I can’t even with this nerd. Tears in my eyes. 

Kristen Bell in Repeat After Me.

While it was understandably not until after this shocking scene that Beckett’s true circumstances could be revealed, it should be noted that Stana Katic simply could not be overlooked for her limited yet incredibly compelling performance as well. With few words but many telling looks, Katic perfectly conveyed the horror and desperation that would propel Beckett into doing whatever it took, even the most gruesome acts, in order to save her own life.
—  Castle: The Final Showdown (X)

Chen: *breathes*

Me: you are literally the most important thing on this planet. the sun, the moon, and the stars were all created for you. the miracle of life is meaningless without your existence and without your smile all atomic motion would cease to exist leaving the universe is a cold vast motionless void devoid of all life and humanity.