Дорогие друзья #BUZIKTV представляет Вашему вниманию
эксклюзивное интервью с известным российским дизайнером - Игорем Чапуриным @igorchapurin, который создал модную, яркую форму для участников, гостей, волонтеров и организаторов 19 Всемирного Фестиваля Молодежи и Студентов @wfys2017 в городе Сочи 🎉🎉🎉

🌟1957 🌟1985 🌟2017

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Klaroline Fandom Weekend:

The Writers:

Some of the best writing I’ve ever seen has come from this fandom. I mean I’ve read the “classic” novels and the pouplar YA novels out today but honestly nothing can beat these ladies. Whether it be angst, fluff, smut, long, short, AU, canon there have been lines that authors use that have me in tears and rolling off my couch dying of feels. 

Never stop writing. Love what you do, we appreciate you. You make this fandom stronger, you supply us with fanfictions that keep the fuel to our Klaroline fire burning.

Graphic Makers:

First of all, someone get their ass over here and tell me how to use photoshop. I mean seriously I’ve showed some of the people I know in real life some of the fanfiction covers that are made and they cannot believe that its not a real thing. You guys, I have so much respect for all of you there are not even words that I can use to explain how amazing it is to see a new graphic. 

I don’t care if you’re well known or not, you’re all badass and one of you seriously just tell me how you do it.


How?! Like how? No really, how? How do you do it? Its like watching a movie and when I need feels or I just feel generally down I look to videos and I don’t understand. Not only the editing and the coloring and the music but the way that you can find clips that go together and lines that flow and it sounds like them. It is them. It’s perfection, I would rather have a minute and a half long video of an AU klaroline scene that a vidder has made than anything Julie Plec can come up with.


First of all I can’t draw at all. So those of you that can claps for you. But the fact that you can draw klaroline? And make them look so real? Ya’ll are better than Klaus okay? Better. So amazing I can’t even contain the squeals when I see a new drawing in the tag.


Obsessed. How do you all manage to understand the characters so completely? Its not just the writing that goes into it but the understanding and the love that you have for those characters. The way that you can just flip a switch and be Klaus or Caroline. I’ve talked to a couple RPers before and it literally felt like I was talking to Klaus or Caroline and seriously I think I’ve fallen in love with a few teenage girls that play Klaus. I’m not sorry by the way. 

The “Regular” Fans:

You may think that you don’t do anything but reblog pretty things but you do. You support the people that do all these other things. You are the driving force that makes writers update fanfics or graphic makers keep photoshopping. You are the glue, the most of us could not function without all of you. Thank you for reblogging and liking the things that writers, artists, graphic makers and everyone produce. 

Every single faction of this fandom is amazing and I wouldn’t leave this fandom or the people in it for the world. I’ve met life long friends on here that have changed my life. I’ve discovered things about myself, I’ve been able to push my comfort zone and reach out to people and write things that I never thought I would. 
So thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU SO MUCH.