I apologize for the angst. Many months ago, I was anon sent a very detailed outlined for a Mikorei fic.  It was a high school/college au that deals with regrets and heavy angst and pining on both sides. I later came to find out this fic was the idea of my good friend @munakatareishi who I think is absolutely wonderful. She has been such an amazing supporter of my writing, and for her to give me this idea means so so much to me. I’m so so honored tbh, and I truly hope I do this idea justice. This is just the prologue of a very long 4 part fic. Thank you for reading. It means a lot <3

Title: Lasting Regrets
Mikorei Week 2016 Day 3: Second Chance
: M
Word Count:  2,065
Summary:  "Munakata had known they’d never be together. They were too opposite, too different, and Suoh now had too many ghosts haunting him. Just as they seemingly haunted Munakata as well.“

Full Fic Under Cut, thank you to @its-love-u-asshole for betaing!!! and suffering through this angst.


Suoh Mikoto was a shit. An absolute shit, or so he thought (and he was pretty sure Kusanagi thought so too). He stood outside the other man’s door, running his hands through his messy red hair. Over the many times he’d fucked up in his short, 20 years of life, this had been one of the worst times. He was only going to get so many chances, and as far as he was concerned those chances had run out. He took a deep breath, and curled his hand into a fist, holding it just above the smooth white door.

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(충격) 일부 남초카페에 퍼져있는 도촬사진;;;

이건 좀 심하네;;; 도촬 찍은것도 모자라서모자이크 처리도 안하고 올리다니……………….     요즘 도촬과 몰카때문에 많은 여성분들이 두려움에 떨고계시죠. 다들 소라넷이 문제라하는데과연 소라넷만 문제일까요?? 평범한 남자분들이 많은남초카페에도 도촬사진은 많이 퍼져있더라구요, 이러한 범죄행위에나쁘다고 하는분도 있지만,그렇지않은 회원분도 계시기에 문제제기를 해보려합니다. 다음 대표적 남초카페인 ㅇㅆ, ㄷㅌㅅ, ㅇㅈ 에서찾아봤습니다. 검색할만한 키워드가 있는것도 아니고제목도 제각각이기에 미리보기로 사진첩 쭉 보다 몰카인듯한 사진만 눌러서 보는방식으로 찾았어요. 현 자료들은 전부 2015년에 올라온 자료이며 생각보다 많이 나왔기에 일부만 올려봅니다. 또한허락받지않은 사진들이기에 몸의 주요부분은 임의로 가리겠습니다. 제일 양호했던 ㅇㅆ 부터 올립니다   ㄷㅌㅅ정말 악질인게 얼굴 모자이크도 제대로 안했더라구요지인이 본다면 100% 알아볼 수준예요.미성년자, 교복입은 여학생 몰카도 많고 거기에 대해 문제제기하는 댓글도 거의 없습니다.출처 ㅣ www.instiz.net/pt?no=3954594&page=4&srt=3&k=&srd=1


ZooPM Cafe Menu

  1. Pan. K’s Pancakes - ¥ 1,230
  2. Koala Khun’s Pork Cutlets - ¥ 1,480
  3. OKCAT’s BBQ Burger - ¥ 1,580
  4. PiYoung’s Curry Butter Chicken - ¥ 1,280
  5. Emperor PenPen’s Parfait - ¥ 1,080
  6. Chanana’s Banana Éclair - ¥ 1,580
  7. ZooPM Watagashi Soda (Soft Drink w/ Japanese Cotton Candy) - ¥ 880
결국 음악중심에 못나가게 된 걸그룹 ㄷㄷ.jpg

IOI 멤버들이 있는 구구단, 다이아, 우주소녀 다 음중에서 출연 안 시켜요다이아는 프듀 전까진 출연했고 우주소녀도 연정이 합류 전까진 출연했어요▲ 우주소녀케이블 출신이라 견제하는 거라고….?8월 스케줄러출처instiz.net/pt?no=4011168&page=3&srt=3&k=&srd=1

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(humour me for a second, english is not my 1st lang) so, I HC that lucio has at least a vocational degree in electronics - bc brazil sucks and we all have to have at least a vocational degree in SOMETHING if we want a job. so i can only imagine time travel au lucio, as soon as mercy goes and says to genji that they need to update some of his cybernetics or w/e, just flashes his little degree and goes like "no, you see, I'm the one more qualified to the job, leave it to me k?" (1/2)

(2/2) and takes genji away from her and she’s is like “oh so you want to take care of Torbjorn too?” to which lucio is like “lmao no you can have that one”


Mercy: So what about Torbjorn?

Lúcio: The what?

MikoRei Week 2k16: Day Three

@mikorei-week 2016 Day 3: Second Chances
K Project
1,628 words
Other days

Mikoto gets a second chance in an AU where he never died

Staring up at the sky, Mikoto sighed as he took in the sight of his Sword, broken and crumbled and too far gone to ever recover. It was the end of the line for him, he supposed; like any Red King, he’d burned too brightly and now it was time to pay the price.

Out of everyone he knew, Munakata might not have been his first choice for whom he wanted to witness his death, but at least Mikoto knew that Munakata would kill him before his Sword could cause an explosion. He didn’t think that any of his boys could have gone through with what needed to be done, and he’d sooner die by his own hand than make Anna play a part in his death.

Telling himself that he really was ready to die, that he had no regrets and that death was his best choice, Mikoto let a small, wry smile spread across his lips as he continued to stare up at his Sword. “Sorry for making you do the dirty work.”

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