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Hi!! I've spent the last few hours just reading your work and omg I love the way you interpret the prompts! You're making the long hiatus so much better already and I can't wait to read more! I have a prompt request as well: friends with benefits to realizing they like each other (with some angst added in!) thank you!!! :)

First of all thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you! Second of all, here it is! This is more playful than angsty but I still hope it’s okay!

AU: Jughead never went to Riverdale High and never became friends with Betty and the gang the way they were supposed to. Archie, Jughead, and Betty were close in middle school, but once they parted ways and Jughead followed in his father’s footsteps of becoming a Serpent, their relationship was never the same.

Betty brushed past Cheryl Blossom as she hurried her way down the freshly-mowed lawn of Riverdale High’s courtyard, nearly snagging her baby blue sweater on one of Cheryl’s particularly sharp insect brooches as their shoulders slammed into one another.

“B, where the hell have you been?” Veronica called to her from their usual picnic table at the end of the quad, her prized set of pearls shining elegantly in the mid-afternoon sunlight.

Ignoring the icy glare that Cheryl tossed in her direction, Betty maneuvered her way through the crowd of chatting classmates to slip her way onto the bench of the picnic table next to Kevin, just as Veronica turned to narrow her eyes at Betty. “I’ve had to listen to Cheryl’s incessant ramblings regarding the subpar quality of her brand new Louboutins for the past half hour and trust me, when I reach the point of boredom beyond repair talking about designer shoes, you know there’s a problem.”

“Sorry, something came up,” Betty mumbled, shrugging off her pale pink backpack and placing it on the wooden surface in front of her.

“There have been a lot of things ‘coming up’ lately,” Veronica pointed out. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say our little, not-so-innocent Elizabeth Cooper has a man in her life she’s been hiding from us.”

“Yeah, right,” Betty scoffed, unzipping her bag and rummaging through its contents to find the salt and vinegar chips she didn’t eat at lunch. “You know how terrible I am at keeping secrets. Remember your surprise birthday party last year?”

“How could I forget? You asked me to come over to help you with an English paper,” Veronica recounted the event in question, shaking her head in shame at Betty’s failed attempt at such a classic form of surprise. “The day Betty Cooper asks Veronica Lodge for homework advice, you know there has to be something else going on.”

Betty’s lips curled into a slight smile, her expression distant as she reached into the bag of chips and popped one into her mouth, repeating this process for several minutes without blinking or acknowledging that there were other people sitting at the table with her.

“Kind of like now,” Veronica mumbled, waving a perfectly manicured set of nails in front of her in an attempt to snap her out of the trance she had fallen into. “Look at her face, Kev. There’s something wrong with it.”

“You’re right, V,” Kevin concurred, leaning in close and tilting Betty’s chin towards him with a flick of his thumb. “There’s an actual smile on it. Hell must have frozen over.”

“Hey, I smile!” Betty defended herself, her too-tight ponytail nearly smacking Kevin in the face as she whirled around to look from Veronica, to Kevin, and back again.

“Not since Polly-” Kevin started to explain, but before he could get the words out, Veronica lunged across the table to place a hand over his mouth, nearly knocking various textbooks and papers onto the grass in the process.

“Shhh!” Veronica quieted him. “Kevin, we agreed that bringing up such events should be handled as if one were at Hogwarts and in the position of saying the name Voldemort - you just don’t do it!”

“Sorry,” Kevin shrank back onto his spot on the bench. “Let me rephrase. You’ve been a little down the past few months, but lately-”

“You’re happier than Kevin during a Brad Pitt movie marathon,” Veronica finished for him, her eyes dancing wildly as she leaned in to point a finger in Betty’s direction. “And that can only mean one thing.”

“Betty Cooper: number one in her class, editor of the Blue and Gold and all around girl next door, is getting a little ‘Fifty Shades of Freaky’ with one of Riverdale High’s finest young bachelors,” Kevin concluded, his arms crossing in front of his chest as if he were proud of himself for solving such a complicated riddle.

“I am not!” Betty protested. “You two have way too much time on your hands if you’re speculating why I’ve been smiling more lately.”

“What kind of friends would we be if we didn’t notice such things,” Kevin pointed out, his gaze suddenly leaving his friends to focus on the parking lot in front of them. “Kind of like how I’ve noticed Jughead Jones’ massive biceps lately, holy hot and bothered Rolling Stone-meets-Abercrombie you can actually see them bulging through that leather jacket.”

The boy in question stepped out of his midnight-black 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner, his dark hair falling effortlessly over his eyes as he moved to shut the driver’s side door.

“Joining the Southside Serpents has really sat well with his upper body muscles,” Veronica admired, her mouth hanging open slightly as he pulled out a cigarette and lighter from his jacket pocket like he was plucked straight out a scene from the Outsiders. “Too bad he doesn’t go here anymore, I would love to run my hands up and down those-”

“Veronica!” Betty’s eyes went wide as she turned to glare at her friend, whose mouth was practically watering as she took in Jughead leaning against the classic car and taking a drag from his cigarette like she was watching the most sensual thing she had ever laid eyes on. “Last time I checked you still have a boyfriend, or have you forgotten about our good pal Archie Andrews. You know, captain of the football team, lead singer of his very own rock band, Riverdale High honor student. Ring any bells?”

