I just realized that in ending when Hera pretty much says that the second Kallus endangers the Rebellion with false information and everyone agreeing is kind of like the ending to “The Western Air Temple” in ATLA, when Katara threatens Zuko about how she supposedly knows all about how his turncoat isn’t genuine and she’ll prove it the second he screws up, except Kallus has NO clue (except for the mistrust from Ezra and Kanan) that the rebels will dump him the moment he screws up, even if it isn’t even his fault.

“You might have everyone else here buying your… ‘transformation’, but you and I both know you’ve struggled with doing the right thing in the past. So let me tell you something right now; you make one step backward, one slip up, give me one reason to think you might risk the Rebellion — and you won’t have to worry about your destiny anymore; because I will make sure your destiny ends, right then and there. Permanently.

That arc did a good job of making me hate Katara from that episode on, not gonna lie. But I think that was the sort of the point. For the record, I did get over it, but lol I just don’t like her in Book 3.5.


“You have indeed felt a great loss, but love is a form of energy, and it swirls around us.  The Air Nomads’ Aang’s love for you has not left this world.  It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love.”

The announcement of the upcoming graphic novel brought up all sorts of old feels, so in commemoration of the continuing story, I decided to break my own heart.  Enjoy.

Voltron: Legendary Defender & Avatar: The Last Airbender - An Important Comparison

Lance & Sokka

- blue oni

- puns

- 90% drama


Keith & Zuko

- red oni

- angry

- needs to chill


Shiro & Katara

- leader

- mom friend

- trademark hair

- beautiful

Pidge & Toph

- smol

- green

- sarcastic

- will fight you

Hunk & Suki

- pragmatic

- sensible

- trademark headband

- *long-suffering sigh*

Allura & Aang

- last of their people 

- frozen in time

- cinnamon roll

- tattoos

Coran & Appa

- the best friend

- luxurious facial hair

- comic relief

- transportation