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Why do you further the cliché that sangwoo is into forcing Bum to crossdress? I thought the manwha made it clear that it was the logical consequence for him to wear sangwoo's mother's clothes because he didn't have any himself and sangwoo's didn't fit him due to the size difference. It's not a kink and shouldn't be portrayed as one. It was a disturbing solution to a clothing problem. Stop romanticizing this manwha and the abuse in it.

Oh sweet anon, if you want to have a proper discussion with me I’ll gladly have it with you but not if you feel the need to hide behind your computer/phone screen. But for now I’ll just try and clarify, not because I owe you anything, but I like clearing up misunderstandings and preventing more from happening.

I don’t know if you just don’t read Op’s tags or you just skim past them or whatever, but this, and all my other “shippy” fanart for that matter, is in an AU where they are both healthy people, no mental disorders, abuse or anything else from the original manhwa.

If you really want to think about it, the clothing size difference is not enough of an excuse for Sangwoo not to give Bum his own clothes. How many people do you see wearing over sized shirts and belts exist for a reason. I’m not saying Sangwoo has that kink, but come on, he did that on purpose. 

Relating to my own mini comic that I just posted, which I’m guessing is what you’re referring to, Sangwoo isn’t forcing bum into anything. It’s a silly dare that Yoon Bum could easily say no to. Except in my AU Bum actually likes cross dressing, a lot of people do and there is nothing wrong with it. I like drawing boys who cross dress, because guess what, they’re just clothes. They don’t define anything. You’re welcome to not enjoy cross dressing but that is your own opinion that I never asked for. 

 I will never romanticize the abuse that’s in killing stalking. There’s nothing cute or sexy about people harming others or holding them captive. The only instance where inflicting pain on others would be acceptable is in cases where it is consensual, such as BDSM, but I am no expert in that area so I can’t comment much on it either. 

All I’m saying is, this is a completely separate world from the original. I love the characters and their designs and I love exploring different ideas and scenarios with them, that’s the whole purpose of having an AU. Again, you’re welcome to disagree, and if you don’t like it, please ignore it. Sorry if my art rubs you the wrong way, I can’t please everyone. I make art for myself, and I love and appreciate all the people that enjoy it with me. Feel free to block me or whatever you need to do, but in the future please try and refrain from sending negative messages to people, they do more harm than good.I hope you have a nice day anyway and thanks for giving me an opportunity to clarify my stance once more. 

The Originals 4x08
  • Klaus: I need all of this candy for my daughter.
  • Clerk: Sir that will be a lot of money.
  • Klaus: It will be free.
  • Clerk: But sir -

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ahhh mafia au: tsukki with an s/o who is a like fighter (i cant remember the word gdi but i hope you know i mean¿) for karasuno and she comes back wounded really badly from a mission? thanks so much lana ily!!

I love you too, sweetheart! Sorry that this took a bit of time to get out, I’ve been so busy as of late.

-Admin Lana

He knew he should have gone with you on this mission and perhaps this wouldn’t have happened. But you were insistent that you were able to handle it, radiating a level of confidence even he didn’t possess at times. Mistake number one, confidence will get you killed in this line work. 

There was a deep scowl running into the lines of his face as he sat across from you while Ennoshita tended to your wounds with caution, noting the amount of blood you had lost on the ride back to headquarters. The situation could have been much worse, if anything you could have died. This is what the doctor had alluded to, but it made no difference to Tsukishima. 

“After what happened tonight you’re not to go on anymore missions for at least a month. Stick to housework or finishing off the paperwork for Daichi,” The brunette instructed after removing the last bullet from your shoulder. You were visibly displeased, shooting a glare in his direction. Ennoshita could only grin cheekily, glancing at your lover from over his shoulder. “That also means no strenuous activity. You’ll have to keep it in your pants, Tsukishima.”

The sniper rolled his eyes indignantly, but you knew more than anything that that would have to be one of the harder things to endure. “Mention anything about our sex life again and I’ll put a bullet between your eyes.” In response the man held up his hands in mock defense knowing that he was more on edge at the moment. 

“I’ll leave you two to it then. But seriously, ______, take it easy. I don’t want to have to restitch any wounds.” You flashed him a weary smile before he left. You didn’t want that either.

The room was silent, tension thick as he sat with his hands folded, eyebrows knitted in concern. He was never the most successful at expressing his emotions in the most positive manner, but no matter how he choose to say it, you knew he was constantly worried for you and your safety. He hated the fact that you worked alongside him in the mafia, it would have been better if you were a civilian. But even then danger lurked in that route.

“I know what you’re going to say, don’t waste your breath in dong so. I was too confident and that was my mistake, but honestly I did have a good feeling going into the job.” In was the silver truth, one that would make him snarl with sarcasm, but he knew that feeling well enough. In his rookie days he was far more arrogant that any had that.

He lifted his head, golden eyes staring you down. “That may have been the case, but you could have easily been killed. Do you understand how much you mean to me? That I wouldn’t be able to function without you?”

It was like a whiff of fresh air, akin to the breeze on an autumn evening. To hear such words coming from his mouth was a feat in itself, a warm feeling settling in yourself in its resonance. A smile tugged at your lips, reaching out for him. He shuffled forward a bit, a sheepish expression crossing his face as he allowed you to grasp his fingers.

