Guide to Tengu Kisses

1) Forehead touch - Appropriate for: family, loved ones. Casual show of affection.
2) Beak touch (billing) - Appropriate for: partners. Romantic gesture suitable for public
3) Open billing - Appropriate for: partners. Sexual gesture inappropriate for public
4) Bird style - Appropriate for: no one/drunks. Don’t do this. Don’t be that tengu.

Any similarities between above models and existing tengu in the Karasu universe is definitely on purpose.

Karasu Tengu Somen (Full Face Mask). Meiji period (19th century) , Japan

The russet-iron mask constructed from four sections hammered with prominent wrinkles, eyebrows and cheekbones, decorated on the surface with gold lacquer in mokume and with highlights around the wrinkles and brow, the long beak decorated with the Sanskrit character representing Fudo Myo-o and stylized flames, cheeks with applied cord rings, interior lacquered black; fitted with a four-lame throat guard laced in blue and orange 


My YYH Merch: Part 60

Yuhaku + Kareshi Yuhaku Anthology [Order Here]
[Inside Cover Pt.1] / [ Inside Cover Pt.2] / [Without Cover Front] / [Without Cover Back]

So this is essentially every YYH fangirl’s DREAM right here, okay? I’m so IN LOVE! Because what this is, from what my non-Japanese-reading-ass has inferred, is a doujinshi from the READER’S PERSPECTIVE where you DATE THE CHARACTERS!! Like, almost EVERYONE!! (Unfortunately, Keiko and Shizuru were not in there).

The majority of the stories are of the main four, because duh! But they’re all great, and I’m glad they included some ladies in there, even if it wasn’t all of them.

Check under the “read more” for actual pages from the book. (Apologies in advance for the pictures; it’s really hard trying to hold a book open and take pics at the same time. And I don’t have a scanner anymore, so deal with it!)

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