“Oh please, I’m allowed to window shop as long as I resist throwing anything into my basket,” Veronica muttered, picking up her copy of The Sun Also Rises and fanning herself with it, even though it was a perfectly cool fall afternoon that didn’t even come close to meriting such actions.

“That’s wrong on so many levels,” Betty mumbled, pushing her half-eaten bag of chips away from her and wiping her greasy fingers down the front of her sweater.

“What’s Jughead doing here anyway?” Kevin wondered. “I thought he and Archie stopped talking once he moved schools a few years ago.”

“He’s here to see me actually,” Betty admitted, turning in her spot on the bench to look at Jughead for the first time since he had pulled into the parking lot. “He was the best writer we had at the the junior newspaper in middle school and no one’s ever come close to filling his shoes, so he’s helping me out a few times a week after school at the Blue and Gold.”

“You sure he’s not helping you out with a few other things too?” Veronica wiggled her eyebrows at Betty suggestively, her lips creeping up into an amused smile as Betty narrowed her eyes at her.

“Just friends, Veronica,” Betty assured her. “Jughead isn’t Archie’s favorite person right now and after everything that’s happened with their fathers - I just - I wouldn’t do that to him, okay?”

“Whatever you say, B,” Veronica shrugged, still looking unconvinced as she reached underneath the table to retrieve her cheer bag. “Okay, I have to go find Cheryl before River Vixens practice so I can warn her that the choreography she’s been throwing at us is too 90′s cheer routine and not enough Beyonce video like we were going for.”

“Yeah, and I have to go witness the bloodbath of bitchy, yet impressively clever insults that is sure to occur as a result so we’ll see you later, Betty,” Kevin followed Veronica’s lead as she made her way away from the picnic table, the giddiness in his expression made even more evident by the enthused squeal escaping his lips as he bent down to pick up his backpack.

“Bye, guys,” Betty called out to them, shaking her head in amusement as she watched them round the corner to head back into the school.

Betty kept her gaze focused on the chemistry textbook resting open in front of her as she saw the movement coming from the parking lot out of the corner of her eye. Jughead had pushed off his car and was slowly making his way onto the sidewalk leading up to the courtyard. Her breath caught in her throat as he took a step closer. And another. And an-

“And then there was one,” Jughead announced, his leather-clad sleeve brushing the soft fabric of her sweater as he slid his way onto the picnic table next to her. “What’s it like without chatter mouth one and two attached to your hip?”

“I don’t know,” Betty sat up straight, turning slightly on the bench to quirk a challenging eyebrow in his direction. “What’s it like without your manhood to back up that newfound edginess that drives all the girls crazy? Wanna find out?”

“Betty Cooper,”Jughead beamed, one leg tucking underneath itself so that he could turn his body to face hers completely. “Throwing the banter back at me like we’re in a 1940′s black and white screwball comedy. I like it.”

“You’re early,” Betty noticed, her eyes focusing back on the periodic table displayed on the inside cover of the chemistry book.

“I ditched the last two periods,” Jughead shrugged nonchalantly, scooping up the abandoned bag of chips on the table and tossing back a handful into his mouth. “I figured that I’ve already learned as much as I needed to know about 17th Century England and the Taming of the Shrew to pass with at least a C in both history and English and still function in the real world like an adequately intelligent human being so why not skip out early and come see you?”

Jughead crumpled up the now-empty chip bag and tossed it behind him, missing the trashcan completely as he looked back to watch it roll onto the grass. Leaning in close, Jughead rubbed a hand on her knee resting underneath the table, his breath tickling the exposed skin of her neck and nearly causing a thrilled giggle to escape her lips.

“Jug,” Betty warned, reaching down to remove the hand slowly creeping its way up her thigh and turning to give him a leveled glare. “We agreed, remember?”

“You agreed,” Jughead corrected. “I said friends with benefits was a dated form of emotional torture that benefits neither party in any meaningful way.”

“Isn’t that the point?” Betty reminded him. “To not get attached in a way that lets you mean something to the other person?”

“I think that ship has sailed,” Jughead admitted, his eyes flicking to hers with a vulnerable state of truth-turned-worry when he realized that she might night have felt the same way. “At least on my part anyways.”

“You know that we can’t be anything more than what we are,” Betty explained. “At least not right now.”

“Because Archie blames me for my father’s involvement in his father’s shooting and he would love nothing more than to see me strung up on the mantle of his nice and cozy family-sized home,” Jughead recalled, his eyes rolling backwards dramatically sliding his leg back underneath the table and facing the empty set of picnic tables across the courtyard. “Yeah, you said that when we first started - whatever you want to call this. Doesn’t mean I understand it. And it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Juggie,” Betty whispered, resisting the urge to reach out and caress his cheek affectionately the way she had grown accustomed to since they had started their relationship nearly eight weeks before.

“You know how I feel about you, Betty,” Jughead told her, his eyes softening slightly as his head turned to smile weakly down at her lips. “And I think that if you were being completely honest with yourself, you know exactly how you feel about me too.”

Betty knew he was right. She knew that she felt more than just lust, coupled with the added bonus of orchestrating their clandestine meetings, for the boy from the Southside who was more than just his leather jacket and tough demeanor. But she couldn’t risk her friendship with either boy in her life by making things official. Not yet.