“I did, but it’s nice to hear you say it every once and a while.”

“Well don’t get used to it. It’s only because you’re injured.” He scoffed, but you knew that behind that tough persona he hid behind, you know that his love runs deep.

Betrayed - Theo Raeken Imagine

Prompt: your in Scott’s pack and the dread doctors recently turn you and end up being a failure. And the pack are helping you out. And Theo brings you back when they kill you and Theo expects you to be in his pack and do all these things for him. But you say your in Scott’s pack and that will never change. And he gets mad and threatens you but your not scared of him and yea. Thanks

Word Count:


**1 month ago**

“Y/N maybe you shouldn’t come tonight” Scott said

“What why?” I asked shocked

“We don’t know what we’re dealing with yet” Malia said

“We just don’t want you to get hurt” Stiles said putting a hand on my shoulder

“But you guys know I can defend myself right, I’m a hunter, Allison was a hunter she would always go, I’m going”

“She does have a point” Lydia said

*fighting the dread doctors*

Malia was fighting The Surgeon, Scott was fighting The Pathologist and Liam was fighting The Geneticist. Scott was thrown against a brick wall pretty hard and I saw the Pathologist walk towards Lydia and Stiles but he was soon kicked in the stomach by Malia. 

As they were fighting Scott started to fight the Surgeon. The Pathologist defeated Malia and started walking towards Lydia and Stiles so I started shooting at it with the arrows. He turned around and it started coming towards me. Malia still wasn’t up and I had to fight it so I got knives that I had in my boots and started to try and fight it.

“Y/N don’t!” I heard Scott yell and I was thrown against the wall as well Scott was thrown again, and then Liam was too.

I felt two people grab me and put me on my knees. I heard the noise they made through their masks. Suddenly I felt them push my head back and needle injecting me. The person who injected the needle in me was Theo. I didn’t even know he was there.

“Theo no” Stiles and Lydia yelled

When they noticed that it didn’t turn me into a Chimera they declared me a failure and killed me then and there.

The last thing I had seen was the look on everyone’s faces including Theo’s who looked shocked. Lydia who was on the verge of tears was being hugged by Stiles, Liam, Scott and Malia all had the look on their face as if they were blaming themselves for what happened. Theo didn’t think they’d kill me at all as I heard him yelling at the doctors before I fell to the floor and I was gone.


“You did this to me Theo” I yelled at him

“Yeah but I also brought you back when they killed you” He yelled back at you “This means I need you to be in my pack”

“What if I don’t want to Theo do you not understand that they killed me because of you! You took me away from Scott’s pack to be in yours and now I’m back with Scott and that’s not going to change” 

“Listen you’re either with me or I can kill you Y/N” he said with anger in his voice

“You don’t scare me!” I said through gritted teeth and he scoffed

“Really who’s going to protect you huh? Scott? Lydia? Liam? Stiles and his bat?”

“I think you must’ve forgotten that I came from a family of hunters, I know how to defend myself.”

“Really because it didn’t seem like that a month ago when you died”

“They told me they weren’t going to kill you, just know that if they betray you I won’t be here for you”

“They would never betray me, they’re not you” and with that I left.


Hope you like it! Ask box is open for imagines or if you’d like to just talk! I might publish another imagine tomorrow. 

Seventeen As Text Messages From Carats 2.0

S. Coups:













//admin cora//

Past Pt2 - Remus Lupin

part 1

You leaned your forehead on the hard wood of the table in front of you groaning softly as Remus chuckled. You lifted your head just enough to give him a playful glare. He lifted his hands in surrender, smiling broadly.

“It’s so hard!” You groaned, snorting softly as Remus started to blush. “The potion Remus.”

“I- what’re you talking about I knew that,” he scoffed, trying to hide his embarrassment. You smirked, shaking your head slightly.”What?”

“Nothing you’re just cute is all,” you spoke without thinking, your cheeks instantly flaring. You cleared your throat, hoping he would just ignore what you had let slip.

“I’m not cute,” he laughed sadly, your eyes darting up to meet his. He looked to the side, sighing deeply. “Just look at me.”

“What are you on about?” You demanded, your embarrassment quickly fading. 

“Don’t act like you haven’t noticed, I’ve seen you glance at them, everybody does,” he said sadly, gesturing to his scars. You felt tears begin to form in your eyes. Did he think badly about himself simply for a few scars?

“Remus, so what?” You demanded softly, the stern tone in your voice preventing him from answering. “So what you have a few scars and people stare? You’re an amazing man and that’s coming from someone who barely knows you! I guarantee anyone who knows you on a deep level would agree with me.”

“That’s exactly it, you don’t know just how horrible I am,” he whispered, casting his eyes to the floor. You reached your hand across the table, taking his in yours.

“I know about your furry little problem, I figured it out a long time ago,” you whispered back, smiling gently as his eyes snapped up to meet yours. 

“What are you talking about?” he demanded, the fear evident in his voice.

“Calm down, I won’t tell anyone if that’s what you’re worried about,” you assured him, rubbing your thumb across the back of his hand lightly. “I’ve known for the past three moons, I don’t think any differently of you for it either.”

“I’m a bloody monster Y/N,” he scoffed, pulling his hand away from yours.

“No you aren’t Remus Lupin and I wish you could bloody see that,” you sighed, leaning back in your chair. “Why do you think that of yourself?”

