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Hey! Love your blog and you're beautiful, anyway. I have a question, can you give me instructions on how to make a cool tumblr like you guys did bc I'm dumb and I have no idea where to even start. Thanks! If it helps I had 1.4 K on Twitter before I got hacked😣

follow lots of people and reblog actively
make your own posts every now and then

have a descriptive, easy to remember url, this actually helps a LOT bc people are more likely to go on your blog and return to it bc honestly, i reblog the same stuff/ reblog more often on my personal blog but this one has far more followers bc people know what to expect when they see “best of tumblr”

Count as of right now on the alittlebitblockbbias finding random hidden away pictures of Zikyunggie as she cleans her room Z*co: 3 K*ung: 2 Zikyunggie: 1 They were all found in different places in my room. I’m serious. Was I getting ready for the great Zikyunggie drought? Am I a Zikyunggie addict that I have them all around my room so I can get a quick fix I didn’t know it? I don’t understand and I’m scared to go any far into this cleaning because I might find more.

also important question

would anybody mind if I extend the contest by 1 day


k i extended it it now ends July 8 :o!!