“This is the way things have to be right now,” Betty sighed. “At least until Mr. Andrews gets out the hospital and everything just - settles down. Please, Jughead. I don’t want to lose you. But I don’t want to lose him either.”

Betty held Jughead’s gaze, her bottom lip jutting out slightly as her teeth automatically reached out to bite down on the tender skin there, a habit she had formed around the time she had started seeing Jughead in a little-more-than-just-friends kind of way.

“God, why do you have to do that thing with your bottom lip,” Jughead mumbled, his eyes flicking down to her pink lips with a fleck of longing in his gaze. “You know that drives me insane.”

“I know,” Betty beamed, her eyebrow quirking flirtatiously up in his direction. “Why do you think I do it so often?”

“Okay, if we’re still playing by these ridiculous rules you’ve set in place then we better get to the Blue and Gold room because I’m feeling the overwhelming urge to kiss you,” Jughead breathed, his heart beating wildly as Betty’s leg brushed against his, making his palms sweat in the best way possible. “Now.”

“Then what are we waiting for,” Betty leaned in close to Jughead as if she were going to meet her lips to his, but swung her legs out from underneath the picnic table at the last second and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. “Race you.”

“You’re on.” Jughead grabbed Betty’s bag off the table and sprinted after her, not even noticing that there had been a figure lurking in the shadows who had witnessed their intimate exchange with a devious smile plastered on her flaming red lips. Turning on her less-than-adequate Louboutin heel, Cheryl let her waist-length red hair swing playfully behind her as she sauntered her way to cheer practice, already scheming and plotting how she was going to use this juicy new development to her advantage.

Besotted [j.j]

Jughead Jones x reader where he is completely smitten by a River Vixen who has the tendency to sit all alone at Pop’s.

Betty and Veronica sat in their usual booth at Pop’s, discussing the events that had happened that week. Betty and Veronica had just become friends again, being closer now more than ever after the whole Chuck incident.

Veronica straightened up as both Archie and another boy walked into the diner. She recognized him from the student lounge the other day, when Reggie had tried to pin Jason’s murder on him, but she couldn’t quite pair a name to his face.

Betty noticed that Veronica’s attention was no longer on her and turned, mustering a small smile at Archie and Jughead before asking if they wanted to join. Jughead stared at them before smirking. “Yes. But only if you’re treating,” he said, jumping over the booth and sitting next to Veronica as Archie slid in next to Betty.

“Jughead Jones. The third,” he introduced himself.

“Veronica Lodge,” the raven-haired girl replied.

And it was in that moment when everything seemed to be back to normal.


The group of friends had been chatting for a while when Kevin Keller walked in. Veronica looked at him and waved, pouting when he didn’t acknowledge her and walked straight to a girl sitting all alone in a booth near the back.

“What’s wrong Ronnie?” Betty asked, noticing the girl’s frown.

“I thought you had introduced me to everybody already Betty,” Veronica said.

“I did,” the blonde girl replied.

“Then who…is that?” Veronica asked, pointing to the girl who was now chatting with Kevin. They were both smiling and laughing as they talked. “I was pretty sure he’s gay.”

Archie leaned forwards, “That, new girl, is (Y/N) (L/N). Riverdale’s Sweetheart.”

Veronica shot a shocked glance at her friends. “And here I was, thinking that Riverdale’s Sweetheart was our very own Betty Cooper.”

Betty laughed before speaking. “(Y/N) over there is not a total sweetheart. She can be a downright manipulative, sarcastic bitch, and she knows it. It’s the reason Cheryl likes her so much.” Betty’s tone was not mean, she was just stating a commonly known fact.

Veronica observed the girl. (H/L), (H/C) hair that gently swayed when she laughed, cuffed jeans, some sneakers, and an oversized sweater.

“Her?” Veronica asked, “A bitch? She’s the most adorable person I’ve ever seen!”

“And,” continued Betty, “She’s also been the object of Jughead’s affections since we were 5.”

Betty, Archie, and Veronica all turned to face Jughead, who remained stoic even though there was a bright red blush crawling up his neck and heating up his cheeks.

“It’s been 10 years,” Archie said, “And he still hasn’t confessed.”

“Well why don’t you?” Asked Veronica.

Jughead sighed before replying, “She’s a River Vixen guys. She’s friends with Cheryl and has Reggie chasing after her. I’m not gonna waste my time on a hopeless cause.”

And with those words, Jughead Jones the Third jumped over the booth they were sitting at, and left Pop’s.

(Y/N) had been sitting peacefully at her booth until her best friend joined her. She looked up to meet a familiar pair of brown eyes that belonged to the person who had just ripped her pen from her hand and snapped her journal shut.

“Kevin,” she greeted, “How nice to know that you got my invitation to come over and snatch my pen and join me as I eat these onion rings.”

Kevin gave her a sharp look before glancing at the booth where the rest of his friends were sitting. “I don’t want to alarm you (Y/N), but loverboy is currently looking over here.”

(Y/N) felt her cheeks flush at the mention of Jughead, whom she had liked since elementary. She casually glanced over Kevin’s shoulder and made eye contact…with Veronica Lodge. She gave a polite smile and looked back at Kevin

“When are you going to tell him you like him?” Kevin asked exasperatedly.

“Never Kev,” (Y/N) replied. “I am not going to make fool out of myself in front of Jughead.”