“If they didn’t lock me up I would kill people, do you not understand that?” he hissed, leaning forward slightly and glancing around to make sure no one heard him. 

“What you do after a transformation is not you, and you know that better than I do,” you tried to reason, giving him a sympathetic look. “That is not you, and you cannot blame yourself for something that has never even happened.”

“How do you know it hasn’t?” He asked, his voice going deeper and his eyes growing deadly serious. 

“Because I may not know you well, but I know you well enough to know that if you hurt someone during the moon you wouldn’t be alive right now.”

Undisclosed Desires (part 4)

Words: 1.7k

Summary: You get confronted by someone from your past and your secret is revealed.

A/N: Lets just say that a whole lot of canon has been tossed right out the window, I don’t even care. Season 11 never happened and some backstory is a little different. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my master tags list.


Castiel, Sam, and Dean made it into the house while you hung back, trying to figure out what the best course of action was.

“Maybe she’ll be too scared to talk.” You thought out loud. “Or maybe they’ll just kill her. That’d save a lot of trouble.”

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Take Care For Contemplation

Prompt 43: I can’t love you

Read on Ao3

“What? You mean not even once?” Nicky said shocked.

Neil looked at him in confusion, “No?”

Nicky looked heartbroken and a little bit enraged. “He never told you he loved you?”

Honestly, Neil didn’t understand why he cared so much. “It’s fine Nicky, just let it go.”

Neil winced at his word choice as Nicky’s expression went quickly to anger. “No it’s not! Do you want me to talk to him, I think I should talk to him-”

Neil quickly grabbed Nicky’s arm over the kitchen counter, potentially saving him from a knife in his gut, and hastily says, “It’s really not a big deal. It’s not like I’ve ever said it either.”

Nicky stills in Neil’s grip and looks at him slowly. “To Andrew, or ever?”

Sometimes Neil forgets how observant Nicky can be and feels his mind blank trying to remember the last time he said those words.


Behind him Matt sputters out his milk. “Jesus Christ Neil.”

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Protection (B.Barnes)


Bucky Barnes

Warnings; swearing, arguing, traumatic past

“I can handle myself and you know that! I was fine out there! What the hell is wrong with you?” You scream at the brunet in front of you, his head bowed down slightly in what could only be shame. Removing your gun from it’s holster on your thigh, you make your way to your room but not before slamming the door in Bucky’s face.

He hadn’t meant to upset you or even make you think that he didn’t believe in your strength, that was truly not his intention. You were the only person in the entire compound besides Steve who was remotely nice to him, he never wanted to offend you in the slightest.

But, when he saw you out there fighting off three HYDRA agents without any weapons other than your bare hands, something snapped inside of Bucky. He’s not sure what it was, Steve likes to call it love but Bucky always dismisses him without giving an answer, but the idea of you even attaining a single scratch made his stomach churn in the worst of ways. 

Instead of fighting alongside you, Bucky pushed you as far away from the men as he possibly could and took on the trio by himself. To say you were furious was an understatement. You would have attacked Bucky the second you got the chance if it hadn’t been for Steve pulling you into the quintet. 

You were a skilled assassin, trained by the best Russian team in the world from the ripe age of five before you finally managed to defect. You were talented in combat, artillery handling and manipulation, to say your strength had no limit wasn’t even the beginning of all the positives about you. Bucky knew all of this, so you couldn’t even begin to wrap your head around why he felt the need to push you out of your own fight.

“Y/N, open the door.” Bucky sighs, pressing his forehead against the cool metal. He listens carefully over the hum of his teammates having a congratulatory drink in the kitchen. “Please.” He hears cautious footsteps before the metal door sheaths itself into the wall, allowing him into the familiar bedroom he had grown to know so well. 

Whenever Bucky had a nightmare, you were always the first one by his side. You awoke by the slightest stir, your training providing that slight flaw. You would console him and invite him into your room, rubbing his back until he fell back asleep. You had even helped Bucky to get his nightmares to decrease by talking about his past with HYDRA.

Bucky notes that you have changed out of your skin-tight, black suit and into an oversized tee. “I’m sorry that I made you upset. I didn’t mean to, I just got nervous.”

You scoff, tossing your long hair into a bun. “You were nervous? That’s funny because you clearly weren’t nervous about taking on three HYDRA agents all while pushing me across the damn room.” You snap, placing your favorite fluffy socks onto your cold feet.

“I wasn’t nervous about them, Y/N. I was nervous about you. I don’t know-”

“I can take care of myself.” You snarl, cutting him off completely. “You know damn well what I can handle and that was nothing for me. I was fine, I knew what was happening. If i wanted a damn babysitter I would move back home with my parents.”

Bucky nods, shifting on his heel while looking directly at you. “I wasn’t trying to treat you like you were less than, I only wanted to make sure you were safe.” He admits, anger starting to build in him for the second time that day. “Did you ever stop to think for one second that maybe you could have died? That they could have attacked your blind spot?”

“I had it handled, I knew where every weapon was. Do you think I’m that reckless that I’d put myself in a situation I didn’t think I could get out of?” You ask, the anger dissipating as fatigue overtook your body.

“One wrong move and they would have killed you! Do you even understand how much that would kill me? To have to watch you get hurt and know I could have done something about it?” Bucky starts to yell, his metal hand running through his hair harshly.

