after today, i’ve realized that life’s too short to dislike people for no reason. if we have any beef, it’s one sided. i’m done with that. every single person in this world has something going on in their life that’s hurting their heart whether they show it or not. be nice.
most of all just know that tomorrow is never promised. love the life you have and cherish every minute and everyone in it. it’s so important to let the people you love know how much they mean to you.

I wanted to fight
Scream, the best I could

Ask her

What did I do wrong
What does she wants
Why couldn’t we be together again
Why it has to end this way

But sometimes answers are way more
diabolical and skewering
Than the question itself.

So I buried them somewhere in my mind
And chose to smile instead.

Everytime they comeback
I get stronger and obsdurate
To keep that smile untouched


Keep smiling

It will get better trust me.