mikoto and yona brother and sister AU - credit to natsumerin dream lol 

i did the thing but i think the thing did me.. they are SO CUTE together help

now the whole AU is forming in my head. yona is the homra’s princess and hak is her bodyguard and the right-hand man for mikoto niisan. mikoto is shipping the yonak hard god bless him. soo won is the vice captain of the blue army. the happy bunch are homra members… perfect.


@ARIA_henshubu: 【ARIA7月号5/28発売!】暑くて寝苦しい日が続きますね…。ということで7月号掲載「K-カウントダウン-」第6話からのチラ見せです。今回は《セプター4》サイドの話。《青の王》宗像に起きた「異変」は様々に波紋を呼んで…? http://t.co/Quifb4gwZs


Every year I make my girlfriend a doll for her birthday/our anniversary, and this year it had to be Neko. I decided the “K Animals” design was too cute to pass up.

She is 9.5 inches from foot to ear tip, and made completely out of super soft minky cuddle fabric. Eyes are iron on and detailed with acrylic. Also, her bell is 100% jingly.