You groan, rubbing your eyes. “You should know better than anyone else that I can take care of myself. I am not this fragile being that you and Steve like to think I am! I my be four years younger than Nat but I’m not a fucking baby!” You scream back, your fists clenching.

“Then stop acting like one! Stop putting yourself in positions where you could be killed!” Bucky yells back, his aggression matching your own. 

“I’m doing my job! I’m so damn sorry that I can’t just sit in an office, out of harms way! I’m a trained assassin Bucky, do you forget that? I have killed more people than I’d care to admit, I’m always in danger. I’m always going to be in positions where my safety could be compromised, but it’s the life I was forced into and I can’t just leave it because I could die.”

Bucky hears the hint of sadness in your voice when you talk about your prior profession. He knew that struck a nerve with you, he knew how sensitive you were about that. You had always tried to be as nice as you possibly could be just in case that could make up for your past in any means. He knew your past would haunt you everyday for the rest of your life, it was worse than his own. Bucky at least got to have his mind erased after his torture whereas you had to remember every hit, kick and wound that you attained.


“No. I’m done with this. If you want to keep arguing then so be it but I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” You sighed, wiping your face before laying in bed with your back to Bucky.

Bucky sighs, sitting at the foot of your bed with his hands in his lap. “I pushed you away because I was scared. I was scared that you’d get hurt and that i’d never have the chance to tell you how I feel. I love you, Y/N. I love you so much that sometimes my judgement gets clouded when it comes to you and the only thing on my mind is how I’m going to protect you even though I know you can protect yourself.”

“I can’t go on missions with you because I get so distracted by you and if you’re okay that I usually end up being the one who gets hurt. I just love you so much and the thought of losing you terrifies me because that means I’ll never be able to hear you talk about that new book you read and how amazing it is or watch you make blueberry pancakes to cheer me up on bad days. If I lost you, I’d be a god damned mess, I don’t know if I would ever be able to pick myself up. I’m sorry I made you feel like I didn’t believe in you, I do, more than anything in my life.”

Bucky waits in silence, his chest rapidly rising and falling as his lungs try to collect air after the rant he just produced. When he’s greeted by nothing but silence for a few moments, Bucky nods and stands before walking to the door. He flicks the switch, turning the lights off in the room. 

Before he can leave, he hears a muffled “Stay.” He waits a moment, wanting to make sure he wasn’t just imagining things. But, sure enough he hears it again, it’s faint and tired but it’s there. “Stay.”

Wading back to your bed, Bucky’s greeted by your warm arms wrapping around his metal arm, tugging him down onto your bed. You curl up next to him, cuddling him as you would after one of his nightmares. “I love you too.” You murmur.

A smile spans itself across Bucky’s face, his teeth rubbing against your forehead. “Pull me away from a fight against and I’ll rip this arm right off.” You threaten. Bucky chuckles, knowing very well you’re beyond capable of it, but in the moment he’s too overwhelmed with happiness to be afraid.

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 7

Originally posted by sugaglos

You stared at the television in the morning as the screen showed the cops dragging your uncle away.

Yoongi shut it off with the remote control, earning an annoyed glare from you.

“You don’t have to watch that.” He said, as a matter of fact.

“You probably saw him more often than I did.” You sighed.

He seemed a bit confused at your words.

“When’s the last time you saw your uncle?” He asked.

You shrugged. “I don’t remember. It just sucks that I won’t be able to see him now.”

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Saviour - Chen

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Requested by anon

Request: I loved your Prisoner story!! It was so well done! Could you do something similar for Jongdae? Like maybe he’s one of the other leaders and everyone in their area knows who he is, especially the girl at local store whose boss he’s always tasked with intimidating for protection money? Like he’s well known for being ruthless in his intimidation tactics, but he has a super soft spot for her?

Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst, Fluff-ish

Warnings: Language, Mild-Violence

Member: Chen/Jongdae

From a very young age I knew that everybody in this world are different from each other, they each have different views as you, lead different lifestyles and they all had some sort of purpose in this life. I mostly kept to myself, and I’m always weary of other people. It’s hard to really trust people when the Mafia have control of basically everything in every city in this country.

You have to watch your back and be able to protect yourself. That’s what I do, I’ve learned to not associate myself with many people. I’ve seen a lot of bad things in my lifetime, which taught me a lot in how to survive in this cruel world.

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Bungou Stray Dogs Atsushi x Dazai

Dazai ran through the rain, the dark silhouettes of containers passed his eyes but he didn’t pay attention to them. He ran through the rain in the search of something, no someone, way more important than any of these containers could have been. And he was followed by another shadow, a man in a hat, scarf and suit, long red hair wet and stuck to his face, being too busy holding onto his hat than to push it away. Dazai’s brown hair however laid back, his speed and the howling wind of the port blew it away.


Dazai’s desperate shout didn’t go far, the wind was too strong, the splatter of raindrops against metal too loud. His voice was raspy from already screaming for the boy for hours.

Dazai was in a bar with Chuuya as he got the call and never stopped since. Kyouka’s voice has trembled as she reported of Atsushi’s getaway. Her body has trembled too, probably, taking from the amount of times she let the phone fall down during the call, she was in no good state. Luckily she called Dazai first on not the police.

