Kentucky’s state Senate has passed a bill that would ban transgender students from using school bathrooms and other gendered facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

The bill made a comeback this past week when it passed in a committee after a surprise second vote that came with little advance notice. The Senate passed it 27-9 and is moving it to the Democrat-controlled House, where it will probably (and hopefully) die.

"What an embarrassment the Kentucky Senate has made of our commonwealth today," said Fairness Campaign director Chris Hartman in a statement Friday. "The chamber has made headlines prioritizing a bill in its Education Committee that does nothing but further marginalize one of Kentucky’s most vulnerable populations. The Senate has acted shamefully this week."

Conservative lawmakers in Texas and Florida have also introduced bills this year criminalizing transgender people’s restroom use, claiming that trans-inclusive policies make it easier for sexual predators to sneak into women’s bathrooms.

In reality, transgender people are at a starkly heightened risk of being the victims of violence when they use public facilities. And with hundreds of trans-inclusive equal accommodation ordinances around the country in force for decades, there has never been a single verified instance of someone “pretending” to be trans to gain bathroom access to and harass a cisgender person.

Kentucky. Why. Get your head in the game.

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February 24, 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of the release of Physical Graffiti, the sixth studio album by English rock band Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential and successful bands in the history of rock. Even if you don’t know much about them, chances are good you’d recognize songs from this album, especially “Kashmir.”

This inspiring video shows an awesome performance of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” followed by a medley of “The Ocean” and “Immigrant Song” by the Louisville Leopard Percussionists, a performing ensemble comprised of over 60 student musicians, ranging in age from 7 to 14 years old, representing 48 different schools from the area in and around Louisville, KY. That’s right, it’s Led Zeppelin played on xylophones (and other percussive instruments) and it’s super freaking awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that even Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, widely considered to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time, recently shared the video on his Facebook page. Well done kids! The Geyser of Awesome salutes you!

[via NPR]