Exo Reaction to Finding Out Their Girlfriend is Secretly a Great Dancer


Baekhyun walks into the practice room to see his girlfriend fooling around dancing to the song they are supposed to practice the choreography for. As he watches, he realises she is not fooling around, but really good. He smirks and starts to sing along to the song, encouraging her not to stop when she turns. He does this for the rest of the song. 


Chanyeol walks into her apartment to find her dancing in her living room. As he watches, he starts to cheer her on, discovering how good she is. 

“Wow, Jagi, why didn’t you ever show me before now?”


When he walks into the practice room he sees her dancing. He is super impressed, but plays it cool, leaning against the wall and stretching while he watches. When she finishes the song, he coughs and smirks. 

“I knew there was something about you.” 


Kai starts to dance with her, rolling his body and hips in the way that he knows gets her going. 

But as they go on, he realises that she is really good and stops what he is doing. 

“Is she better than me?…Nope, not possible.” 


As he watches her, he finds himself having to resist trying to start something. 

“Play it cool, Kris. Only you get to see her like this.” 


Upon watching her he starts dancing too, but in a goofy and happy way when he discovers how good she is. 

“My Jagi is such a good dancer!” 


He is very attracted to her like this and finds he can’t help himself but to go over and interrupt her for a kiss. Of course he does it really smoothly. 


When she makes eye contact and realises he has been watching her dance, he blows her a kiss and smirks. 

“Babe, you’re ganna need to show me some of that upclose later.” 


*Initiates dance off*


Watching his girl dance makes him want to do some pretty mature things with her when he realises how flexible she is. He ignores the urge and just watches in a daze instead, smiling and clapping when she is done. 


“And what other secrets are you keeping from me, Baobei?” 


He would be totally into watching her, but instead he cheers her on so she is encouraged to keep practicing her talent. He’ll tackle her in the bedroom later, but for now it’s all cuteness and cheers. 

Tonya P. at SpoilerTV also ships Arkady/Life! (I mean, that’s how I’m reading this.)  Some Arkady and Arkady-related quotes made the Quote of the Week list:

1) Arkady: “You were lonely in school?” Hetty: “I was the queen of the prom, Sweetheart.” (Tonya)
2) Arkady’s Russian contact: “We will not ever meet again.” Sam: “Does anyone in Russia like you?” Arkady: “These are anomalies. You know, I’m good-time guy.” (Tonya)
3) Hetty: “Anna has decided that she’s nothing like Arkady and that she would like to help.” Arkady: “You know I’m standing right here in the room?” (Tonya)

(In the interest of thoroughness, and only that, the finale also made a showing in Top 10 Memorable Moments of the Week and Scene(s) of the Week, though garnered a so-so review at the site. I, personally, enjoy reading Tonya’s reviews. I may not always agree with them (e.g. “Beacon,” which she didn’t care for), but she’s made some interesting points throughout the season – even though she really liked the Hetty/Callen scene in “Rage”…)

The important thing, though: Arkady/Life.