string-cheese  asked:

keith is trans

this isn’t even a hc anymore it’s the word of god

  • he’s terrible when it comes to binding. he wears his binder way too much and falls asleep in it about once a week. everyone gets together to try and confiscate it during the nights but when keith finds out about it he gets just a bit too close to stabbing all of them 
  • he explains that he understands how bad it is, but the thought of not having his binder with him at all is terrifying. he does agree to try and fall asleep in it less, though
  • he started hormone replacement therapy about two months before they found the blue lion, so going into space where he wouldn’t have access to testosterone was really scary at first. but as it turns out, pidge is able to help him continue transitioning in space. she is literally a genius and no one knows how she did it but no one questions it since it works out
  • the first person he came out to was his dad, whose first response was literally “yeehaw!” 
  • keith didn’t know what he’d expected from his dad, but when he thought about it, that was really the only response imaginable for him. he was a little nervous at first but two days later his dad said “son, could get the phone?” and keith had never been more willing to pick up the phone before. he was 9 years old
  • the next time he came out to someone, it was to some of the friends he made before going to the garrison. he’d expected them to react just as his dad had, but it didn’t go so well. that was when he started to have attitude problems.
  • coming out at the garrison didn’t go as well as he wanted it to either, but he managed to get the word out that his name was keith. after a while, the instructors got used to calling him keith as well. none of this helped his attitude problem, though
  • there is a myth that the green paladin of voltron will electrocute anyone who misgenders him. this is not a myth. she will do it and she will not hesitate
  • the other paladins stick up for him too. if someone misgenders keith, hunk will burn their food. shiro will give them the death glare. lance purposefully annoys the hell out of them until they take it back. 
  • anyways keith starts to feel really supported and having friends is actually really cool? one night, while he’s giving his knife a bath (washing it) he smiles to himself because he really loves them and he could never have imagined having such supportive friends before
  • also red is extremely defensive of him. as we all know, you do not fuck with keith unless you want her to actually tear you apart for offending her son

Most people
want a fancy house
lots of money
a successful career
don’t get me wrong
all of those things would be nice
but all I really want is you
to still be there in 60 years
grabbing my hand
pulling me close
slow dancing in the living room
as you sing me your favorite song

- kenzie lawson