The bar had been on the other side of town but the man didn’t care about taking a car, the traffic would have just held them back. And he knew enough shortcuts to come to the port quite fast.

“Atsushi! Come out!”

The silence following his shout was cruel. It ripped his chest in half, churned his stomach and made his knees weak.

Then something new was to hear against the rain.

Something familiar.


Screams of men in utter fear of pain and death.

Dazai has caused such screams himself before, of course he had, but they still hurt him. They hurt him because he knew the one causing them wasn’t doing so intentionally.

They rounded a few more corners and the man covered in bandages felt a mighty aura being created behind him.

“No, not this. He isn’t supposed to die. Chuuya, let me take care. Call a cab or whatever, just stay away from him for all our sakes!”

Chuuya just huffed and took the next turn to the right which led to a payphone. Dazai however just nodded to him and kept running straight towards the screams.

Even his bones were wet as the brown-haired got to the place of action. The big, black and white tiger stood above a shredded body, his claws lingered in the air, ready to tear again. Another man leaned over a woman, a useless try to protect her, she was already bled out. A lean figure, unable to identity due to the darkness, pressed their body into a corner to hide.


Dazai halted behind the tiger in safe, yet intrusive distance.  The beast slowly turned his head. The cold, blue eyes fixated on him, scanned him, searching for movements of attacking. Then, careful not to leave any part of his body exposed, it turned and stood over his prey.

The tiger bared his teeth and got ready to jump at Dazai, its tail puffed up and the back hair stood up. Dazai also got ready, not to attack, but to dodge and still touch the animal. Who, being aggressive and disturbed while eating, interpreted this falsely and jumped at Dazai.

The next movements of both were so fast, the human could barely recognize them. Blink, and where a tiger and a man collided laid said man with a grey-haired boy in his arms, the boy still slightly conscious. Tears were falling down his face, he moved his hand to swipe them away but was too weak and it fell back to the ground.

“What did I do? Did I hurt anyone?”

The boy’s words came out raspy and broken, sobs shook his body slightly, his whole image was one of miserable.

“Sshhhh. Atsushi, it’s okay. They’re okay. You just scared them a bit. It’s okay, you’re okay now. I’m here.”

A woman’s sob dismantled his lie, a word ‘monster’ was able to identity and the panic in Atsushi’s eyes grew.

“Dazai, don’t let me turn. Please, don’t let me. I don’t wanna hurt more! I can’t hurt more! Please!”

His agitated state just let his body become more exhausted and unconsciousness neared.

“Don’t let me. Don’t let me go… Please, just hold me, don’t let me go… Hold me…”

             The next thing Atsushi sees is the light ceiling of the Agency’s infirmary, a blanket tugged up to his chin, his right hand warmer than the rest of him.  He turns his head to see Dazai sleeping in the chair next to his bed, holding his hand tightly. The younger squeezes the linked hand and causes the other to stir awake.

“Hey sleepyhead, you better? Akiko was already getting her hopes up.”

“Yeah, I’m okay. How long was I asleep?”

“Just a few hours. Are you hungry?”

“Not really, just still tir..”

The door interrupted him. Junichirou walked in, not even bothering to knock.

“Dazai, the Boss wants to talk to you. Don’t know why, seems important though. Oh, hey Atsushi, you better?”

“Yeah, he is, tell Fukuzawa I’m coming. Atsushi, are you okay with being alone for a few minutes? Try to sleep some more, your body is still exhausted. I’m coming back as fast as possible.”

The boy only nodded and Dazai left the room, wrinkling his forehead in concern.

“You know, he was here all the time while you slept, holding your hand and even refused to go and eat something. You must’ve scared the shit out of these people if he was so worried. I’ve never seen him staying here this long.”

Without even waiting for a response, Junichirou also left the room, so Atsushi just laid down again and thought about his words, falling back asleep without any struggle.

In his dream, he was yet again at the port and hovered above those people, but this time Dazai didn’t come to help him. He saw himself rip apart the bodies of innocent and didn’t have a say in it, he couldn’t control his body. The tiger fed on the flesh and when he was finished, he didn’t stop. He ran further towards the city, towards humans to kill. The first people he encountered were two guards and he killed both without even blinking.

The beast became stronger the more people it ate and by the time they reached the Agency, Atsushi was barely able to even think. His paws sprinted up the stairs and he barged into the bureau, instantly killing Naomi with the door. Next was Junichirou, he attacked as Naomi landed on the ground. He too was dead before he knew it. Ranpo hovered underneath hiss table, but his rapid breath gave him away and soon blood flood from his neck. Kunikida tried to summon a gun, but the tiger ripped his notebook apart and tore apart his chest.

Atsushi mentally vomited as his body took a bite on his friend.

Then a heartbeat was at the door, the striped monster turned around and Dazai entered their sight. The boy’s heart made an unusual jump, but instantly stopped when he saw the other’s face, the look of disgust more prominent than anything else.

“How could I think that you were a plus for the Armed Detectives? You’re nothing but a monster. I should’ve let Chuuya kill you, or better kill you back at the warehouse. They were right to hunt you. At last, you’re nothing but a disgusting beast within a more disgusting boy. You killed all my friends! You belong in a zoo!”

Atsushi was crying by then, but the tiger bad other plans. He jumped at the brown-haired, claws tripping with blood. The man got out a knife and shoved it into the tiger’s chest. As the form shrank, the disgust only grew.

