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Also can you please gush to me about Nine/Rose?? Like I love them and ship them but sometimes I struggle a little because Nine is so obviously smitten, but with Rose there's Mickey and Adam and Jack and she denies anything with Nine for most of the season. So I tend to favor Ten(too)/Rose because they feel more equal in affection to me, if that makes sense??

See, the thing is though, where we see how smitten Nine is, 90% of the time, he’s being obviously smitten where she can’t see. All those glances and the way he talks about her to others… she doesn’t get those indicators so to her perception, he’s probably a little confusing. He does things like tell her she’s beautiful and weighs the fate of the world against her life but he also tries to be super stoic when she tests the waters as to his interest. Plus she had to process the alien thing and doesn’t know if he would be interested in a human at all.

So she has Mickey who is safe and adores her and she’s reluctant to leave that safety net. Adam is a blip on the map to me. She wanted to show him up and thought he was a bit of alright but he was just a distraction, you know? And Jack? I think she was attracted to him and he’s a potent flirt but after that first meeting, they settled into a friendship that was more suited to them.

So Nine fell hard and fast and before Rose did but Rose fell in love over the course of the season and it’s Beautiful. They get closer and closer and trust each other and there are no declarations but they’re so Solid. They reach for each other often and depend on each other and laugh together.

Nine in general is just more subtle than Ten with his affection and therefore Rose is as well. They play off of each other and are still trying to figure out what is okay, how far they can take it, is it going to work. They think they have Time and they don’t and it makes me so sad. So yeah, they deny it but some of that is that they don’t know where the other stands. There’s undeniably something there but they aren’t sure if the other person acknowledges it, much less wants to act upon it.

They’re just so good for each other. He makes her braver and stronger and more confident and she is like a balm on his wounded soul and teaches him how to see the wonder in ordinary things again. Their jagged edges fit together so well but they still are jagged and they hurt each other but they’re together. His smile is never as tender as when it’s directed at Rose. Her’s is never as bright with anyone but him. They are all about the subtleties. (Until they’re not.) (Until he falls apart completely when he thinks she’s dead - unable to be angry or sad or anything… just numb and empty and devoid of her light.) (Until he sends her away and she refuses to give up on him and let him die so she takes the vortex into her, takes the heart of the tardis into her and goes to save him because she will not lose him.)

Like i understand why people ship Ten(too)/Rose more because it’s a more overt romance but it’s all built on how they grew together when he wore a leather jacket and slightly overlarge ears. They were building a foundation, building a friendship that could withstand regeneration and alternate universes. They were falling in love and watching that is what makes me love them so very much.


And I understand. I understand why people hold hands. I’d always thought it was about possessiveness, saying ‘This is mine’. But it’s about maintaining contact. It’s about speaking without words. It’s about I want you with me and don’t go. (insp)

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ten x rose + "I'll wait for you" (sorry, I had to! xd)

20. I’ll wait for you


The Doctor watched as Rose bit down on her quivering bottom lip, the Norwegian wind whipping her hair across her face. He could see the instant that her eyes steeled over with determination, the moment she made a decision about something.

(He tried not to think about the fact that this was the last time he’d get to see that change materialize on her face.)

Rose took a deep breath and looked him in the eye. “I’m not going to wait for you,” she said, tone leaving no room for doubt as to her sincerity.

(He really hadn’t thought that his heart could break any more than it already had but those words falling from her lips did the trick.)

“No?” He was rather proud that his voice didn’t waver on the single syllable.

“No. I’m done waiting. I’m gonna find a way to come home.” Her smile was small but genuine and the Doctor felt his lips curling upwards in response despite his inner turmoil.

“It’s impossible, Rose. I’ve tried.”

“I don’t care about impossible, Doctor. Impossible’s never been able to stop a Prentice or Tyler woman from getting to the man she loves. Look at mum!”

