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Mikorei 18: things you say when you are scared ^-^

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18. things you said when you were scared

THANK YOU B FOR SENDING THIS LIKE… FOREVER AGO, I am so sorry I am the slowest at filling these requests! I hope you like this!! This is also for Day 4 of Mikorei week, the prompt being Helpless.


Time is a fickle thing. There are moments where time moves so fast, the seconds slip by without a notice. And then there are moments where time halts, just as it is now, frozen in the space between Suoh and Munakata.

Everything is numb; his cheeks, his nose, his fingers. His breath is hot as it puffs out into the cool air, his eyes feel heavy from the lack of sleep.

Munakata knows what he’s going to do. He’s known the whole time. Despite all his wasted breath, his words falling on ears he knows won’t listen. Suoh is stubborn like that, always has been.

Suoh won’t be of this world much longer, and Munakata will be the one to stop him if he must. These are the unspoken words between them-they float about in the air, mingling together, silent. He’s never felt so helpless. He has always been able to find a solution, but nothing comes to him. Typical. Suoh always leaves him at a loss for everything: thoughts, words, breath.

He’s thought of this moment for quite sometime now, how frustrated he would feel, how angry, perhaps even a bit sad. But as Munakata’s heart thumps in his chest, he realizes he’s scared. He’s terrified it’s actually come to this. After all his efforts, he will be the one to end him. Munakata’s going to lose him.

No, he already has.

He already did when the bullet pierced Totsuka Tatara and he felt to the ground, heart freezing as time has in this current moment.

Munakata’s vision is blurred, his glasses knocked to the side. There are many words Munakata wants to say to Suoh as they stand in front of each other.

All he can say, however, is one word: “Suoh.” His name, and it sounds foreign as it trembles out of his lips. He hates how much his voice has betrayed him. He’s normally so composed, controlled, and yet once again, Suoh has caused him to stumble.

The Red King spreads his arms, ready to accept Munakata’s blade, and Munakata wonders what will become of them both. Suoh, in the afterlife; will he be free from the burning flames which have consumed his thoughts since he ascended to his red, burning throne? And Munakata will be trapped on earth, having killed the only man he’s ever loved.

MikoRei Week 2k16: Day Four

@mikorei-week 2016 Day 4: Helpless
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1,132 words
SFW (some brief sexual references)
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Munakata discovers what renders Mikoto helpless

“C’mon, Blue King,” Mikoto taunted, one hand shoved casually in his pocket and the other engulfed in unnatural flame. “Show me what you got.”

Munakata flexed his fingers around the hilt of his sword, repositioning his grip. Mikoto had been testing his patience even more than usual, and Munakata was determined to land a decent hit. The first few drops of rain that hit his hands barely even registered, a simple shower not enough to make him give up when Mikoto was right there.

Taking a step forward, he faltered when Mikoto suddenly dropped his hand, his eyes darting around uncertainly before he cleared his throat and rolled his shoulders with fake ease. “This is boring. Later, Munakata.”

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