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[ one neck, two chains ] Interview w/ K. Escobar
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I got the chance to interview K. Escobar, who is a 20 year old Film Major and a Hip-Hop producer at UCLA from Greenwich Village in Manhattan, NY. He has interned for Sony RED and work for Cornerstone/The FADER. In this interview, I got the chance to talk to him about all sorts of things like his inspirations, his style, who he’s currently working with and much more! Check out some of his beats HERE.
When did you know you wanted to be a producer?

I knew I wanted to be a producer Junior year of high school, so about age 16. I had just gotten a Mac book and decided to really get into music. After a short stint of thinking a could be a rapper, I decided to focus on being a producer. I’ve been able to network extremely well since then, and I’m starting to come into fruition with everything I’ve been working on.

What motivated you to get involved with music, specifically producing?

Taking a bit from the last question, I knew the type of music I liked, and I decided I should try making it myself. Working with my favorite artists would be a dream come true, and so far, it’s starting to come true slowly piece by piece.

Who’s your inspiration?

I could be like everyone else and say Kanye, Wayne, Jay-Z, or Big Sean, but when it comes to a true inspiration/idol/role-model, it would definitely be Ryan Leslie. As someone who scored a perfect score on his SAT’s at age 14, graduated from Harvard at 19, is amazingly talented and gifted at producing and singing, and has found independent wealth and success, Ryan Leslie embodies everything I hope to accomplish (well after school haha). I’ve had the great opportunity to meet him recently and speak with him for a short period of time and I couldn’t have more excited.

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