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This fancam of Hyungsik is a blessing 😍💗😍 

Her Coming Over to Cuddle and Pushing Their `Dingle-Dangle` Away w/ Her Legs so that She Could Keep Her Leg There: MIXED

Christian Yu:

Doesn’t really do anything about it and just let’s you do whatever, but is actually shook because `what teh actual fuck is that girl doing here?`.


He would definitely be the one to lift your leg up, shake his hips around so that his dick would go back to the way it was, and then put your leg in some other position because life is a competition and he would not let your leg win against his dick.


Knows that you’ll probably fall asleep like that as well, so he’ll just bear feeling uncomfortable for a while and then move back into comfort when he’d know you’re sleeping and won’t be able to do anything about him switching your position.


Completely and faithfully shook because it was the first time you did that and he’s like `wai-wai-wait what are you doing??????` and you’d be like `getting comfortable` in a real deadpan voice and he’d be speechless and you won’t allow him to move and he’d just suck it in and stay in that position because it wasn’t as if he felt uncomfortable or anything anyway.

Park SeoJoon:

He would stare at the crown of your head for a while, as if trying to draw your attention with that stare and just ask `what are you doing?`, but after getting no reaction from you he’d just put his hands on your tiddy and he happy again.


Is actually used to it by now and would only smile to himself.


Would completely accidentally switch positions so that he would be laying in his side and you were laying on your side and he would be hugging you- all incognito and shit.