The Doctor felt like the oxygen had been sucked out of the room. “Rose…”

“Right, went out of order there.” She moved to push his shoulder before stopping when she remembered that she couldn’t touch him. She took another deep breath. “I love you and I’m going to come home to you as soon as I can manage it.”

He grinned at her. “I’ll wait for you, then. And I suppose if it’s my last chance to say it for now… Rose Tyler -” The words died on his tongue as her image faded from view. He’d run out of time, had forgotten to count the seconds and left important words unspoken.

But Rose had left him with hope and a smile and that was more than he’d had two minutes earlier. Now he just had to hold onto those and wait for her to do the impossible one more time.

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Hi me again. Can you talk more about Rose's progression of falling in love with Nine? And Nine too, if you like. I'm just going to rewatch that series and I want to kind of watch their story in a new way, with better knowledge of the little nuances so I don't miss them, you know?

okay i’m gonna fully admit that i haven’t actually watched it in a while so this might be vague.

but like… nine is at least three-quarters of the way in love by the time he looks across the conference table at 10 Downing Street and says “I could save the world but lose you.” He’s half in love when he looks up to see her dressed up for Naples in 1860 that turned out to be Cardiff in 1869. There’s just something about her and the way she radiates light and hope and warms his soul, the way she listens and accepts and still challenges him at every other turn. He really can’t help but fall in love with her and fall fast. (Watch for the way he watches her when she’s not looking. The softness in his eyes. The way he smiles more sincerely when he’s talking to her. The way he pulls her towards him in The Long Game when she chooses to come with him instead of with Adam. Just the way he’s lighter when he’s talking to her but pretends that it’s Nothing when she thinks about flirting - i.e. the dancing - until he decides it has to be something so she doesn’t gravitate towards Jack)

On Rose’s part, I think her attraction really solidifies in The Unquiet Dead. There are sparks of it in The End of the World but she’s still processing the whole alien and time/space travel thing so it’s on a back burner. But in The Unquiet Dead, she’s all dressed up and he tells her she’s beautiful even though he follows it with a tease so she things it’s all just a joke but… it’s something that stays with her i think. and then the whole better with two, and her reaction to the “i’m so glad i met you.” this episode is a treasure trove tbh. In Aliens of London/World War Three, she’s kinda brought back to the “real world” and their denials of a relationship were a little too vehement for people who hadn’t thought about it tbh. Dalek shows more of how far the Doctor has fallen rather than Rose but in The Long Game, watch how Rose continues to gravitate towards the Doctor even if Adam is there. she’s much more interested in her designated driver than in the tag-along.  and then Father’s Day where they’re fighting and forgiving each other and come out stronger because of it (and Pete assumes they’re in a relationship, if i’m remembering correctly) and then the dancing in the next two parter, where Rose is finally really testing the waters, seeing if he might be interested. from there, it’s like the mutual attraction, the mutual affection is a thing that is known between them even though neither of them is sure of where the other is on that spectrum. but they’re even closer after that i think, more of a unit as their mutual gravity pulls them together.

and i mean, just look at that kiss in PotW. that is a much more sensual kiss than what was probably necessary. (and you can’t tell me that he couldn’t’ve taken the vortex out of her another way. he so could have) (and the moments where the gold recedes from her eyes and it’s just Rose talking and it’s definitely Rose who kisses him back)

this was… not helpful but i really need to do a rewatch.  :))

come chat! (about doctor/rose, femslash things, things in general… whatevs)


“Oh you fucking know what I’m talking about. You’ll never be happy with someone like this guy cause you’ll just get all anxious about how you’re going to fuck it up. You never would in reality but it doesn’t take long before that anxiety turns into self-sabotage right?” 

“It’s not going to happen that way and even if it did who’s to say it wouldn’t happen with you too?” 

“Cause I know that’s what you’re like, it’s what I’m like… You say that these things that should keep us apart are to be despised but I think there’s a comfort in knowing what you’re up against. We can help each other Kelsey, you know we can.” 

