Kendi ülkesinde "yabancı" olmanın kısa tarihi

Yıl 1838, Osmanlı - İngiltere arasında imzalanan Balta Limanı Ticaret Antlaşması:
1- Gümrük vergisi ihracatta %12, ithalatta %5 olacak.
2- Yabancı tüccarlar iç gümrük vergisi vermeyecek.

Yıl 2017, Meclisten geçen yasa:
Yabancılara konut satışından KDV alınmayacak.

i’m live playing indie korean music, electronic, trap, and mellow beats on my radio show! tune in on kdvs.org :) my show is the yellow brick road im dj yolo ono

beni benden alırsan, faturanı kesmeyi ihmal etmem(kdv dahil)...

Koskocaman, lüks bir tekneden ötv veya kdv alınmaması buna karşılık 200 sayfalık bir romandan dahi vergi alınması bu dünyadan nefret etmeme yeterli bir sebep

i should really take myself off of the KDVS listserv, but i really enjoy reading these emails

Hey everyone, sorry for the whatever

Are you into new age? How about shows? How about really rad hilarious people affiliated with KDVS also making amazing music and also a beautiful garden and a tight roof and culture and learning and cutest breakfast schmekfasts and other things that are either rad or amazing or hella cute or tight? 

Teaching on April 16th

In my “Writing in Fine Arts” class today, I had my students self-select into four groups. They could either analyze a Louis Menand New Yorker essay that was quickly written on the Marathon bombings; discuss and apply concepts raised in Arthur Miller’s 1949 essay “Tragedy and the Common Man”; support an assertion on the ways that photography is insufficient to represent tragic events; or answer the question “How does art heal?” I was impressed with my students’ analysis and assertions.

Just now I received this email from one of my students:

“Dear Dr. Jones,

I just wanted to say that I really appreciated you adjusting the lesson plan today to talk about the Boston bombing. Most of the time when things like this happen, other professors go on like nothing had happened. It always confused me and made me feel like I should cover up the sadness. I am very glad that you decided to talk about it. Thanks again.“

Classes like today’s remind me how appreciative I am to have had an opportunity to pose challenging questions to smart people on the radio every week, for that’s exactly how I ran today’s class. UC Davis students excel at meeting high expectations.