sehun was in a drunk driving accident with his “girlfriend” earlier in July. The only “evidence” of this is a blurry, dark-ass video that a random girl posted on instagram. There is no evidence the man in the video was drunk, there was no evidence that the girl who was with him was his girlfriend, and most importantly, NO EVIDENCE THAT IT WAS SEHUN AT ALL. The guy in the video never speaks and never shows his face. The only thing you can see is a shadowy figure of a slim guy with a dark bowl cut. Which may look sort of like Sehun, but it also looks like half of freaking male population in Korea in general.

3. Finally, they reported that Chanyeol made a “vulgar” hand gesture by using a still photo from a video. We have no idea if the hand gesture is actually as vulgar as they claim seeing as how it’s “only used in Korea” and we also don’t know what he was actually doing since it’s a still shot. Even if he was actually doing this hand gesture, how do we know he wasn’t doing it as a joke to another member? Finally, why does it matter? Are we going to tear apart every idol that flips up the middle finger now, too?

I made a statement on the Chanyeol post that Koreaboo was really harsh towards EXO lately and none of their reporting was based on fact, and they not only deleted my comment, but banned me from posting at all. They’re the shadiest kpop news source out there, are clearly anti-EXO, and more fans should be aware of it. Share this please to get the word out because too many people are swayed by those kinds of rumor-mill new stories and it’s ridiculous.

Your Favs Are Alright: Kim “Suho” Joonmyeon
  • Took part in the ALS Challenge to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Since he was tagged twice, he paid twice as much as usual.
  • Suho often makes an effort to be inclusive of EXO’s fanboys, even pointing out that they are beautiful. He seems, in general, ecstatic at the presence of male fans.
  • Additionally, Suho was open to interpreting a music video as a gay love story.
  • When EXO was thrown into chaos after losing a group member for the first time, Suho not only accepted an award by himself so the rest of EXO didn’t have to make a public appearance during such a stressful time, he also took on an interview about the incident. While his words became the subject of controversy, his actions in the situation illustrated his strength and willingness to put his own reputation on the line to shield his group from having to face the fans and press during an emotional time.
  • On EXO’s Showtime, Suho revealed himself to be a hardworking and selfless leader. In Episode 6, Suho prepared the greens for dinner by himself, even after doing the grocery shopping while others in the group napped. In Episode 5, although he did not lose the beach games, he went into the water with the losers. At one point, he pays for D.O’s meal without question. In Episode 2, he chooses helping Kai walk his dogs as his leisure activity.
  • It was alleged Suho stood up to a saesang who leaked a private conversation between Sehun, Baekhyun, Kai and a non-celebrity friend of theirs. (It’s allkpop, so take it with a grain of salt ;))
  • On Sukira, during EXO’s Wolf promotions, Suho had kind words to say about every EXO member.
  • Supported projects by other artists including VIXX’s Leo, SNSD’s Seohyun and Suju’s Kyuhyun.
  • Suho personally visited a fan in the hospital who had been injured during an EXO concert.
  • He makes his members hold weekly meetings to say nice things to each other and work out problems, and finish by shouting “사랑하자” (”Lets love”).
  • Quote about Suho from Celebrity Magazine’s Editor “When I looked at Suho, who only gave model answers, or ordered low salt food for himself at the restaurant, I thought he might be a somewhat tiring person. But it’s his considerate charm when he tried to fill in for members that gave short answers, or when he intentionally put the delicious dishes near the staff, that drew my attention.”
  • When Baekhyun was asked about the incident that had lead to him being outted as in a relationship with Taeyeon on 90:2014, Suho smoothly changed the subject.

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