After talking for a little while more, (Y/N) decided that it was time to leave and gathered up her journal and said goodbye to Kevin. Betty, Veronica, and Archie immediately came and joined him, a mischievous look on Veronica’s face.

“Alright Kev,” she spoke, “Spill. Does your adorable little friend have feelings for Jughead or not?”

Kevin smirked. “I dunno. Maybe…maybe not.”

Betty rolled her eyes,“ Don’t torture the poor girl Kev. Everyone knows that (Y/N) is just as besotted with Jughead as he is with her.”

Veronica’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Perfect.”


“Where are you taking me Betty?” (Y/N) asked. “I promised Cheryl I would meet her to show her the new routine I came up with for Friday’s game.”

“I just really need your help (Y/N),” Betty replied.

(Y/N) followed Betty, who was holding onto her wrist, until they reached the news room. As they stepped inside, (Y/N) froze, realizing they were not alone as Jughead turned to them.

“I’m restarting the Blue and Gold,” Betty stated, “And I need both of your guy’s help.”


It took some time to convince both Jughead and (Y/N) to join the paper but in the end, Betty sent them to go talk to Dilton Doiley.

The whole time, both Jughead and (Y/N) couldn’t contain their nervousness, as they hadn’t had much contact since entering high school. Questioning Doiley turned out to be pointless, but (Y/N) did notice the uneasy scout that kept shooting glances at them as they talked to Doiley.

“Alright,” (Y/N) said, getting Jughead’s attention, “So Doiley was a flop. But, either that scout is checking you out, I mean who doesn’t, or he’s hiding something.”

Both Jughead and (Y/N) flushed, realizing that she had basically admitted to checking him out at one point or another.

Smirking, Jughead asked, “Are you included with those who check me out? Because I wouldn’t exactly mind.”

(Y/N) tried to reply, but became a stuttering mess.

“C'mon,” Jughead chuckled, “Let’s go question that scout.”


(Y/N) couldn’t concentrate. She knew she was supposed to be helping Jug interrogate the scout, but she couldn’t help but admire the way he so casually took the scout’s dessert and began eating it. She only realized that she had been staring when Jughead got up and began to walk away, grabbing her hand and pulling her along with him.

“Let’s go,” he said, not letting go of her hand, “We’re meeting Betty in the news room.”

It took them ten minutes to get from Pop’s to the school. In those 10 minutes, Jughead couldn’t stop mentally thanking Betty as he stole glances at (Y/N) who was lost in thought as they walked.

Arriving at the news room, they carefully set down their stuff and proceeded to wait for Betty, a comfortable silence enveloping them. (Y/N) suddenly realizing that she really had to pee, got up abruptly, muttering a small ‘I’ll be right back’ as she walked past Jughead. Not looking at where she was going, the young girl suddenly tripped and went flying. At least, she would have if Jughead had not been quick enough to catch her.

She look up into his eyes. Big mistake. They stayed there, frozen, his arms around her waist as her hands were flat against his chest. Then, as if they were two magnets being drawn together, they began to lean in, slowly getting closer and closer until finally, their lips met.

The kiss was a soft one. Hesitant and just the slightest bit awkward, but neither (Y/N) nor Jughead would’ve had it any other way.

“I guess this is the time to say that I like you,” Jughead muttered as they pulled away. (Y/N) chuckled.

“I’ve like you since we were 7 and you helped me when I fell off the swings Jug,” the girl quietly replied.

“I’ve liked you since we were five and you told me you liked my hat,” Jughead said, looking down.

The two teenagers sprung apart as the door slammed open and Kevin and Veronica barged in, dancing. Betty and Archie soon followed.

“Our plan worked!” Exclaimed the raven haired girl and the brunette boy.

“What plan?” Asked (Y/N).

“You see dear,” Kevin started, “We couldn’t take you and Jughead shooting longing glances at each other from afar anymore.”

“So we convinced Betty to get you two to join the paper and work together, hoping that you would admit your feelings if you had to work together,” Veronica continued.

“And it worked,” chimed Betty.

(Y/N) and Jughead exchanged glances before looking at their friends, who were too busy celebrating to say anything else.

“Pop’s?” Jughead asked.

“Pop’s,” (Y/N) confirmed as they linked hand and walked off.

After ten years of hopeful wishing, Jughead Jones had finally gotten his girl.


This my first ever fic written here on tumblr and also, this is a new Riverdale blog. I hope it’s good enough for Jughead. :)

What Fools These Mortals Be - Chapter 4

Credit for the amazing aesthetic above goes to @itstenafterfour you are a legend!

Thankyou to the amazing fangirl and the very generous @jandjsalmon who has beta’d this chapter and also helped me with the overall planning of this story.

Also @zombiekittez who has provided information on the inner workings of theatre which I am still using and hope I am doing justice to. I may need to hit you up again soon though.

Chapter 1 / 2 / 3 / Ao3

                       Chapter 4: Whither Wander You

“So what do you want to know?” Betty posed the question to the dark haired woman opposite her.

Veronica clapped her hands together in delight and Betty was taken aback slightly at Veronica’s eagerness to know more about the company. She could see the thoughts racing through the brunette’s head as she formulated her first question.

“The red headed girl over there with Kevin.” Betty followed Veronica’s gaze, seeing where Kevin was currently talking with Cheryl. Well, where Cheryl was currently talking at Kevin and he seemed to just be nodding along and trying to get a word in when he could. “How much drama is she, exactly?”

