“Captain Hook doesn’t get cold feet.”

Translation: If you are suggesting I could have a single doubt about marrying Emma Swan, that if you are insinuating that for one goddamn second I would even entertain the notion of NOT marrying Emma Swan, I will go FULL Captain Hook on your ass, Cricket, FIGHT ME. I am facing a quandary, yes, but don’t you EVER think that for an instant I would question my True Love Emma Swan, my undying love and admiration for her or my dedication and loyalty to her. You think there might be a possible scenario in this or any realm in which I would be face to face with a future with Emma Swan, my Happy Ending, and conjure a reason why I WOULDN’T want it??

A man who doesn’t fight for what he wants deserves what he gets. I will fight with everything I have, every ounce of my soul, to be with Emma, even if that means fighting against myself and my own villainous misdeeds. I have my demons to vanquish, sins to atone for and forgiveness to earn. But don’t for one moment insinuate there would be even an inkling of a reason why I wouldn’t want to spend every last breath with Emma Swan as my wife or I will tear your tiny cricket legs off where you stand.


Anyone who still thinks that Killian Jones isn’t good enough for Emma, I have to direct them to this scene. This isn’t the first time Killian has put Emma’s life before his, but he truly believes this will be his final act of love for her. The difference here is he also includes the rest of Storybrooke in his request, as he knows that this is Emma’s home. He knows how hard she has fought to make a life here and he doesn’t want her to be alone when he is gone. (cries internally forever) That is love. Sorry Hook haters, this man is the real deal and he deserves Emma’s love. My one major hope for 4B is Emma choosing to learn more about Killian so she can love him as deeply as he loves her. It’s time for this man to be happy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we just witnessed Killian Jones’ first REAL act of light magic yesterday...

…when he turned the Lake of Fire into a lake of water in order to save his brother from an eternal death, and help the other deceased sailors cross over. No, that act of magic wasn’t Liam, AND it wasn’t the work of some other deity on the show (introduced or not) – that act of magic was solely KILLIAN. It was his Sorcerer magic finally coming to the forefront in much the same sneaky manner that Emma’s magic showed up in S2.

How do I know it was Killian all the way? Well…

  • First of all, he’s positioned as the Savior (Jesus), and about 70% of last night’s episode was the retelling of the story where Jesus walks on water – when he reached out a hand to calm the raging storm and rough waters, and save one of his disciples (his “brother”). Under his hand, his brother was saved and the raging tempest of a storm was calmed until it was as still as a lake. All of that is what Killian managed to do last night (with literal water). I’ll go more into that in my write-up (which I hope to have done by Tuesday).
  • Secondly, this “crossing over” didn’t involve a bridge, like the previous ones. It involved an “act of faith” by Liam, and an act of forgiveness by Killian (this ties into the Savior stuff, and Killian being positioned as him). Also, the Walking on Water story is about having faith in Jesus, and him having control over life-and-death things like storms (or whether one is saved from the fires of hell or not).
  • Thirdly, everything the show has done to single out Emma using her light magic, the show did last night with Killian. Here’s the stretched out hand, ready to perform magic:
  • Here’s the face scrunched up, eyes closed, in concentration:
  • Here’s the flying hair, thanks to the magical “Whoosh!” and puffs of air that come from light magic taking place on this show. (Why light magic has to involve puffs of wind and whooshing sounds is beyond me! But here it is anyway.):
  • I might even add the whole light-on-the-face thing that they seem to do a lot too whenever they want to do a dramatic magic scene. They did a quick illumination of Killian’s face last night, much like they’ve done it to Emma’s face in the past during her dramatic magic scenes.
  • And then, of course, the kicker is Hades, shocked at the fact that his plan was foiled, and growling threateningly AT KILLIAN, “YOU will pay for this!” As if he KNEW FOR A FACT that Killian was responsible for calming the waters of the Lake of Fire and turning it into life-saving water. And then he disappeared rather than attacking Killian, because, like he said earlier in the episode, LIGHT MAGIC didn’t agree with him.
  • And then there’s Killian himself, who (when the camera pulled back) still had his hand up, not in defense, but in shock! As if he couldn’t believe what just came out of it! His hand stays frozen in that shape until he realizes Liam is behind him. It’s very similar to how Emma used to stare at her hands a lot when she started using magic as well. As if she couldn’t believe what came out of them either.

So all in all, my Sorcerer theory is coming along quite nicely! I’m LOVING the way they’re introducing his magic too! It’s very beautiful. He’ll be conjuring doorways back to the Enchanted Forest in no time. Did you wonder why the Sorcerer’s house was down there in the Underworld? It wasn’t because Merlin was dead, no. He didn’t die the Sorcerer, remember? He died with no magic left in him. Killian had his magic when he died. Killian died the Sorcerer. So the Sorcerer’s house is down there because the Sorcerer (Killian) is down there. It’s the same reason why the CS house is down there too – because Emma and Killian are both down there.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say for now. All the other stuff is gonna be in the wrap-up. I just couldn’t keep this one to myself for very long because I literally squealed during that scene.

Happy Easter everyone! :-D