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treblemirinlens  asked:

James Norrington

What a good choice! :D 

I actually like Norrington a lot. Not because he always makes good choices, but for his complexity of character. He in fact gets in Will’s way a lot, which you would think would make me dislike him because I love Will, but no. I really liked his choice at the end of the first film to not be a prick about Elizabeth loving Will. he wasn’t like WELL YOU SAID and made her marry him, no, he recognized the situation and stepped aside. 

Second movie Norrington is FASCINATING to me. I love the way Jack Davenport has lost everything and is so snarky and a mess. I love how he thinks he’s searching for the right path, but really he ends up choosing the wrong side entirely. Societal approval, but morally incorrect. There’s a reason he was in my head when I created Michel in SBOS. 

Now, I do think third movie Norrington is a missed opportunity. Instead of KILLING HIM after Elizabeth challenges him and makes him realize he’s absolutely made the wrong choice, he should have gone with them! He would have made a great pirate and I would have dearly loved to see him go up against Beckett in a sword fight. And hell, since it clearly takes Elizabeth 20 years (give or take, to however old Henry is in Dead Men Tell No Tales) to get Will back, I’m sure she could use a friend around on whatever adventures she happens to be on. That would have been way better than killing him, what a missed chance. 

adorablecrab  asked:

enjolras vs captain flint :D

This is genuinely one of the most difficult questions I have ever been asked, you are CLEVER. 

I think they are so evenly matched (they’re both strategists, they’re both very, very skilled) but I THINK Flint probably has the bigger chance of getting the better of Enjolras, for two reasons. One, because he fights more often. And two, because he’s just…frankly more vicious, when it comes to fighting. Like honestly Flint is one of very few people I would EVER say could beat Enjolras in a fight. The one thing that makes me hesitate is the fact that he stumbles when he duels with Blackbeard, but…it IS Blackbeard. I think it would be a TOUGH fight though, and Enjolras could probably also win, but I think Flint might have a slightly better chance.