Do you know how many kids at the protest had your sneakers on? None of them. Do you know how many of your songs were played at the protest? All of them. Could you hear all of the lights, the flashing lights, the new slaves, the runaways on their road to redemption waiting for Malcolm West to have the whole world at attention. Nigga they got you quiet. Like, how come only at awards shows you riot. Maybe Yeezus was all talk. Jesus never needed Adidas to walk…can someone go and find the man who could make a diamond with his own bare hands? We are looking for you because these kids still wanna be just like you. They wanna rap and make soul beats just like you. Even though you just not you.
—  Jasmine Mans, Footnotes For Kanye

Demons just got out the can, I get my dough in advance. Love is just not in my plans, not even taking a chance