“Cheryl Blossom. My sister-in-law is quite the handful.” Betty responded, waiting for the look of shock to leave Veronica’s face which was the usual response when she told someone that she was related by marriage to Cheryl Blossom. Poor sweet Betty Cooper.

“Sister-in-Law?” Veronica repeated.

“Yep.” Betty took a sip of her drink before explaining. “My older sister Polly married Cheryl’s twin brother, Jason. It was quite the scandal when they ran away together after Senior year.”

“Wait, back up a second, there are two of them and your sister married one of them.” Her incredulity had Betty laughing out loud.

“Yeah, but Jason and Cheryl are nothing alike, not really. Jason is actually quite nice and he loves my sister and that’s enough for me. Also twins run in their family.” Betty got her phone out of her pocket, scanning through the pictures looking for the most recent photo Polly had sent her of the twins. “This is my niece and nephew,” she said proudly as she turned the phone around so that Veronica could see the photo of the two red haired 3 year olds, both smiling big for the camera.

“They are very cute.” Veronica smiled at Betty who felt a twinge of sadness that they weren’t still living in Riverdale and she did not get to see them nearly as much as she would like.

“They are, and they know it. Polly has her hands full with those two.” Veronica handed Betty back her phone, which she placed back in her pocket. “But to answer your original question, Cheryl is drama personified.”

“I kinda guessed. She has that air about her.”

“Just a word of advice don’t get on her bad side. I find it’s just best to stay out of her way. She always gets what she wants.”

“We’ll see. I’m not one to back down from something.” Betty envied that kind of confidence that Veronica clearly had in spades. She could tell that she was someone who knew who she was and what she wanted. She wouldn’t be the kind of woman who would pine after a boy the majority of her adult life without doing anything about it.

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Summary: Mickey gets released from prison, but no one knows. The first place he goes is the Gallagher house. 

Word Count: 1125

Notes: Thanks so much for 100 followers. I haven’t had this account for long so it means a lot! :)

It’s been a long time since Ian has seen Mickey– three years, seventeen days and two hours to be exact. He misses him everyday, but he knows he needed to move on, so he did. Eight to fifteen years is a long time, and with Ian’s bipolar disorder, he needs stability.

So here he is with his family, Kev, V, Svetlana, Yevgeny, and his boyfriend Trevor, in the most stable environment that he could provide for himself. And then, Mickey walks in the back door.

“Holy shit,” Ian’s face goes pale and his heart starts thumping.

“Miss me?” He says to Ian.

Suddenly, Liam and Yevgeny run to Mickey. He picks them both up and hugs them tightly. “I missed you,” Liam says.

“Missed you too, buddy,” he kisses Liam on the head and then he kisses his son on the head as well. “I missed both of you.”

Liam eventually unlatches himself from Mickey’s embrace, but Yevgeny stays holding on tightly. “Are you home forever, daddy?”

“Yeah, Yev. I’m home forever.” He kisses his head again and hands him over to Svetlana, who kisses him on the cheek and welcomes him home.

Everyone’s jaws are dropped open in shock, other than Trevor, who is looking at everyone in confusion. He tries to ask what’s going on and who this is, but no one answers, they just stare at the dark haired man who walked in the back door.

Debbie is the next to get up and hug Mickey. She introduces him to her daughter. “Hey, Frannie. This is your Uncle Mickey,” she says and he waves at the baby. Mickey smiles at the term “Uncle Mickey.”

Carl, Lip, and Kev then get up to greet him and tell him it’s nice to have him back. They were followed by Fiona and V, who hugged him tightly and told him how much they missed him.

Finally, Ian gets up and walks to Mickey, ignoring everyone around him. He grabs his face, as if he’s making sure he’s not hallucinating. “I want to punch you.”

“Fuckin’ do it then,” Mickey responds.

Ian shakes his head and kisses Mickey instead. The boys wrapped their arms around each other and Mickey smiled into Ian’s mouth.  When they separated Ian leaned his forehead on the other man.

“You’re an asshole,” Ian said.

Mickey nods. “I know. So are you.”

“I know.” With that, Mickey punched Ian in the arm. Ian grabbed for the aching spot that was punched. “What the fuck?”

“You never fucking visited me,” he tried to mask the sadness in his voice because he knew that there were people surrounding them.

“It was hard seeing you,” Ian frowned. He regretted never going to see Mickey, but it was just too hard for him to handle– especially after their last encounter, which was Ian breaking up with him.

Mickey nods and looks down. “Fuck, I missed you.” After hearing that Ian wrapped his arms around the excon. They hugged so tightly that neither of them could breathe.

“I missed you too,” he said sadly.

The silence of the family and the loving hug between the two guys gets cut off by a distressed Trevor. “Can someone explain what the fuck is going on? And who the fuck are you?”

“Who’s this? Boyfriend?” Mickey snickers. Ian just shrugs as a response. “Can I hit him?”

“No!” Everyone yells simultaneously.

Mickey rolls his eyes. “Fine.” He chucks the finger. “Fuck you,” he says to Trevor instead of hitting him. It was the better alternative, but Trevor still scowls.

“Umm, Trev,” Lip starts. “Remember when Ian wouldn’t get out of bed for all those weeks?”

“What the fuck? No one fucking told me he went mani–” Mickey gets cut off.