             Atsushi woke up with a broken scream, his arms had turned into paws and claws tried to rip apart everything that was within reach. Junichirou and Naomi were covered in scratches as Dazai entered and rushed over to them, laying a hand on the boy’s leg as soon as possible.

He fell unconscious for a second, however opened his eyes after only a few shallow breaths. His eyes were back to their usual yellow and purple, the warm colors stood in contrast to the ice blue pupils the tiger gave him. Though they widened as he noticed the bleeding scratches on his friends.

“I’m so sorry! Honestly. I didn’t want to hurt you. It was a mistake. I’m so sorry!”

Dazai interrupted his rambling by laying a hand on his shoulder. Sobs escaped the kid, his hands trembled before he closed them into fists.

“Guys, let your wounds get stitched up. I’m taking care of him.”

The siblings left them at that and Dazai sat down, closed his arms around the younger and pulled him against his chest. Atsushi was full-on crying now and clenched onto his trench coat.

“I’m so sorry! I even hurt my friends, I couldn’t even control him this much, it’s useless! All I’m doing for you guys is cause problems! I should go, I should keep a safe distance, go away, leave Japan! I can’t even sleep without you there! You have a life too! And I’m just holding you back with my problems!”

“Hey… Shh…”

His voice let Dazai’s body vibrate against Atsushi’s head and calmed him down so much that he could take a few normal breaths before looking up.

“I don’t think you’re a burden to any of us. You are our friend. We all had our problems while training. It’s okay to struggle. It’s human to struggle. And I don’t mind taking care of you. I will help you. We all will. And don’t think for a moment that we would let you go, you are a part of our Agency! Your problems are our problems. Especially mine, I dragged you here. So stopped whining, get better and start training.”

“But what if I hurt someone again? This dream I had, it felt so real! I killed so many people, I killed our friends! And it didn’t stop until you killed me!”

At this, Dazai flinched heavily.

“Atsushi, you do understand that I could never kill you, right? You mean too much to me that I could ever do that?”

“How can you be so sure? The tiger could always attack you, hurt you so bad…”

Dazai didn’t let him finish this thought. He pressed their lips together, his eyes were shut, a hand laid on a pale cheek, the other shoved into gray hair. Two hands clenched harder at his trench coat. As they parted, he opened his eyes and looked into multicolored ones. Breath hit his lips. He smirked.

“See why I couldn’t let go? Why I won’t let the tiger go wild again?”

Atsushi only nodded. Then, he backed away and patted on the now free part of the bed. And blushed heavily.

At this image, the older only chuckled, pulled off his shoes and settled down.

As his head hit the pillow, lips met his own.

“Thank you.”

These were the boy’s last words for a few hours. He slept tightly, cuddled into his chest. And as the man wrapped his arms around him, he considered for the first time in a long while taking off the bandages just so that he could fully feel the heat radiating from the slender figure.

<Some extra bc I can>

A few days have passed and Atsushi and Dazai didn’t do much ‘couply’ stuff, except for holding hands when Atsushi was nervous or sitting closer when they were at the café. Dazai picked up on Atsushi because he didn’t want to be so affectionate and make others uncomfortable. The older was annoyed by it.

So, as one morning the grayhead came into the agency and stood next to him, he, unnoticed by Kunikida who he was talking to, slid a hand into the younger’s back pocket and squeezed his butt. Atsushi squealed and blushed so much he looked like a tomato.

“Are you okay?”

Kunikida looked down at the boy, an eyebrow rose questioning.

“Yeah, yeah, just remembered something I need to do, excuse me!”

With that he stormed to his desk, sat down and rummaged through a drawer.

Kunikida turned back to Dazai, not further caring about the strange behavior of a strange boy.

             Dazai kept on teasing Atsushi, one time he leaned on his shoulder while he was working on some papers, arms hanging down and grazing his butt. He even laid a hand on his lap and drew circles on the clothed leg, coming dangerously close to a certain area.

             Two days and a lot of teasing later it was especially warm and Dazai tried drowning in the river (at least that’s what he told everyone as he stepped into the Agency dripping wet). He shrugged off his coat and got rid of his vest before pulling off his tie, ‘accidentally ‘ using too much power and it landed behind Atsushi, who was sitting on his desk talking to Junichirou.

Innocent looking, the brown-haired went over to them and leaned onto his love interest. Who let out a surprised yelp and leaned back but frowned as Dazai smirked and held up the accessory. Then his eyes flashed up, he grabbed his collar and shoved the man into the wall.

Without missing a beat he kissed his boyfriend with more passion then he himself would’ve expected. Dazai moaned into the kiss as Atsushi pushed his leg between his own, lips moving  in synch. For mere seconds they parted, breathing heavily and staring into love-glazed orbs before hands move into gray hair and pulling them back together. Their second kiss lasted longer; it wasn’t as messy and rushed as the first one.

They were yet again interrupted by Kunikida’s throat clearing. Atsushi moves back, turns around and mumbles a quiet “Sorry” before sitting down at his desk.

Dazai however put on his remarkably smirk, ruffled the boy’s hair and ask elegantly “What is it, Kunikida?”

