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Also can you please gush to me about Nine/Rose?? Like I love them and ship them but sometimes I struggle a little because Nine is so obviously smitten, but with Rose there's Mickey and Adam and Jack and she denies anything with Nine for most of the season. So I tend to favor Ten(too)/Rose because they feel more equal in affection to me, if that makes sense??

See, the thing is though, where we see how smitten Nine is, 90% of the time, he’s being obviously smitten where she can’t see. All those glances and the way he talks about her to others… she doesn’t get those indicators so to her perception, he’s probably a little confusing. He does things like tell her she’s beautiful and weighs the fate of the world against her life but he also tries to be super stoic when she tests the waters as to his interest. Plus she had to process the alien thing and doesn’t know if he would be interested in a human at all.

So she has Mickey who is safe and adores her and she’s reluctant to leave that safety net. Adam is a blip on the map to me. She wanted to show him up and thought he was a bit of alright but he was just a distraction, you know? And Jack? I think she was attracted to him and he’s a potent flirt but after that first meeting, they settled into a friendship that was more suited to them.

So Nine fell hard and fast and before Rose did but Rose fell in love over the course of the season and it’s Beautiful. They get closer and closer and trust each other and there are no declarations but they’re so Solid. They reach for each other often and depend on each other and laugh together.

Nine in general is just more subtle than Ten with his affection and therefore Rose is as well. They play off of each other and are still trying to figure out what is okay, how far they can take it, is it going to work. They think they have Time and they don’t and it makes me so sad. So yeah, they deny it but some of that is that they don’t know where the other stands. There’s undeniably something there but they aren’t sure if the other person acknowledges it, much less wants to act upon it.

They’re just so good for each other. He makes her braver and stronger and more confident and she is like a balm on his wounded soul and teaches him how to see the wonder in ordinary things again. Their jagged edges fit together so well but they still are jagged and they hurt each other but they’re together. His smile is never as tender as when it’s directed at Rose. Her’s is never as bright with anyone but him. They are all about the subtleties. (Until they’re not.) (Until he falls apart completely when he thinks she’s dead - unable to be angry or sad or anything… just numb and empty and devoid of her light.) (Until he sends her away and she refuses to give up on him and let him die so she takes the vortex into her, takes the heart of the tardis into her and goes to save him because she will not lose him.)

Like i understand why people ship Ten(too)/Rose more because it’s a more overt romance but it’s all built on how they grew together when he wore a leather jacket and slightly overlarge ears. They were building a foundation, building a friendship that could withstand regeneration and alternate universes. They were falling in love and watching that is what makes me love them so very much.

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"alright, i’ll leave you alone.” hurt comfort for ten x rose?

set sometime before Tooth and Claw

Rose curled around a pillow, her back to the Doctor. He tugged on his hair, unsure what he was supposed to do in this particular situation. She’d cried off a few adventures back in his last body because she wasn’t feeling well but on those occasions she’d wandered into the galley or console room with a blanket cape around her shoulders and bags under her eyes to tell him before disappearing for the rest of the day.

He was pretty sure the TARDIS had helped her hide, now that he thought about it.

But today, he had burst into her room, words already spilling out about what he had planned for the day only to be met by a groan and Rose curling into a tight ball around a pillow.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“No. Got cramps and the pills the TARDIS gave me haven’t done anything.” Her words were soft and muffled but he heard them.

“Can I get you anything?”

She shook her head. “Gonna try to go back to sleep so I don’t have to deal with it.”

“I’ll just… I’ll leave you alone then,” he said, taking a reluctant step towards the door. It didn’t seem right at all to leave her in pain without trying to help.


He froze, turning back towards her. “Yes?”

“You could come lay down with me. If you want.” She paused. “I wouldn’t mind some company.”

“Alright,” the Doctor agreed, already toeing off his trainers.

He eased onto the bed, trying to disturb Rose as little as possible with the movement. Carefully he curled next to her, not touching but still shaped around her. “This okay?” he whispered.

“You can touch me, I’m not going to break,” Rose said. “And a cuddle sounds pretty good right about now.”

He scooted closer, truly curling around her this time and draping an arm over her waist.

“Oh, this is warm!” he exclaimed when his hand hit the pillow she was snuggling.

“Yeah, the heat helps ease the cramps some. The TARDIS gave it to me.”

“Are the cramps this bad every time?” he asked, mentally kicking himself for never really noticing.

“No, just a couple times a year. I never know when it’s gonna happen. Usually a couple of paracetamol and a warm bath at night and I’m good to go but sometimes it’s like this and I can barely move.”

He smoothed his thumb over the back of her hand, nuzzled closer to her neck. “We’ll just stay still until you feel better then.”

Her thank you was so soft that he almost didn’t hear it.

Rose slowly drifted back to sleep, cocooned by her heating pillow and the Doctor and soothed by the medicine kicking in. Just as she was about to drop off, she swore she felt the Doctor press a feather-light kiss to the base of her neck.

She was asleep before she could decide if she was imagining it or not.

(She wasn’t.)


“My dearest, but what more is there to be said? The things one says are always inadequate: it’s the touch of live hands, of lips pressed to lips that count. 
                                            I want to hold you and say nothing. I want -”


“Oh you fucking know what I’m talking about. You’ll never be happy with someone like this guy cause you’ll just get all anxious about how you’re going to fuck it up. You never would in reality but it doesn’t take long before that anxiety turns into self-sabotage right?” 

“It’s not going to happen that way and even if it did who’s to say it wouldn’t happen with you too?” 

“Cause I know that’s what you’re like, it’s what I’m like… You say that these things that should keep us apart are to be despised but I think there’s a comfort in knowing what you’re up against. We can help each other Kelsey, you know we can.” 

“Or more likely feed into each other vices and make everything a whole lot worse. Why can’t you just let me make this choice without patronizing me about it?  That’s all you’ve done from the start of this damn thing. It’s not like this is fucking easy for me. You know I like you.” 

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Any Doctor/Rose, “quit it or i’ll bite.” or “quit staring! they’ll notice us!”

“quit it or i’ll bite” + “quit staring! they’ll notice us!”

Eight x Rose

@doctorroseprompts and @legendslikestardust for their respective Eight x Rose and Eighth Doctor events :))

“Quit staring! They’ll notice us!” Rose hissed, mouth brushing against the Doctor’s ear.

They were in an alleyway, pretending to be a couple making out in the shadows to avoid being noticed by the pair of politicians they were shadowing. Rose was pressed up against the Doctor, a hand in those glorious curls of his and the other fisted in his cravat. His hands were on her hips, keeping her close.

It would be the stuff dreams were made of if any of it was real.

He chuckled and Rose could feel the vibrations move from his chest to hers and she fought back a shiver.

“We’re doing surveillance, Rose. I have to keep an eye on them.”

“But you don’t have to stare! You’re being conspicuous.”

“And lurking in an alley isn’t conspicuous on its own?”

“Common practice around here for couples to duck into an alley for some alone time,” Rose said. “Saw plenty of them as we’ve been walking today.”

He turned his head slightly so he could see her. “Really? I didn’t notice.”

“You were too busy staring at Dumb and Dumber over there.”

“Surveillance, Rose.”

“You could at least try to be more subtle,” she grumbled.

He didn’t answer, too busy watching their targets.

Rose nuzzled her way up his jawline. One of them had to sell their cover and she was definitely not above milking this particular situation for all it was worth.

She positioned her mouth next to his ear again. “Quit it or I’ll bite,” she threatened before gently setting her teeth against the outer shell of his ear.

The Doctor shivered.

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