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Fem!Nine/Rose, "it’s not everyday you’re mistaken for the newest member of one of the most dangerous criminal gangs in all of history, i think you’re the only one who’s realised i have NO idea what im doing. please please please dont’ say anything, i dont fancy dying just yet!” AU

1. Rose isn’t entirely sure how she got into this situation. Honestly, she’d just been trying to meet some blind date her mate Shareen had set up for her at a pub and all of a sudden she was being escorted into a warehouse a few blocks away and smack dab in the middle of something that was decidedly shady.

2. All of the people around her looked dangerous – and she knew the type from growing up on the Estate – so she just tried to play along like she knew what she was doing, weirdly grateful for the fact that she’d decided on her worn leather jacket for her date tonight so she fit in.

3. (That might be why she’d been mistaken for whoever this Chloe person was so maybe she should have gone with the hoodie after all)

4. Rose almost screamed when someone grabbed her elbow and pulled her behind a stack of boxes and out of sight of the main gathering of people but the other woman clapped her hand over Rose’s mouth before she had a chance.

5. “I know for a fact that you’re not Chloe and you definitely don’t look like you’re in league with that lot, so who are you?” The woman asked in a Northern accent once she’d let Rose go. She was tall with short, tousled dark hair, a sharply defined face, and a piercing blue gaze. The leather jacket that hung on her shoulders was battered and seemed like a part of her instead of a uniform like it did on many of the other.

6. Rose tried to deny everything but the other woman just stared at her until she started babbling out her story about just trying to go on a date and ending up here and would she please not tell anyone else because she really doesn’t want to die tonight.

7. The other woman sighed, muttering under her breath about civilians getting in her way before starting to explain in a whisper that she was a cop and there was going to be a raid on this place in half an hour and she needed to get Rose out of there before it went down.

8. She escorted Rose out a side door and told her to report to New Scotland Yard and she’d meet her there later if things went down smoothly here.

9. (Rose waited nervously at the DI’s desk as she waited for the bust to be over and the woman to return, worrying more with each passing minute that things had gone wrong)

10. When she finally showed up it was with her badge riding her hip and a wide grin lighting up her face and Rose breathed a sigh of relief.

11. Theodora, the detective, asked Rose if she would mind doing their interview over a basket of chips because she was starved.

12. Rose made a quip about how she would love to, especially since her first date had been derailed.

13. (Theodora looked shocked and then thrilled at their interview being turned into a date.)


Kelsey L. Rose BC

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Her main save is just about setup… well the world is pretty much made but I’m just dropping in mostly lots I’ve already built. So anyway I’m through my current gauntlet of doctors appointments and feel like something fun so I am going to do BC with Kelsey. It’ll be ISBI style with eliminations based on relationship until everyone that’s left is maxed out. Once we reach that point I’ll do polls for eliminations since I don’t like doing the challenges/immunity style thing. Just doesn’t seem like my sims find someone as compatible that way to me. I’m accepting an absolute MAXIMUM of 10 sims for this just so I don’t get overwhelmed like last time. To learn more about her you can find her quick character sheet here


- Must be male.

- CC and sliders welcome, I have nearly everything under the sun but I do not allow the iris sliders in my game cause I like having eye glow for certain occults. My MC slider range is currently x7.

- If you’d prefer I dress them entirely that’s fine too. Usually I add a bit of make up to all sims I drop in game so they don’t look out of place next to mine so that’s gotta be okay by you as well. 

- No berries but unusual hair/eye colors welcome. 

- Occults are welcome as they are rampant in my game and I do have quite a few pointy-eared sims if that’s your thing. 

- I have a strong preference against perfection, your sim must have one flaw trait. 

-Simfile format please, I don’t like installing simpacks. 

- To enter open a chat with me or reply to this post.

Obviously whomever wins will get a copy of Kelsey but anyone that’s eliminated will also get a custom sim made for them as a thanks for participating. You can let me know at the time your sim is kicked out what kind you’d like made for you (if at all). I’m hoping to start this no later than January 1st but will totally jump on it earlier if I can get everyone asap. Thank you! ^.^

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Nine/Rose/Jack and this from the shippy roommate AUs list, "the third wheel roommate turning into the relationship counselor but then having the other two fall in love with them" :D

1. Jack did not know what he was getting into when John offered to let him live in the second bedroom of the flat he shared with his Rose (the one he never referred to as a girlfriend despite that obviously being their relationship) for minimal rent.

2. For one, if they’d told him the amount of cold showers he was going to need just from watching two of the most attractive people he’d ever laid eyes on alternatively make bedroom eyes at each other and yell at each other, he might have considered paying a bit more somewhere else.

