It’s Okay, That’s Love [END]

This was one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen. Such an unique set of characters and storyline.

This will forever remain special to me and one of my favorites. The Director, Kim Kyu Tae did an incredible job and the writer, No Hee Kyung, waw what an amazing story.

Gong Hyo Jin despite being in an accident she continued to play her role amazingly. Jo In Sung was superb. Definitely a fan of him. This drama did not have one fault with it and I am happy I got to watch and enjoy this drama.

Everyone should take Jae Yul’s advice and say goodnight to yourself :)


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7 i yème - 7 aime

Les smartphones hantent l’art

Avez-vous imaginé des téléphones portables en 1848 à La Réunion ? « 7 Lames la Mer » l’a fait avec une lithographie d’Antoine Roussin… sur les traces de l’artiste coréen Kim Dong-Kyu…