“Shut the fuck up, let me explain this,” Lip gives Mickey a glare, so he nods.

“Of course I remember,” Trevor says seriously.

Lip sighs. “Remember how he kept calling out for someone named Mickey?” Trevor nods and worry began to fill his eyes. “Well, this is him.” The memory of Ian saying that his ex-boyfriend was in prison quickly came back to Trevor’s mind.

“Why the fuck are you back?” Trevor steps closer and tries to be intimidating. Unfortunately, Mickey was the most threatening man on the Southside so it didn’t work out too well.

“Got released. Good behavior, got my GED.” He started. “Also, Mandy pulled some favors, don’t ask me how because I have no clue. I don’t even know where the fuck she is.”

Ian stepped forward again in surprise. “You got your GED?”

Mickey nodded bashfully.

“Mick! That’s amazing!” Ian shrieks proudly.

To disrupt the happiness, Trevor moves between Ian and Mickey. “Go back to where you came from, asshole,” he says meanly. “Ian and I are together now. You’re the one who fucked up.”

“Stop,” Ian said and moved Trevor out of the way. “I’m sorry, Trev–”

“Why the fuck are you sticking up for him? Didn’t he try to kill your sister?”

“Half,” Mickey corrects him.

“Because we take care of each other,” he looked at Mickey in a way that brought them both back to their last time together. “In sickness and in health, good times and bad times,” he smiled as he summarized the words that Mickey said to him three years ago.

Fiona suddenly jerked up. “What the fuck, are you getting married?” She shrieked.

“We’ve always been ghetto married,” Ian snorts.

Mickey shrugs. “I’m down for it if you are.”

Ian nods with a smirk. “We’re getting married,” he informs everyone as if they haven’t been there listening.

V starts to smile. “I love weddings!”

“What the hell?” Trevor shouts. “We’ve been together for two years, Ian! You’re throwing it away for some dirty scum like this?”

“I love him. I’ve been in love with him for about ten years.”

“Well I love you,” Trevor says desperately.

“I’m sorry, Trevor. I didn’t want you to get so connected. I’ve never loved anyone besides him.”

Mickey smirks at Ian’s words, though he kind of feels bad for the other guy. “Sorry, man,” he says genuinely.

“Don’t you need time to work shit out before you get fucking hitched? I mean seriously you haven’t seen each other in how many years?” Trevor’s fury is noticeable, but Ian shakes his head. “You know what, fine. Fuck you,” he says and slams the door.

Kev looks at everyone’s faces before speaking. “Well I wasn’t expecting this to happen today.”

“Neither were any of us,” Ian snorts. “I’m glad it did though,” he grins.

“So are we,” Debbie says. Everyone nods in agreement.

Ian kisses Mickey’s head. “This is it, we’re finally going to be together,” he says happily.

“This is it,” Mickey repeats.

fave elder price moments
  • in two by two when’s he like socializing and talking to everyone and patting people on the back. what an idiot. 
  • crossing his fingers and mouthing “orlando” i fuckign
  • he answered your prayer. huh.
  • bye mrs brown!!! bye baby
  • when he smiles rly uncomfortably and politely after elder cunningham’s like “all my friends end up leaving me but you can’t”
  • that blows god’s freAKINNN MIINNDD
  • his dorkyass white boy dance after he says “the plane was crowded and the bus was late” Why
  • holding a baby and looking overwhelmed. me too kev. me too.
  • his face when he realizes what hasa diga means i jisujsksksk 
  • you have to stop saying that it means something very bad!
  • his confusion as to how he started tap-dancing and why he has a pink vest on 
  • when he stops undoing his tie bc he hears mckinley tap-dancing out of the room fkfkfkkf
  • i’m beginning to feel…. i dont wanna say ripped off…
  • i would do anything for you. i’m your best friend” “….well alright
  • when he just peeks his head out from under the blanket and says “i am here for you too”
  • goodnight pal
  • elder cunningham stealing the blankets from elder price dkkskkskkd
  • so uh. why don’t you just let me do the talking and you can sort of…. support what i’m saying by going oh wow and stuff like that
  • well of course that didnt work those were christian missionaries 
  • his fistbump with joseph smith
  • to heck with rules
  • fuck you kevin price
  • who is that ?? mickey??
  • i left my mission companion im way worse then youuuubut did u fuck a corpse. im
  • his squeaky little yeeahh when the elders r like omg hes coming back. this Bitch
  • “that would take something incredible” “something increeeedible something increeeedible” THIS OVER-ACHIEVING LITTLE SHIT
  • a warlord who shoots people in the face whats so scary about that
  • sensually stroking the general’s thigh
  • he invented getting the book of mormon shoved up his ass
  • well well well if it isnt super mormon 
  • poor sweetie :(
  • well that doesnt really make any sense
  • his sad orlando reprise. my poor boy. honey. i love u. you’ll be okay i promise. 
  • iconic. being coffee-hungover in front of the mission president.
  • “that play was the most miraculous thing i’ve ever seen” YES BABY GET IT 
  • elder price defending elder cunningham from the general when will ur fave
  • i’d do anything for you, you’re my best friendi can’t believe elder price invented being an angel
  • in conclusion, i love elder price. especially when it’s nic rouleau as elder price. 

