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Strength was cancelled and I really wanted to sweat, so conditioning class it was. Tuesdays are all conditioning (no CrossFit classes), and they’re always extra horrible.


2 rounds of 30 seconds each: inch worms, spiderman stretch, mountain climbers, squat stretch, air squats

Workout 1

In teams, each person performs each move 3 times across the gym:

  • shuttle sprints with medicine ball
  • suicides with medicine ball
  • broad jumps
  • burpee broad jumps

This was actually pretty fun, but I can’t jump very far.

Workout 2

“Annie Has Gone Cray”


  • double unders (scaled to double the amount of singles)
  • weighted sit-ups (I used 15#)
  • burpee to plate (regular burpee but jump onto a plate)
  • KB swings (53/35)

Finished in 26:34. I took it slow and did everything unbroken. The rounds of 40 and 50 burpees felt like an eternity, but I got through them just fine.

I’m really proud of this. I was the only one in my class of 16 or so to finish, and I beat my conservative goal (to finish) and my crazy goal (under 27 minutes). Hooray!

I honestly don’t even know how this happened, but it wasn’t part of my person when I arrived at CrossFit this evening.

Now, quite obviously, it is. But don’t blame The Mormon this time.


  • 500m row
  • mobility work
  • 500m row

WOD: “Slattery”


  • 13 handstand push-ups (scaled to pike push-ups from 20" box)
  • 15 KB swings, 53# (scaled to 44# [I usually do 35#!])
  • 27 wall balls, 14#
  • 47 sit-ups



  • pack 50 bags of supplies for the homeless (for time)

Annnnd: I’m Slattered.



So today was a long day. It started with teaching 6am class then 9 & 11:30 before heading to school and battling to write something. Sleep deprived and ornery I mentored coaches during the evening classes. It was a makeup day an a good opportunity for people to coach a class they had been a part of or been am assistant coach of. Then I knew I had to workout. So I picked a CrossFit workout called Jonesworthy! 80 squats, 40 kettlebell swings with 1.5 pood, 20 pullups, 64 squats, 32 kb swings, 16 pullups, 50 squats, 25 kb swings, 12 pullups, 32 squats, 16 kb swings, 8 pullups, 16 squats, 8 kb swings, 4 pullups, 8 squats, 4 kb swings, 2 pullups. My time was 20:25. I was happy to get through it especially for my sleep deprived state. I’m having a struggle pushing through the pain at the moment, but I kept going tonight. Happy to be on the path back. The hardest part was that t came after all the muscleups from the hero workout called Ryan.

Getting ready to do POP HIIT 8: I knew you were trouble. We’re doing a pyramid. Grab a dumbbell or a kettle bell. Do 1 KB swing followed by 1 burpee, then 2 KB swings followed by 2 burpees…all the way until you reach 15-15! Great! Now go back down the pyramid 14-14…13-13…all the way until you get back to 1-1. This is a fat burning INFERNO!!!! Let me know in the comments how long it takes you to complete the workout. Most people take around 40 minutes. It’s a complete total body shocker. #newbodymakeover

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
2 muscle ups
4 hspu
6 kb swings, 32/24

6 rounds flat, Rxish

Worked on form for this WOD. Got all the muscle ups and found that the wooden thin rings are my BFFs. Also need to start practicing hspu without 1 ab mat under my head and with the kb swings I just went chest high vs above head with the 24kg bell.


Day 2


Practice Toes 2 Bar and Knees to Elbows


Strict Press (5,5,5)


15-12-9 for time:

KB Swings (53 lb)


I’m not sure what size kettlebells you have at the stadium, but standard weight for men is 53lbs. I’m guessing you have one close to that. If it is lighter, that is fine especially since you haven’t been doing them much. We do our dips on rings, but i’’m guessing you have a dip station of some sort. Just let me know what you have, and if you have any questions. Keep this workout fast and intense. Time should be somewhere around 5 minutes. Post your time and questions.

6-6-12: 2 POOOOOOD


For Time:

  • Run 400meters


  • KettleBell Swings (70/53)
  • Unbroken Double Unders
  • Run 400 meters


  • KettleBell Swings
  • Unbroken Double Unders
  • Run 400meters.

18:35 ½ Rx, I got all but the 21’s Unbroken on DUs.  Used the 2 Pood KB for the swings.  Seriously that fucker is huge… but not terrible.  A while ago I started treating KB swings the same way as Cleans,  a whole lot of hip, and a vertical(ish) pull.  Seems to make a difference when you’re swinging almost ½ your bodyweight around!  It also seems to be pretty efficient rather than swinging the KB in this huge arc out in front of me.  Not sure if it’s the way they’re intended to be done, but the coach says they look good.

Now it’s time to make more sweet potato hash.

Sausage is just like bacon on the paleo diet right?

workouts, 01.07-08.2016

My body feels pretty beat up right now. Done a lot of cleans, thrusters, and jerks lately, and so my shins are kind of scraped up and my collarbone is a little bit swollen and I’m just all sorts of sore and thrashed.


A: Warm up, 10 minutes rowing

  • 30 seconds on
  • 30 seconds off

Probably went a little harder than I should have, considering the following metcon. I think I averaged under 1:42/500m for the entire 10 minutes.

B: Modified OPT tester: 3 rounds of

  • 25 KB swings (70#)
  • 25 burpees
  • 4 minutes rest
  • Goal is sub-3:00 per round

2:27 / 3:00 / 3:21 Rx – Well that was not so fun. I think the goal for the actual OPT tester (which does not have those nice 4 minutes breaks in between rounds) is to do all three rounds in under 10 minutes. Which is plainly not possible for me, right now. The KBs are heavy, though I think I need to allow the KB to swing back between my legs a little further and get some more hip drive. I think for the majority of this workout, I was just slowing it down with my arms and trying to cycle into the next swing as soon as possible. Certainly didn’t do my shoulders any favors by doing that. The burpees sucked, of course, but when don’t they? At the end of it all, I averaged just under 3:00 per round, which was good, I guess. Definitely fried my shoulders.

C: Close grip bench press

  • 3x5 // 145# – Still on this bench press cycle. It’s getting hard, especially with a close grip. We’ll see how this continues.

D: DB bench press

  • 4x12 // 45# – Surprised myself by actually doing all these reps. Didn’t think that was going to happen. The last 2-3 reps of each set were definitely grinds, of course, but I anticipated only doing 4x8.

E: 50 Abmat situps


A: Thruster, heavy 5RM

  • 155# – Capped it there. Didn’t want to really go that much heavier, because…

B: 20 minutes, EMOM

  • 3 power cleans
  • 3 front squats
  • 3 push jerks

135# – Instead of 180 total reps (9 per minute), I was aiming for 7 reps per minute: 2 power cleans, 1 squat clean (counting as a combo clean+front squat), 1 front squat, 1 thruster (counting as a combo front squat+push jerk), 2 push jerks. Still, I ended up only hitting 134 reps out of a possible total of 140. There were three rounds where I did a thruster and then bailed on the bar instead of receiving it and setting up for a couple more jerks. It was pretty awful, and now my right collarbone is super angry.

C: 35 Abmat situps

My back did some weird things, especially on some of the later jerks, and it started stiffening up on my while I was recovering. Decided to hit some more situps to help work that out. Maybe.