He’s under a curse, his heart is out of his chest, yet, when Killian Jones looks at Emma Swan, it’s like he’s looking at the sun and the moon combined in one. He’s not in possession of his heart, he’s not capable of feeling technically yet, in this expression, his love for Emma is just everywhere, his expression is so soft, ttender, he loves her, it’s as simple as that. And yes, he does transpire even without a heart in his chest.

Killian Jones, ladies and gentlemen


Anyone who still thinks that Killian Jones isn’t good enough for Emma, I have to direct them to this scene. This isn’t the first time Killian has put Emma’s life before his, but he truly believes this will be his final act of love for her. The difference here is he also includes the rest of Storybrooke in his request, as he knows that this is Emma’s home. He knows how hard she has fought to make a life here and he doesn’t want her to be alone when he is gone. (cries internally forever) That is love. Sorry Hook haters, this man is the real deal and he deserves Emma’s love. My one major hope for 4B is Emma choosing to learn more about Killian so she can love him as deeply as he loves her. It’s time for this man to be happy.

bloodsport (fighting in a love war) [17/?]

rival assassins AU: they live in a world rife with death and destruction (of which they are often the cause) - is it even possible to feel anything other than the thrill of the kill? [also available on] [cs assassins series so far]
side note: this will be the one that kills you (looking at you Liz and Jen) (but not for the reason you think)

17. be still: Killian’s got more than a few scars, but it seems Emma does too.

When they eventually manage to stumble out of the sewers, where they’ve been running for the past three hours to evade the dearly departed Senator Grail’s army of goons, they are long past tired and deep into the realms of heady enervation. Thankfully, there’s a hotel five minutes away - and they secure a room within the hour (with some distasteful looks from the receptionists because they are covered in grime and smell like shit - literally).

Yanking open the door, he throws his gun and backpack at the bed and starts making a path for the bathroom. Behind him, Emma mirrors his ministrations and it’s only when they’re actually standing in said bathroom that it occurs to him that there’s only one shower left to accommodate two very impatient, very rancid-smelling mercenaries.

Evidently, it occurs to her too because she slowly, tiredly turns to face him.

Their eyes lock, heavy-lidded and slack with exhaustion, and he sighs deeply.

“You go first, I’ll find a shower in one of the other rooms,” he mumbles, shuffling towards the door. Honestly, he’s not got the energy to argue with her.

At least, that’s the excuse he wrangles himself into believing (the truth is he’s gone soft, and it’s all her bloody fault).

He makes it about two steps.

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