Anyone who still thinks that Killian Jones isn’t good enough for Emma, I have to direct them to this scene. This isn’t the first time Killian has put Emma’s life before his, but he truly believes this will be his final act of love for her. The difference here is he also includes the rest of Storybrooke in his request, as he knows that this is Emma’s home. He knows how hard she has fought to make a life here and he doesn’t want her to be alone when he is gone. (cries internally forever) That is love. Sorry Hook haters, this man is the real deal and he deserves Emma’s love. My one major hope for 4B is Emma choosing to learn more about Killian so she can love him as deeply as he loves her. It’s time for this man to be happy.

So, besides absurdly good looking Hook is so good at surviving that Villains look at him like “wtf STAY DEAD WHEN I KILL YOU” and when he died it was fighting and in a honorable way, just to get back to life again in the end of the entire arc where he did nothing but work hard for what he wants and who he wants to be.

Killian Jones finally hit the Anime Protagonist Level ladies and gentlemen.