“When you kiss, the heart rate doubles that of being in a resting state. As a result, the heart flutters and the breathing becomes labored, and the person can even experience dizziness, which makes it easy to be mistaken as him/her being in love. However, all of these are mere playful games of skin ship, and a hormone’s hoax. You must not be deceived by this.”

Why Rin's words are SO important

Everyone has told Haru, how they love and respect him. So why exactly after he had a talk with Rin in 12th episode, Haru started to open up and then “found it”?

We all know that after that race’ with Rin, Haru stopped swimming competitively, because he felt guilty. And we know that Rin never actually blamed Haru, and always thought of him as “his shining”. But what some of us don’t know Haruka doesn’t think of himself as “shining”, but “darkness”.

The thing is - Haruka’s swimming had HURT people before. Here are actual quotes from High Speed! 2

“It’s not just Shouta. Asahi being unable to swim the free, the ‘darkness’ haunting Ikuya’s heart, all of it is caused by Haruka. Even Makoto told him that he wants to go to a place where Haruka isn’t. He might be that kind of existence. Just by being there, he ends up hurting someone. The ‘darkness’ inside of him ends up cornering people.” (x)

“He can’t deny it. It’s impossible to deny the ‘darkness’ inside of him. He gets the feeling that if it were given some sort of motive, it’s going to come to life right away. It was impossible to deny the existence of such ‘darkness’.” (x)

So after that - Rin,

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Jehan Prouvaire (01) for weisbrot


a playlist for the actual king and queen of the
apocalypse. for two people that seem to be
oblivious to the fact that their minds are
melded and that their hearts beat as one.                

                                         for two staggeringly amazing characters
                                         that have undoubtedly been handcrafted
                                         for one another. for my favorite dynamic
                                         duo. for the sheriff and the samurai. for rick
                                         and michonne

                                                             ( ii. listen )

Friendship style starters!
  • " Call my name and I'll come running."
  • " I have no friends. Besides you."
  • " Because you are my friend!"
  • " Where would I be without you?"
  • " Why wouldn't I go back for you?"
  • " I don't have friends. Except for you."
  • " I have one friend. You."
  • " I can see the good in you."
  • " We are two sides of the same coin."
  • " I was so worried!"
  • " Hey, buddy, you okay there?"
  • " If you want to kill ___, then you have to kill me!"
  • " I know you can do it!"
  • " This is my friend, do you understand?"
  • " I have to be there, they're my friend!"
  • " This is why we're best friends."
  • " You are my friend."
  • " Good lord, I'd never let you die."
  • " I went back for you."
  • " You're all I got."
  • " You're my friend. My best friend, actually."
  • " You can do it!"
  • " The only friends we have are each other."
  • " I've seen how much you need them. And how much they need you."
  • " I need you as my friend!"
  • " You keep me sane."
  • " I just need a little boost. And you can do that for me."
  • " Come on, follow me!"
Seventeen As Text Messages From Carats 2.0

S. Coups:













//admin cora//

Calum Chambers needs to wake up, look in the mirror, and say “I am amazing. I am worthy. I am playing for a great club. I am there because I deserve It.” because that wonderkid has got some serious confidence issues.