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“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.” 

My piece for @kh-worldsconnected!
I wasn’t able to be paired with a partner, but I still had fun going solo anyway! I was a little worried I wouldn’t get this done on time but here I am~
The quote is from Leo Christoper, btw. That’s where I got the inspiration for this piece. c:

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After rushing towards the end and still posting sort of late because my laptop battery gave out and I had to wait for a new one for a while here is my image for @kh-worldsconnected

It was honestly very fun and plus I’ve seen a lot of cool people who are participating. I got to work with someone so nice who wrote the story About Time posted on @florisdoesworldsconnected  which by the way was super sweet and cute and I loved it.

I move the stars for no one

This fic is my second (2 of 3, omg) submission to @kh-worldsconnected, a KH big bang/fanzine I helped organize.  The theme was “time;” it was intended to be an adaptation of Jim Hensen’s Labyrinth, however, with a word count limit of only 5k, I’m afraid I had to gloss over and cut more than I wanted to. Still, I’m happy with how it came out, and hope you guys enjoy it, too!  Be sure to check out the blog for the rest of the submissions!

There is also an art paired with this, by @hakeism which I will link as soon as I see it posted!  I can’t wait for you guys to see it, you can see it here, it’s fantastic!  <3

I move the stars for no one

Riku had been the Goblin King for as long as his subjects could remember. Not that it counted for much, since goblins were known to have poor long-term memories, but then, there was no need to remember a king before Riku. Still, he himself remembered. He hadn’t always been the Goblin King. There had been another, before him, Terra, but it had been a long time ago, and even Riku’s memory was hazy. He couldn’t remember what had happened to Terra, or even much of his life before he’d become the Goblin King.

It wasn’t important, anyway.

The Goblin King, despite his title, did little to rule the Goblin City. Sometimes he might cause a little mischief in the human world, or command his subjects to some frivolous task, but really, there wasn’t much to demand of them that they weren’t already inclined to do. There wasn’t any need for a goblin king; he just was. He was different from all of the other goblins, taller, and fair of face, and so they made him king, and that was all.

What Riku didn’t know, was that he hadn’t always been a goblin. He didn’t know that he’d once been human, a little boy, stolen from his family by Terra, and cursed to be a goblin, like all children who passed a day in the Goblin City, the only difference being that he’d retained his human countenance. Riku didn’t know that Terra, before him, had been the same, and that the curse had been lifted by someone with a pure heart, and that that was how he’d become the Goblin King.

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Urgent perler commissions

Hello everyone! Sorry to post this here but I’m opening up perler commissions in order to help out a friend so please consider commissioning or even just signal boosting this post would be amazing!

What you will get: A keychain, magnet, wall ornament, or necklace of any design/character you want. You will also receive a small drawing commission to show my appreciation for helping me help my dear friend.

Price: $5+ depending on the design size (shipping will be included)

Payment methods: I only accept paypal

How to commission: Please send me a message with what you would like and I can give you details about pricing and where to send the money to.

Thank you all very much for taking the time to look!