“Well, how much you may have enjoyed your little ‘moment’, we still need to plan this through, and if you want to kiss him again, we better do this good. The Port Mafia is involved, and I don’t need to remind you of what happened last time, do I?”

Dazai sighed, pecked his still blushing boyfriend and got back to work, though his smirk had turned into a happy smile. For once, suicide was completely out of question.

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Hurt my soul with prompts 7 and 8 with Jason please

7. “Because nobody cares about me!”

8. “Because I care about you!”


You have had enough of Jason’s self-sacrificing attitude, it is really getting on your lat nerve, and has only been getting worse.

“Back off, Y/N, I don’t feel like being lectured today, I’m tired and want to go to bed” Jaosn growled, throwing his helmet on the counter, and ripping off his gloves.

“You think that you can just try and throw away your life like that, and then tell me NOT to say anything!!”

“I just said that I was tired …”

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re tired! You almost died, because you are too damn stubborn to ask for help! If Bruce hadn’t arrived when he did …”

“Then I would have been dead, and this world would have been a better place!!”

You lash out, slapping your boyfriend across the face, “How dare you say something like that to me! I love you and you’re here saying that the world would be better if you died!! Why the fuck would you think something like that?!?”

“Because nobody cares about me!! Nobody would miss me if I died!!”

You stare at Jason incredulously, “Did you miss the part of our earlier conversation where I said that I love you?”

“I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this. You could do so much better than me, Y/N”

You spin around, throwing your hands up in the air, “Why am I making such a big deal out of this, he says! You could do better, he says! Maybe I don’t want anyone else, Jay! You want to know why this is such a big deal? Why it’s always a big deal? It’s because I care about you!! I love you, damnit!! It would kill me if you died, do you fucking understand that?!?!”

Jason looks as you, his eyes wide, “I-I didn’t …”

“You didn’t what?!” you shout, tears streaking down your face, “You didn’t think?! You didn’t consider what would happen to me if you died?! You didn’t put any value on your life?!” You take a deep breath and straighten your spine, “I think you should reflect a little bit on our relationship, because I can’t handle it if you are going to keep going out on these fucking suicide missions.”

“Y/N, wait, please, just-just let me …”

You hold up a hand, “I’m going to bed, Jay. You can either go back out there or you can come join me in bed. At this point you can do whatever you want”

Twenty minutes later you feel the bed dip behind you. “Baby, are you awake?”

You roll over so that you’re facing Jason, “Yeah, I’m awake. I wanted to see if you would join me”

“I’m sorry, for what I said earlier, about no one caring about me. I know you love me, and I love you. I promise I’ll … be more careful when I go out from now on.”

“Jason …”

“No I promise for real this time. I don’t want you to be upset with me, I don’t like it when you’re upset, especially when I’m the one that causes it”

You nod, curling into Jason’s arms, “Okay”

“That’s it? Just okay?”

“I believe you, you never lie to me, so if you promise to watch your back out there, I believe you”

He presses a kiss to your forehead, “Thank you, for believing in me”

“I’ll always believe in you, Jay”


It’s not as simple as it sounds. To closed minds its a state of saddening, slurry exhaustion. Something that is exaggerated and outdated, sitting in the bottom of the fridge, next to last Tuesday’s lunch while the world focuses on the new Saturday meal. No one could care less about the crumbling stale bread alone in the back of a dark pantry as they diagnose and create newer, fresher products. To closed minds, depression is fake.

Others; they remain in constant conversation, screeching like vultures as they declare; depression is a choice, not a sickness.

As if we decide to tear and rip our already corrupted minds into fine confetti. As if we decide to lie absently awake and feel tidal waves crash down our pale faces wondering; why do I feel so fucking alone? As if we plan to flick a blade across blue rivers, creating overpowering spills, turning them to red as the barb wired memories try to escape. We chose to consistently roar at the disheveled display of a person ‘I hate you!’ The never ending broken record repeating a wish for death as the world around us lives on, leaving us behind as nothing but faded thoughts.

Seems like the only way to be diagnosed with this darkening demonic sickness is through pain. Delicious self inflicted pain.

The rush from shiny sleek silver razor metal piercing fragile porcelain skin, relaxing as smooth crimson droplets fall to stain canvas floors.

The searing sizzle of flesh over flickering orange light; bright gases taunting the minds clouded by puffs of demonic smoke.

Edible Chalk and plastic casings enclosing the entrance into wonderland. Twirls of color and dilating sights, controlled by the small bugs which crawled down throats with the help of cool water.

Guns. Ropes. Cars. Trains. Every last one as bad as the one before. Just as brutal, just as deadly.

They all call us delusional. Unnatural freaks of society bringing diluted thoughts of happiness along like clouds. The rain of dark demonic wrath and controlling claws towering over the fragile shells of who we once were, forcing us into small cages as we coward away in fear.

That’s only the surface. That’s only a dream.

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Ooh you should make a part 3 to the Eric with another girl imagine. Except make Eric get jealous and now he wants y/n back cause he loves her and always will

ahh this is probably a mess because i wrote it 3 am last night lololol

part 1 part 2

After the fight you and Eric had in his car a couple of weeks ago, you two hadn’t even been looking at each other. You had asked yourself if it really was worth it but you quickly realized that if he wanted you two to be on good terms he had to be the one speaking to you about it since you made it pretty clear you wouldn’t be saying a another word to him ever again. But it didn’t matter, you just couldn’t forget what he yelled when you walked away from his car. I love you. But since he was still seeing that girl Sandy, he probably didn’t mean it, you thought. Even though you wished it was true, cause you knew you were never going to get over him.

