1:28 a.m.
I miss you but my hands can’t stop shaking for me to send this.
2:13 am.
last night I saw you at the party, you smiled and I felt my heart shatter.
2:39 a.m.
your hand was up my best friends skirt and I refilled my cup six times after that.
3:04 a.m.
your brother called me in the morning after I went home, he said you left hickeys on your ex-girlfriend but mumbled my name in bed.
4:56 a.m.
remember when you kissed my slashes? how you said you wished your lips could drain my sorrow? I crave your mouth like a newborn craves its mothers touch.
5:02 a.m.
the bottle is empty and my mother will wake to see her pills are gone, I apologized to your mom for the cigarettes we smoked.
6:03 a.m
I love you, I love you, I love you, but you broke my fucking heart.
7:15 a.m.
no amount of pills will cure what you’ve done to me.
8:32 a.m.
you smiled at me again in the hall, you continue breaking my heart.
8:33 a.m.
but I will always let you pick the flowers from my garden.
—  the texts I’ll never send

“It’s taboos of the world,” Kendrick begins explaining about Section.80′s cover art “I had got a lot of criticism on that album cover as a matter of fact—same thing I got with good kid, m.A.A.d city. My whole thing about the gun clip and the condoms next to the bible is, people think if you have a bible, there’s supposed to be some holy water next to it. That’s a person that’s already saved. I’m not speaking on them; they’re good. I’m speaking on a person that’s looking at this clip he just put on the drawer, these condoms, a woman’s lipstick and this bible. It’s showing that he’s a human being, but he’s trying to find himself at the same time.”- K.L

I miss you

Why did you leave?

We can make this work

I don’t care if you kiss other girls

You ruined me

My bed smells of you

I still wear your shirt

You’re a ghost in my bones

I’m letting you go

You’re not worth it

This is me burying you.

—  11 texts that I’ll never send you.