Literally everything about Percy giving Vex the siege arrow. 

Vex: What is this?
Percy: This is an evening of unbridled guilt. 

Percy: [It’s used for] Shattering stone, shattering doors, breaking things- 
Vex: Breaking hearts left and right *winks*
Percy: *flustered* If- if that is what you’re after…

Percy: Never forget that you’re my favorite.
Keyleth again:

I make my rules and my own plans
I got no room for no man
That’s my way, that’s my way
Then I saw you in a dream right
I wanna call you, a kind of feeling
I can’t name, I can’t name


It’s strange
But I don’t need space from you
And every single thing you do, I like
I’ve been chased
Maybe I just knew I had to wait for you
Draw a knife and carve a little space for you


2016 k-content fair k-pop concert ♡ 161015