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Mouse's Positivity Tour (AKA I Love My Internet Friends and I'm Sick and Tired of Antis): Sweetheart, darling, my lovely Kat. I'm very angry that you've had to deal with the knowledge that some asshole out there is using your lovely writing for Evil, on top of real life problems and running sns week. Not only are you an Actual cinnamon roll, you're a crazy talented, crazy productive writer. Your fic make me feel soft and lovely, and your blog is a joy.

Oh, Mousey, my lovely dear mouse. Thank you so much! I’m not really worried about it. I think they’re just making themselves look stupid, so don’t you worry either. You’re really sweet! I wouldn’t be able to do it without my wonderful friends I love yall so much!!! You’re such a joy, I adore you so much!

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@KatGraham Appreciation Week II ♕ day 7: Kat, the precious cupcake (Kat & the fans)

Thank you Kat, for being so nice to the fans. In the four and a half years that I’ve been following your career, you’ve always been so sweet and kind to us. Thank you for portraing Bonnie Bennett so beautifully and making me love her more every day, thanks for making us proud Kat Graham stans by showing us that love and dedication are the keys to everything in life. Thanks for breaking the fourth wall and “fangirling” with us, for defending us and for hearing us. You’re fucking awesome and I love you!

Much love xx

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Good morning! I have not watched The Walking Dead, but I have seen a lot of posts on tumblr and I am very curious and interested in this relationship between Beth and Daryl. Was there actual canon proof in the show that they were falling for each other in a romantic way? Is there an actual possibility that she is alive and not dead? My heart hurts to think that it was cut so short for them. Loved looking through your blog! Thanks so much for any response!

Morning Darling! Well you have just opened up yourself a big big long post and if you’ve seen my blog and or follow it. You will see a section called Kat Rants (actually i’ll try to make this short—but it wont happen)

Relationship Between Daryl and Beth. Well first, this is why I irrationally started to ship them together. I’m a sucker for anything moody and grumpy falling for the bright ass ray of sunshine and they look good together. I mean c’mon, have you seen em?

Now for the actual rational way. So—for me the friendship build was one of the most important things. In the second season he’s seen given some off handed comments about Beth and how he’s not going to find Hershel. At this time he really is a surely grumpy man. Beth’s in her catatonic state and she’s wanting to die and go in the bed she lived in. Then she makes her choice and she makes that choice to live, unlike Andrea at the time no one else makes that choice for her. She chooses to live and from that point on she’s strong just for that—she’s mentally strong. 

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