i lowkey stole this post i love originality 

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it's funnier to me when wwe says it's the first time kev and shinsuke are facing off tonight cause roh literally posted their match from war of the worlds on their facebook before smackdown started lol

lol. is that shade from roh?

which one

a/n: so I’ve had this request for like 500 years now, and I didn’t know how to feel about it, cause I don’t really know anything about KDL, I barely even know if kevin is his name, but yeah. So sorry if it sucks, but I couldn’t just not write a request. I would feel bad, but I hope you like it somewhat. Also I’m aware it’s short, I wrote this at school in like 15 minutes. So please enjoy
Also! finishing these requests and then working on my fanfics. I’m so excited for these.
carry on


3 years. 3 years down the drain, but I can’t technically blame him, I was the one who broke up with him after all. I just couldn’t handle it. I spent the first year of our relationship getting him off the hard shit, the deadly stuff, allowing him to smoke weed as he pleased, but the pills, coke, heroin, that had to stop, and I helped him get through it. And he was good about it for a while, but the other night, that’s when it all changed.

I walked into the studio, smiling at Emily, the secretary or front desk lady, whatever she was, she was nice. She kindly told me the room they were in, so I headed down, happy as ever to see the love of my life.

Walking in I stopped in my tracks cause there before me was Kev, my boyfriend, doing a fucking line.


he snapped his head up at the sound of my voice, everyone looking over at me. They all knew how I felt about him, they were even the ones who reached out to me before, when they saw how well we clicked, asking if I could help him stop.

“babe, i-it’s not what it looks like.” he spoke quickly, standing up.

“I can’t believe you guys let him do this!” I yelled, turning towards Nate.

“Ma, we tried to stop him.” Nate spoke, which resulted in me rolling my eyes. I couldn’t believe this.

“can we please talk about this outside.” Kev asked, again I rolled my eyes as he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside the studio, but we didn’t go far, just right out in the hallway.

“what the fuck Kevin. I thought you were done with all that.”

“I am b-”

“bullshit. You obviously aren’t.” 

“please listen to me (y/n”

“why?” I asked, looking anywhere but him.

“cause I wanna expl-”

“no, why’d you start again? You stopped, you promised me you had stopped.”

“I did. for a while.” he sighed. “it’s just, I needed it.”

“that’s bullshit. You don’t need that stuff Kevin. You promised me you’d stop!” 

“I did”

“how can I know? All the times we’re not together, how do I know you haven’t been shooting up, or doing a line, or popping pills? how can I trust you.” 

“baby please” he reached out to me, resting his hand on my wrist, but I pulled it away.

“don’t. don’t you dare. I told you. It was either me or the drugs, clearly I can see which one matters to you more. I’m done.” I spoke, my voice cracking a bit and tears threatening to come out.

“baby don’t do this.” he reached out for me again, but I stepped back.

“no. you did this Kev, not me. Hope it was worth it.” and with that I turned and walked out of the studio completely heading home.

That night I packed some of my stuff and went over to my friends, which she generously let me stay for ‘as long as I needed’ which has been about 2 weeks now. And I’m still here thinking about what happened. I mean, I love him I really do, but I couldn’t sit there and watch the person I love do something so bad for them. And he had called me numerous times the first 3 days, but when I kept ignoring his call and sending him straight to voicemail, he stopped.

I stayed in contact with the guys though. Mostly Nate. He would let me know what was going on, kept inviting me to go out with everyone, and Nate and I did hang out a few times since the breakup. I’ve hung out with them all since the breakup, but the second I hear or know Kev’s coming over, I leave.

Nate also let’s me know how Kevin is. Despite breaking up, I still care about him. I still love him, you can’t just fall out of love in 3 weeks when you’ve been in love with the person for 3 years. So I kept tabs on him. I would ask how he’s doing every so often, but I tried not to mention him too much, cause it still sucked knowing he chose drugs over me.

It was about 3:30 in the morning when I was woken up from my sleep by my phone ringing. Grumbling I roll over and take it off the charger and answer it.


‘hey (y/n), it’s uh me, Nate.’

why are you calling at 3 in the morning

‘well uh, we kinda need your-OH SHIT-we need your help’

what was that? I asked, referring to the crashing noise after Nate cut himself off.

that’s kinda what we need help with. it’s KDL’

what about him? Is he okay?

‘yeah sorta? I don’t know. he’s bugging out, and he won’t listen to any of us. He keeps throwing shit and we don’t know what to do’

Nate, it’s nearly 4 in the morning

‘(y/n) come on, he needs your help and you know I wouldn’t be calling if it wasn’t serious’

fine. I’ll be there soon.

getting up and just grabbing my keys, not caring that I was in plaid pajama pants and an oversized tee and my hair looked ungodly, like the worst messy bun, I headed towards Nates.

Arriving and getting out of my car I could hear screaming from inside. And things shattering.

walking up to the door, and letting myself in the sight before me was shocking. I didn’t expect it to be this bad. glass was everywhere, shattered. The house itself looked like someone had came in and robbed Nate, the place looked awful.

“dude chill out.” I heard Nate’s voice from the kitchen, so I headed that way.

“DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN. JUST GIVE ME IT BACK” kevin’s distinctive voice boomed, scaring even me.

“dude, no.” I heard Derek’s voice perfectly.

“guys?” I asked, stepping into the kitchen to see Derek and Nate on one side of the kitchen island, and Kev on the other, shoulders heaving up and down, everyone’s eyes went to me.

