Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, AHBL8 Melbourne
[photography by me]

This keeps coming up again and again, so I feel the need to talk about it:

I do not care about the Kathy Griffin photo. I will say that I feel bad for Barron Trump but only to an extent. I understand that he is a little boy who loves his father and doesn’t understand what he says and does. I understand how this would scare him and how he couldn’t imagine why someone would hate his dad so much. 

But at the end of the day, his father is still alive. He gets to have him back. He gets to see him again. He gets to wake up from a nightmare and have his mom tell him it was all a bad dream.

Meanwhile, there’s eleven year olds being poisoned in Flint, Michigan. There’s dead eleven year olds in Syria and Afghanistan, two countries Barron’s father has bombed. There’s eleven year olds in this country who are hungry, who are living below the poverty line, or whose parents are being deported. There are eleven year olds on Indian reservations who might not even live to be eighteen. There are eleven year olds who will never see their fathers again because they were actually murdered and brutalized for their race or sexual orientation.

I’m not going to cry over Barron Trump. Not when that moment for him was only temporary. Not when there are children his age who are living  in an actual nightmare every day in large part to his father’s executive decisions.

Sorry kid. You’re not the priority here. 

Kathy Griffin didn't go too far.

Fuck Donald Trump, I don’t think Kathy went too far. When did we decide to hold a comedian to higher regards than a “president”? Trump can seriously endanger generations to come in one day, with one pen stroke, and Kathy Griffin can post a photo decapitating Trump, and yet the photo seems to matter more? Why is it ok to body slam a reporter, and talk about how you sexually abuse women with NO consequences, decide to openly destroy our environment and basic human rights with NO consequences - yet a fucking photo is beyond unacceptable to the far right? People created effigies of Obama, burned and lynched them during his presidency. Sasha Obama was nine years old when the birther conspiracy bullshit started on top of it all. So yes, I think what Kathy Griffin did was fucking fine. Trump-esc conservatives are literally far right Nazis, and you can’t conquer a white supremacist with fucking hugs. They go low, we go…kick them in the teeth because they are fucking fascists. Shut the fuck up. #KathyGriffin #CNN

Absolutely nothing happened when people on the Right burned effigies of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton.
I’m not saying the photos Kathy Griffin did were at all tasteful, but maybe we should start holding the Right to the exact same standards they hold us to.