3. (Not really, but he thought about it sometimes when he was really frustrated)

4. Jack often found himself acting as a sounding board for the both of them at separate times. John and Rose were so obviously in love with each other but there were still bumps in the road and neither of them were great at navigating them.

5. Jack prided himself on being able to read relationships and people at a glance but he was completely blindsided when the three of them were watching a movie on the sofa and John leaned over, Rose still cuddled into his side, and softly kissed him.

6. Turns out that while the two of them had discussed it at length and decided that they wanted to include him in their relationship if he was amenable.

7. Jack was more than amenable, having been in love with the both of them almost from the very beginning. He had just never expected to be able to act on it, but here they were, offering, and he was going to grab on with both hands and never let them go.

8. They ended up turning the second bedroom into an office for the three of them.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it


And I understand. I understand why people hold hands. I’d always thought it was about possessiveness, saying ‘This is mine’. But it’s about maintaining contact. It’s about speaking without words. It’s about I want you with me and don’t go. (insp)

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hehe ok, so I’ve been wondering actually what a non-human AU would be like. As in, the Doctor (or Rose!) is still an alien, but has settled on this planet and passes as human. As their relationship grows, he eventually reveals to her (or vice versa) that he’s not human and to his great surprise, she still accepts him/loves him. Maybe that’s even how he knows she’s “the one."  idk. haha Was just thinking about this because I love writing that one of Pete’s World Torchwood’s main purposes is helping friendly refugee aliens resettle on Earth.

oooh, okay! (Have you read Ring Around the Rosie? because it has this concept involved in it :) )

but just I M A G I N E

nine crashlanding on earth not long after the war and not having the will/desire to fix the TARDIS for travel so he just stays and tries to forget that he’s a time lord, tries to have the ordinary life that he’s never had before. he sets the tardis up in the corner of his guest bedroom of his flat and starts a life on earth.

he goes through a lot of jobs, most of them paying him cash under the table. (he doesn’t go to unit, doesn’t want them to know that he’s here) so he’s a mechanic and a locksmith and a jack-of-all-trades handyman and he’s living. he has nightmares and sometimes whole months go by in a fog of pain.

he gets called in by his acquaintance, Wilson, one day to cover a couple of shifts as the electrician at Henrik’s department store. he’s locking up to leave when he hears someone banging on the storage room door. it’s a girl who works upstairs and she’d gotten locked into the storage room while trying to deliver the lottery money after her shift.

she’s so thankful that someone was around to let her out that it takes her a minute before she narrows her eyes at him and is like “you’re not Wilson.”

and they start snarking at each other as they exit the building because he tells her that his name is the Doctor (he doesn’t want to give her his alias for some reason… it just doesn’t feel right) and she’s arguing that that’s not a proper name and what is a doctor doing working as a fill-in electrician anyways?

when they part ways, he’s smiling like he hasn’t in years and she’s told him to pop by and say hello next time he’s covering for wilson.

(he calls wilson and tells him that he’ll cover the next day if he wants a day off)

(he takes Rose (that’s her name. Rose Tyler) (it feels like music on his tongue instead of the ash that most words taste like these days) to get chips that she ends up paying for)

(he does give her his alias eventually but she still calls him Doctor)

they become friends and then in between visits to chippys and museums, friends start to slip into something more. their hands are often intertwined and he could swear that she flirts with him but he can’t quite bring himself to believe it. why would she flirt with daft, old, broken him??

(but oh she is flirting and when she pulls him down into a kiss in the middle of a museum, he can’t deny it anymore)

(and he doesn’t want to)

(he kisses her back)

(and then he panics because there’s so much she doesn’t know about him. she doesn’t know how much he doesn’t deserve her, how he’ll taint her sunshine self with his blood stained hands and guilt-heavy soul)

(he panics and runs but she comes after him)

they’re a month into whatever this relationship is when he tells her. they’re on his sofa and she’s laid out on top of him, hands splayed against his chest and lips swollen from his kisses.

he just blurts it out. 

(”I’m an alien” “Okay” “Rose, did you hear me? I’m not human.” “I said okay. I mean, I have questions but I already knew you were like no one else so I’m not that shocked”)

and she just accepts him and he can’t believe it and he pours all of the love that is overflowing his hearts into his next kiss.

there’s questions later, a talk about who he is that leaves her with more questions than answers but he knows, he knows that he’s never going to let this woman go. not if he has any say in the matter


F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gabsy.


1000% of flirting is done with your eyes if you don’t believe me watch this video