“oh thank god. can you please help?” Nate asked.

“what’s going on?” I asked, still standing in the entryway of the kitchen. Looking at Kev, he looked shocked, frozen.

“he’s mad we took his shit.” Nate spoke, looking at me and tossing a plastic bag at me that had a bottle of pills and a syringe in it as well. Looking up from the bag I looked at Kev, who’s face had softened as a few tears fell down my cheek.

“we’ll just leave you too it.” Derek muttered, ushering him and Nate out of the kitchen.

“what the fuck?” I asked, looking at Kev, even though my eyes were watering.

“it’s not what it looks like.” Kevin speaks, reaching out to me, but I shy away from his touch.

“no, you know what. I don’t care.” I spoke, throwing the bag at him, which he caught and looked at me. “do whatever the fuck you want. honestly. Why should I care? It’s not like I’m important to you, so why should I care if you’re killing yourself by doing this shit.” 

“babe please.” his voice sounded weak. 

“no, do it. Fucking ruin your life. you’ll be lucky if you make it to 30 if you keep doing this. go ahead though. it’s your life.”

“you don’t mean that.” he sighed. 

“the hell you mean I don’t mean that? You’re literally killing yourself Kevin! Do you not see that? It’s ridiculous.”

“so you don’t even care. Really? 3 years together and you don’t care if I die?” he spits.

“don’t you dare fucking say that.” I speak, walking up to him enraged, yelling in his face now. “don’t you dare fucking say I don’t care about you when you know I do.”

“then why’d you walk out huh?” he fires back.

“because I fucking care about you. I’m not gonna sit back and watch someone I fucking care about kill them self. I love you. I really do. But I can’t sit back and watch you do this to yourself.” I said softly, looking down at me feet.

“hey” he speaks softly, tilting my chin up to look at him “I love you too, and I’m sorry. It’s just, after you left and ignored me, I-I needed something to help with the pain of losing you. I got a quick fix for the pain and it made me feel great too. But when I would be coming down I’d realize that the only thing that could make it better was you. I need you.”

“I can’t be with you if you’re gonna keep doing this shit Kevin.” I sighed.

“I’ll stop. I swear. Please, I can’t lose you again. I’ll do anything to keep you.”

“you have to stop it.”

“but…what if I can’t? what if I start craving it. What if I geek out cause I need it.”

“It’s me or it’s your quick little fix that’ll have you dead before you know it. You tell me which one matter’s more.”

Next thing I know his hands are cupping my cheeks and my lips are met with his. It’s a sweet passionate kiss, a kiss that says it all. Pulling back he rests his forehead on mine.

“it’s you.” he smiles. “It’ll always be you.” 

he kisses me again.

“I love you so much.” he whispers against my lips.

“I love you too.” I mutter, burying my head in his chest as he pulls me into him.

Shameless 5x07

“Mickey’s waiting for me.”

“you’re really gonna shit your pants?” “I did a little.”

“‘Im going to chew your nuts off with my teeth. And not in a gay way”

V and Kev


Fiona’s face when Mickey said boyfriend

Mickey’s smile when he sees Ian


Sammi and Frank

Fiona and Jimmy/Steve

Mickey getting drunk

Mickey holding Ian’s jacket

Chapter Thirty-Six

A/N: This is a weird little chapter. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. But enjoy xxx

Emmy came home on the last Monday in July with a handful of bags hanging from her arms, and she groaned slightly, dumping them on the kitchen counter before leaning back and puffing air up onto her face. While Kev and Zach had all too graciously helped her carry the shopping to the car, Emmy had had to lug it all up the stairs to the apartment. And that was a lot of stairs.

“Harry?” she called out.

No answer.

She frowned. He’d said he’d be spending the whole day at home.

Leaving the shopping, she crossed the kitchen and peered into the living room; Harry was sat, typing away on his laptop, headphones in. Emmy tapped him on the shoulder; he jumped out of his skin.

“Shit,” he hissed, pulling them out of his ears and clutching his heart. “Don’t do that to me.”

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"Cec'l," Kevin slurred thickly, eyes red from tears as tar dripped from both of his mouths. ((radiohostkevinfree))

Cecil’s face went completely white and he rushed over, trying to wipe the tar from his mouths. “What happened, Kevin!? Oh void, you look terrible…” He gently hel his face, “Kev? Oh, sweetheart..” 

[FAN ACCOUNT] 140827 Concert in Nagoya

“When Eli tried to put his face near Kevin’s face Kev didnt move his face away but when Hoon did it he faced somewhere else ♡ I sense ElVin”

“They teased Kev for not feeling awkward with Eli and Eli was very happy he decided to carry Kevin around the stage”

“KS was made to dance while SH beatboxed (omg at SH!! he was good!!)
Eli then tried to dance like KS but ended up kneel-crawling to Kevin then making a heart over his head at Kevin (we were dyinggg)”

“Kiseop tried to kiss Kevin but Eli came and took a towel and “strangled” Kiseop then took Kevin away lol”

“Kevin and Eli were hugging each other ♥♥ while Soohyun and Jun was talking (Hoon was translating for Jun)”

“Eli started doing the choreo for their debut song 어리지않아 then kevin joined in the song and dance xD SH refuses to even look at them lol”

(cr. to @strawBEArryLEE)