“What am I even supposed to wear? Like, I’ve never been to an prom before!” Dylan said as he took another bite out of his sandwich. “We’ll figure that out,” you chuckled and looked around the cafeteria. Prom was coming up, and Dylan was going with some girl his friends had set him up with. You on the other hand, were probably not going. “Hey guys!” You heard someone say behind the two of you, making both of you turn around. “Hey Nate!” You smiled at the boy as he sat his plate down beside you. “Is it okay if I sit over here?” He asked and smiled at you. “Of course!” You nodded. He sat down beside you and started to unwrap his food. “Are you going to prom?” Dylan asked and looked over at his friend. Nate quickly looked up at Dylan before shaking his head. “No, I don’t have anyone to go with.” He chuckled and continued to unwrap his food. “You should totally go with y/n!” Dylan said before taking another bite out of his sandwich. You nearly choked on you water as you heard these words come out of his mouth.

“Me?” You asked and looked at Dylan in confusion. “Who else, dumb ass?” He laughed, making Nate laugh along. “Yeah, why not?” Nate said and looked over at you. You turned around so you faced him. “Well, I’m up for it, just as friends of course,” you smiled at him. His lips immediately turned into a smile before nodding. “Great!” He said excitedly, taking a bite of his now unwrapped sandwich. “Did you guys hear the news?” A voice suddenly spoke in front of you, as Brooks sat down his plate. “Well hey on you to Brooks,” you chuckled and looked up at him. “Eric and Sandy apparently broke up.” He continued as he sat down in front of you.

Your heart stopped immediately as the words slipped out of his mouth. You couldn’t believe it. “Oh, really?” Dylan asked and looked up at Brooks. “Yeah. At least according to Sandy’s friends, Eric apparently told her he didn’t feel anything and that they were better off as friends,” he said and looked at Dylan. “But maybe it’s just rumors.” he continued and shrugged. “Oh, okay. Well that’s sad.” Dylan said and you looked over at him. “Yeah,” you said after a short silence, making Brooks look over at you. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry y/n, I didn’t know you were sitting here!” He immediately said and looked at you in fear, not wanting you to get hurt. “Brooks, it’s okay. It’s not like I give a fuck about that piece of shit anyways.” You chuckled, lying. Dylan looked over at you; knowing you weren’t telling you the truth. Brooks chuckled as he continued his conversation with Dylan.

As soon as lunch ended, you and Nate were walking down the hallways together. “Thank you for going to prom with me.” He said. “Of course, Nate! I’m happy I’m going with you.” You smiled at him. He looked down at you a and smiled back, grabbing your hand. At first, you were quite taken a back. You didn’t know how to react, but you decided to smile at him and intertwine your hand with his. Testing out new things never hurt nobody, right?

Being like this with Nate actually made you feel whole again. Since you and Eric broke up, you hadn’t been doing these kind of stuff with anyone. “Y/n?” Nate asked as you two reached his locker. “Mhm?” You mumbled and leaned towards one of the lockers. “Uh,” he let out and awkwardly scratched his neck. “Can I like, kiss you? I just haven’t kissed anyone in such a long time and I ju-” he began rambling but before he could say anything else you pressed your lips against his. He immediately kissed you back, making you smile.

You didn’t see Nate anything else than just a really good friend, but you just hadn’t been this intensive with someone in months so you just took the chance. The hallways was completely empty, everyone was already in class. But suddenly, someone ripped the two of you apart. “What the f-” Nate begun but before he knew it, someone hit him in the face. He immediately groaned in pain, watching the blood from his nose running down his face, dropping onto his shirt. “Dude!” He yelled as he covered up his nose with his hands. “Don’t fucking touch her,” Eric’s voice hissed at him before grabbing your hand quickly and ran away from the scene.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You yelled at Eric as he closed the door into the empty bathroom. “What the hell are you doing is the question!” He yelled back at you as he turned around to face you. “I’m minding my own business, since you can’t seem do that!” You said and tried to get past him. “Why the fuck were you getting all lovely with Nate?” He asked you in anger. You looked up at him. “Maybe because I fucking want to!” You said and pushed yourself outside the door. “Oh my god y/n, you can’t just do that!” He yelled at you. “Eric, look,” you said in frustration before turning around to face him. “I do what ever the fuck I want. I do not need the boy who broke my heart into a million pieces to tell what to do.” You said seriously. He looked at you before smashing his lips against yours aggressively. You quickly caught on and wrapped your arms around his neck, placing your hands in his hair: making it a mess. After a long make out session, you pulled away to catch your breath. He placed his forehead against yours as he was heavily breathing. “I love you y/n, okay? I fucking love you so damn much and seeing you with Nate like that made me wanna kill him.” He whispered. “Do you understand how I’ve been feeling all these months now,” you whispered, looking into his eyes. “I’m so sorry for making you feel this way. I thought Sandy would help me get over you but she clearly didn’t.” He said and pulled you into a tight hug. “I love you Eric.” You whispered as you hugged him back. “It’s you and me, y/n. This time nothing’s breaking us apart.”

You could already tell this was the start of something new.