“Or more likely feed into each other vices and make everything a whole lot worse. Why can’t you just let me make this choice without patronizing me about it?  That’s all you’ve done from the start of this damn thing. It’s not like this is fucking easy for me. You know I like you.” 

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I'm a new person to the doctor who fandom (and show) (I'm on Smith and Jones where you meet Martha?) but I was wondering (if you don't mind, I just can't find an answer anywhere) why do people ship rose with other doctors other than the ones she interacted with.

hi there! i hope you’re enjoying DW (and i hope you love martha. i love martha ♥)

okay the short answer here is a “because we can”

the longer answer is that we see rose interact with two doctors in canon and the chemistry is palpable in both pairings. so it’s easy to extend that same sense of chemistry to other doctors if you’re inclined to do so. it’s a feeling of oh these two are soulmates and therefore we want to ship them in all possible iterations. there’s just a lot of stuff showing how important rose was in the doctor’s life (not all of which you’ve gotten to yet) so it’s easy to expand on that. not everyone does though. just like some people only ship nine/rose or only ship ten/rose, some people only ship rose with the doctors she canonically met. it’s just a personal preference :) (and boils down to the “because we can and it’s fun” answer)

i’m afraid this was probably not an informative answer. i was literally about to turn out the lights to go to sleep when i saw this message pop in and got my laptop back out to answer it! enjoy watching DW! Please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have :)

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Clara/Rose #15?

15. you found me

Clara/Rose, AU

Clara spun from side to side, hair fanning out behind her as she tried to figure out where she was. Familiar panic was starting to creep in, to sizzle through her veins and override her brain.

Getting lost was her worst fear, had been since she was a little girl, and now the teleport had spat her out somewhere that was decidedly not home and possibly not even on the right side of the planet.

Oh god, Rose was going to think she’d just up and left after their fight this morning. Clara didn’t fight the tears as they welled in her eyes.

How was she going to find her way back home?

Clara bit down on her bottom lip and started really looking at her surroundings. There weren’t any distinguishing features that she recognized and definitely no people around. She was just going to have to pick a direction and start walking and hope she found civilization soon.

She was just about to start walking when the familiar whooshing sound of a teleport filled the air behind her. She spun around and thought her heart might burst with joy when she was met with the sight of Rose standing in the swirling dust.

Clara barreled into her girlfriend, almost knocking the both of them over as she wrapped her arms around Rose.

“You found me,” she said into Rose’s shoulder. “I didn’t know where I was and I was so scared but you found me.”

“Course I did,” Rose soothed, running a hand over Clara’s hair. “The technicians at your office called me immediately when the teleport malfunctioned since I’m on record as your emergency contact. Might’ve shouted at them until they gave me the coordinates to where they thought you were.”

Clara sniffled as she pulled back from the hug so she could look at Rose. “Was worried you wouldn’t think to look for me after our fight.”

“Nah, I’d already forgiven you for that, was just waiting until we were both home to talk about it.”

Clara leaned forward and pressed a lingering kiss to Rose’s lips - a thank you that tasted strongly of relief and gratitude.

When she pulled back, she gave Rose a puzzled look. “Okay, but if you’re here, does that mean we’re both stuck now?”

“You think I’d come rescue you unprepared? I brought the personal teleport I use for field work and swiped Mickey’s too so we’d both have one. We’ll be home as soon as we’re ready to travel again,” Rose assured her.

“Want to spend our decompressing time avoiding our post-fight conversation and making out instead?” Clara asked, swaying forward and trying on the smile she knew Rose had a hard time resisting.

“You’ve recovered fast,” Rose said, gaze catching on the tear tracks on Clara’s face before locking onto her mouth.

“Gotta do something with all this adrenaline.”

“Good point.” With that, Rose pulled Clara to her and threaded fingers through her hair before cutting off any reply her girlfriend might’ve had by snogging her thoroughly.